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May 5, 2019
No idea why this shows got such a low score so I'll just write my review early.



There's really not much to talk about here, it's kinda like your typical Abe no seimei ancestor story, except this one isn't atrocious. Slow to pick up the pace so expect to give it the usual 6 episode rule to decide if you like it or not. Basic jist is they do yokai/anothers cases which incorporates a mix of comedy and seriousness.
Onto the characters; we have our MC our resident newbie who can understand anothers which ultimately ends up with him attracting anothers wither or not is good, bad read more
Mar 23, 2019
The Synopsis doesn't really help much so just a heads up it's 4 episodes with roughly 5 eps each covering each episode ( so it's like 4 "games" covered ). Knowing this I can start the review.

Does magic exist? You won't even know anyway from watching this.

This is what I would call the Demo edition of Umineko; You don't need to spend money ( not much if you getting it legally ) and you don't even need to spend 100+ hours on it. This is what you get for how little effort you decide to put into it; an unfinished/resolved mystery with plot points read more
Feb 10, 2019
Up to the sorta half way point and I'll continue watching it why? cause I enjoy it.
Edit: I finished it. Still overall the same thoughts.
I won't get into too much since its season 2 and most the details are similar to season 1.

Story: Things have certainly gotten better, we finally getting some more variety in the story. The darker tone along with mysteries popping up or resurfacing mysteries gives more reason to keep your interests into the anime without you getting bored with just yokai stories every episode.
Show is doing a great job at wanting me to think and theorize before the next episode.

Art: The read more
Feb 10, 2019
" May contain light spoilers "

I feel that this anime is one of those " you either like it, or you don't " anime so I would highly recommend giving this one at least 6 eps before you make a judgement whether or not you like the plot or not.

Story: The plot isn't a masterpiece nor was it bad. But what's the plot you ask? well if you expecting some plot twists here and big changes than this isn't what you will be expecting. The show centers around the Comedy, Drama and Supernatural aspect and mostly episodes are about the two guys helping out read more