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Dec 12, 2017
Based on volume 1-4 (until chapter 25)

Akame ga kill zero is the prequel of Akame ga kill and it's main idea is to show the complete story of Akame and her little sister - Kurome. However, there is much more than that showed in the series, there are various groups of new and old characters to be observed, a more detailed look into the mindset and ideals of the rotten Empire and in general a better and more detailed exploration of the dark fantasy world of Akame ga kill.

The story, as mentioned, is focused on Akame and Kurome - the read more
Oct 18, 2017
I believe this is probably the best Naruto movie and it shows something every other movie lacks. It has everything from good battles, interesting characters, important problems, comedy and great music and art.
The review is spolier free :)

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For general idea and summary of the review read the overall part, I hope it is helpful :)

The story behind Road to Ninja is inspired by the Infinite Tsukuyomi - the technique that Madara uses in the original series to create the "perfect world". The goal of the technique is to trap every human being in an read more
Oct 18, 2017
The manga has an interesting storyline and quite entertaining characters, undergoing a lot of development for only 23 chapters. Original idea, good artwork and plot development with an ending open to interpretation. What can Akarui Sekai Keikaku really offer?

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For short summary read the overall section, hope it was helpful :)

The story of Akarui Sekai Keikaku is actually quite original and interesting. It really kept me engaged, it was fun, it was interesting, it was tense, it had plot twists, it had everything necessary to be called good. Despite the fact that the series are read more
Nov 23, 2015
Renai Shimasen Ka?... Not a popular manga a lot of people have heard about. The first impression you get might be – “Oh well, another ecchi comedy, romance cliché”, however I have to say it stays away from unoriginality and it is worth reading.

Renai Shimasen Ka?’s author (story and art) is Roku Tachibana. His other works include Netabare Sensou (Spoiler Wars) and Inugami-san to Sarutobi-kun wa Naka ga Warui.
The manga was released in three volumes and sixteen chapters and ended on the 3rd of August 2013.

The story follows Fuwa Rito, a boy who has had his emotions toyed with as a read more
Aug 10, 2015
Soul Eater NOT! Is not a sequel to the original Soul Eater, it is considered a side story with different characters, but the same setting. However, the actions take place before the events in the original series.

In the title - Soul Eater NOT!, NOT stands for Normally Overcome Target, but it might be a wordplay since the anime has almost nothing to do with the serious battles and action of the original.

As I said the focus of the story are not the characters from Soul Eater (Maka, Soul, Kid, Death Star, etc.), even though they do make a few appearances read more
Aug 30, 2011
To begin with I've seen only 2 bleach movies (that one and Fade to Black). As for Fade to Black I was a little disappointed, I expected a lot more from it but nevermind thats a review for movie 4 not 3.
So, for those who havn't seen the battle - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra this will be something like a spoiler so you better watch all the series before the movie.For those who have already seen it you will love that movie.Im not saying that the movie is about Ichigo battling Ulquiorra... Anyway it will also be a favourite movie for all Hollow Ichigo fans. read more
Aug 29, 2011
This is my first review.

To begin with the title doesnt lie at all. You may not understand it form the first episodes but when you watch the final episode everything will become clear. GTO has everything - comedy, action, romance, drama, and some pervert characters. I enjoyed every single minute of it and its now one of my favourite animes. At first it looks like a shounen comedy, but after 10-15 episodes it shows some important social problems. There are a lot of things that wont be clear to you until you see the last episode but you will definitely enjoy it. Its really read more