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Mar 26, 2019
Ratman (Manga) add (All reviews)
For the 4 volumes only localized into english pre-my hero academia & pre-one punch man, this is the best I've ever read with similar themes & characters I enjoy. I wish the rest of the series was localized. This series fame was snached away and I can see it build a big popular fan base which ended up with my hero & one punch. The fault is more of the publisher than the quality of the book itself. I wish the rest gets localized. Certain characters become more helpful than in other series. I can not stress enough how much potential these series can have read more
Sep 14, 2018
An enjoyable read for touhou fans but strange enough to get fans into the touhou universe. Comedy is enjoyable societal adventures. No real story Just a Rabbit from the moon who has wa-wa moments. 4-Koma fans are just in for these newspaper comic style of olden days.

I believe most of the touhou cast is present not to mention the game developer himself is writing the story with another person which is interesting considering the game itself takes place in the sky so places on the group is the interesting parts of the manga
An enjoyable read for touhou fans but strange enough to get fans read more
Sep 14, 2018
A nice change of pace with monster fight genres in manga. Very raw violence from children to other children I was very impressed. The tagline on the back of the book does feel like someone was mad that when Pokemon attacked humans they didn't die as they should of. I'm unsure if this was made from spite or not. However if you don't like kids in an extreme sense this should satisfy you. They draw alot of the organs when the children die to a horror manga extent even.

Its also short and realistically can be bought and completed in your collection.