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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Jun 10, 1:56 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin: Chronicle
Shingeki no Kyojin: Chronicle
Jun 8, 9:45 AM
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Black Clover
Black Clover
Apr 29, 7:06 AM
Watching 132/? · Scored 8
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KaizukaZekrom Sep 15, 8:23 AM
Knock Knock
Anisu_UwU Jun 18, 9:47 AM
Ohhh this one is somewhat simmilar to the Viqi suicide case then.Omg that must've been horrific for you guys then.I'm sorry that you guys had to go through that and feel bad that she had to go through that as well :(

Haha you really fell for the trap didn't you :p

You have cats?thats cute i dont have cats but there are some that lives in out building i feed them sometimes.

Go back to europe > Get a shitty job > Try to do a app startup > Get a cute gf xD > If im financially able ill get a computer science/physics/astronomy/philosophy degree > Finally use my keikaku to become the Supreme leader of earth and humanity (Dont tell anyone oki?)

Ig some guys are somewhat insecure about their sexuality and masculinity.

tumi confirmed Yandere then xD
Looks like amra same thing e spoiled hoye gesi hehe.Yeah and its kinda weird to me that his dad would do that.

Ohhh i remember he kinda reminded me of mitsuki thats why i thought he was from burrito.I watched dr.stone, i liked it coz im into science 😎.But you got the part about me being a dumbass right xD
Heeey dont say im obsessed with white so loud xD ig im into black and white combo.And i like anime characters with white hair for some reason?If it suited me i would've colored my hair white too ig.
Anisu_UwU Jun 10, 3:49 AM
Oooh plus i wanted to say i like the profile pic you're using its different and unique you know like most people use a cool character.yours is kinda funny

Is this character from burrito?
Anisu_UwU Jun 10, 2:19 AM
Okok im superior now bow down before me and do as i say muhahaha

I remember vaguly about a girl that fell from school stairs? I dunno the details tho please educate me.But i remeber the dc college and viqi sucide case tho. Me Mirpur college.A alot of college are very authorative and shitty af.

Im still not convinced youre valo hehe prove it to me ;)

Lmao you stuying hard without a plan? i see you like to live Dangerously lol So let me change the questiona bit what are you passionate about like some people like animals so they wanna be vet some are interested in psychology ect.

Its called girlcrush i have many mancrush as well.

Woah didnt know you're murderer as well im intrigued xD so what else talent you got besides murdering people?
Ik it was very sad also i remember hiyoris first kiss was with someone else T_T imma go cry in the corner
Anisu_UwU Jun 9, 12:24 PM
Hae tanatani kore pass kora student GPA 5 pawa student theke superior sounds ironic xD

Lmao my lungi flew away can comfirm
Bhai classe paad dileo to mone hoy eder fees deya lagbe xD

Idk maybe born to a billionare father but even jeff bezos has his limits

Tumi abar ans dite vule geso je tumi boro hoye ki korte chao xD
Yep ami to kotobar deksi moneo korte parbo na levi ke akru weird mone hocchilo other that that its perfect yeah eren and mikasa grew up to to be hot🔥🔥 ami manga pori nai tumi poro?
Who knows maybe you swing both ways xD
Yep its confirmed i hope the quality is like the last 2 seasons tho.
Anisu_UwU Jun 8, 11:54 PM
Yes going to coaching everyday is a pain in the ass.Thats why i did the genius move and got rid of both the coaching and the tutor hehe but still passed.(infinite IQ XD).Bangla has been a problem for mee too since class 5 sometimes i just get bored of writing so much.

Before corona i was the only one depressed in the family now everyone is.

I asked my ex-rajukian friend about that he said the school is good but college is shit so your point stands.Wait why you should be allowed to study whatever you want.And what you want to do when you grow up anyway besides having a rich sugardaddy like daisuke ofcourse xD

I was asking if you watched the aot trailer and know about the confirmation of noragami season 3?
Anisu_UwU Jun 8, 11:20 AM
Hehe tomar ja speed college admission suru hoyar agei tomar aro 100 days hoye jabe ar ami aidike hxh ak dine 1 episode dekhi.

