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Jan 1, 2013
This H-Anime is rather story and character oriented, which would be fine if this was a regular anime, but it's an adult anime. The actual sex scenes that are in it (about 20 minutes into it) are pretty decent, good animation and very, very nice character design. It's pretty straight forward soft material so don't expect anything crazy. I think this H-anime would be better if they focused more on the sex rather then the story. There's a reason most of us are watching an H-Anime instead of a regular anime.

Overall though it's still pretty decent and worth watching and the read more
May 11, 2012
Despite the title of the show this is actually pretty light-hearted.

I usually dislike hentais that focus more on characters/plot over actual sex scenes. since you know it's a hentai and all, but this one manages to keep you entertained inbetween sex scenes. Pretty funny and characters seem likeable, not bad at all.

Mar 31, 2012
If you're into girls eating shit, being electrocuted, decapitated, impregnated, and all that other good stuff then this is for you.

For the light of heart stay as far away from this as you can. I personally didn't play the game so I was caught a bit off guard, but if you can look passed the guro stuff the animation and character designs aren't too bad.

The series ends pretty abruptly so we miss out on the majority of characters.
Aug 30, 2011
Poorly animated, bad character design, no real dialogue; all essential for a good H-Anime, and all lacking in Buta hime-Sama. College students could have animated this one better.

If you're into this niche, than give it a shot, if you questioning about, maybe, checking this one out, I'd say no. With the poor animation added on top of the bad character design it just makes for a really low-quality and quite boring h-anime.

PS- Since when did slobber and snot become attractive?
Apr 28, 2011
Very poorly animated, constantly reusing loops, pictures, and keyframes. It feels more like you're just watching some cheap GIF images, rather than watching an actual anime. The characters where drastically changed from their original design to make look worse.

huge disappointment as this was Crimson Comics first H-Anime, as well as an adaption from one of Crimson's better games.

This had a lot of potential seeing as the concept works really well for a hentai.