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Mar 28, 2015
As a huge fan of the manga and the incredible story crafting skills of Ishida Sui, it's hard not to loathe the anime. Any comparison has the manga undoubtedly favored. It is a beautiful tale of a young boy, the life of a city buzzing with ghouls (and their vengeful counterparts, the CCG), and the internal struggle of the human mind. It uses symbolism, beautiful art, and is told in a fast-paced yet in-depth and understandable way.

But, this is a review on the anime. And as much as us manga lovers like to complain about the hideous transition from page to screen, season two is read more
Feb 12, 2013
Only one chapter is out, but since it hasn't been updated in months, it's safe to say that a review is okay to write.
Warning, this review may contain spoilers that relate to the “revealing” of each character’s personality.

Shinya, the main character, is a boy who dislikes women because of the trouble they cause- a boy who barely reacts and shows barely any emotions.

If you think you've seen every type of harem out there, you haven't seen one like this.

Abnormal Kei Joushi revolves around Shiina Shinya, a high school boy who scoffs as his friend squeals about a cute girl at their school. You see, Shinya read more
Jul 21, 2010
Usually I don't write reviews after the first episode, but this is an OVA, and its review was needed.
I began reading the manga awhile ago. A friend had recommended it, so I was trying to push my way through it, even though I thought it was cliche' and boring. When I heard the manga was being adapted, I put aside the manga and said I'd watch the anime. I'm really sorry that I bothered.

Story- 6. I couldn't even tell what the story was at first. It started with a boy on stage, skipped to the main girl cutting his hair, then skipped to her read more