Genius plan xD but jodi sudhu ai plan thake tahole ato kosto kore A+ pawar dokrkar ta ki cilo bhai?
*After seeying your result and hearing that your relatives still arent satisfied me and lavah has decided to commit sodoku by jupimg from ground floor* xD
Ofc im gonna say you did good enough you can get into the college of your choice.btw did you pick you top 10?
All relatives are like that sometimes you just gotta do youself a favour and tape their mouth xD
I couldnt take it anymore so intentionally started doing bad hehe.

Anyways what are you planing on watching next?do you know about aot and noragami?immm sooo exited ahhhh
Anisu_UwU Jun 8, 10:35 AM
Oooo plus welcome back :)
Anisu_UwU Jun 8, 10:30 AM
Maybe a glich in the website.phew my overthinking ass thought i said something to offend you (again xD).Me neither im really calm unless youre Racist,homophobic,mysogynist/sexist i wont get offended.i dont think youre any of them tho

Lol korbana keno?Ohhh amio science.Yeah i know i was talking to laava about that.So how did you do?(if don't wanna say its fine) + plus how did you feel moments before you got your results?must've been nerve-racking

Fuuck ami to mone hoy porikhar khatay o koyekta jutsu likhe disi idk xD
LordDEBUNKED May 8, 6:07 AM
we’ve been waiting for a long time lol

the author goes through depression so he don’t be very interested in writing

soo i say wait if u want ,not knowing what happens will make watch the anime 1000 times more interesting (whenever hxh 2 comes out)
LordDEBUNKED May 6, 1:09 PM
yeah the summoning stuff was very iffy ,i could get maybe a small summouning but manda is huge lol

the size of the animal being summoned depends on the amount of chakra the user forms in his hand.So sasuke being able to pull off a orochimaru ,kage level summouning is ridiculous to the say the least.

yea they all were pretty fated ,just sacrificial pieces for the ten tails resurrection

i find hxh a lot better tbh ,aot”s pretty good overall but the first two seasons was lacking in terms of execution imo
LordDEBUNKED May 6, 12:55 PM
exactly ,sasuke had a counter for everything lol

funny how kishimoto put deidara with sasori meanwhile their philosophies are total opposites ,deidara believes true art is something that you can only see once and it’s gone in an instant (similar to an explosion).While sasori believes true art is something that lives on forever and can be looked upon for centuries ,that’s pretty much why he turned himself into a lifeless puppet.A really unique pair and just another example of kishimoto”s dynamic characters

oh i see :d

LordDEBUNKED May 6, 12:22 PM
smh ,he is grossly underrated

he had such good fights in the series with gaara and sasuke ,plus for me he’s EASILY the most entertaining akatsuki member and his personality was golden from day one.This cocky dude whos always is yelling about art deserves more credit ;/

thanks a lot and yeahh we do

twitter has been going crazy about this so i’m tempted to ask you

which you think is better hxh or aot ?!
LordDEBUNKED May 6, 11:38 AM
thanks for the fr !! itachi and deidara fans undoubtedly gets an instant accept from me

i love your taste in anime btw :)
Anisu_UwU May 2, 4:38 AM
Ikr?I'm more of a "Love is an illusion created by your brain to make more babies" type of person xD so kuudere for me.

Its a mix of biology and peer pressure tbh. yep single life best life coz if you get a manapulative,Controling,Toxic or abusive bf/gf then your life is fucked. Hay hay sesh porjonto junior?tao abar coc theke?Man somman ar raklo na xD Ami jodi konodin junior der sathe prem kori tahole amar friend ra amake roast kore rakhbe na. bhai tumi college jawar por Senpai der sathe prem korba naki xD
I miss my school friends tbh.Oh btw you science or commerce?

Wtf!!!!30+ episode is almost impossible best i ever did was 20 while watching naruto. Fun fact i watched it during my SSC lol