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Jun 11, 2019
Definitely a unique idea compared to what I have watched up to now, but why does a melancholy piece of slime like this need to exist? Dunno.

Story [8]:
An animal called Kyubei goes around, finding young teenage girls and turns them into magical girls who fight against witches until they day they die. This is a means of protecting humans from dying to witches which normal humans cannot even see or do anything about. There is also more to this aspect of the story than meets the eye, since as anyone with brains would start to question "Where do witches come from?", etc.

I wouldn't call this read more
Jun 2, 2019
TL;DR: Mildly entertaining and looks great, but with bad story and combat.

Story [4]:
Without getting into the story too much, the foundation of the story itself is alright, although simplistic. The problem stems from how the foundation is built upon. In this case, the walls are as fragile as glass and the roof is made of paper. The backstories are as ambiguous and boring as they come, "I was an angel, then I was not, now I want revenge" (That's a made up backstory, not in the actual anime). Emotions are people saying "I love you, I envy you". When we see the 7 sins make read more