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Jul 7, 2018
After 24 turbulent episodes, and fan backlash at every corner, FranXX bloomed into a beautiful flower of unique creative decisions and cucking. Was Darling in the FranXX worth the hype? Or rather, was it worth people getting so invested in the show that they sent death threats to the producers and seiyuu for FranXX? The answer for both of these questions is no, but at the same time, I think Darling was worth my time.

I guess what I should say about FranXX is that there are two perspectives most people have about the show, the first is that the early episodes of FranXX were read more
Jun 19, 2018
(Note: I wrote this review right after episode 9 of season 3 of BNHA, so if you want to read my thoughts on episode 10 and 11, go to the section that starts with “EDIT.” This isn’t a traditional review of season 3, it is more of a retrospective for the entire series up to this point. This is not my full review, as it is too long, if you want a link to my full review, pm me.)

Considering the praise that Boku No Hero gets, a lot of the fans of the series usually include the clause that the reasons that BNHA is popular, read more
Mar 27, 2018
Nyanko Days subverts expectations in many ways, to some extent it transcends stereotypes. Traditional views on the catgirl archetype is redefined in this anime. Short form anime will never be the same again, Nyanko Days has forever changed my outlook on the format. In the next few decades, Nyanko Days will most likely be studied in college lecture halls for decades to come.

The real appeal of the series is how it painstakingly depicts catgirls in a predominately normative world, close to our very own, but differs in one important element, catgirls. The catgirls of Nyanko Days is fundamentally different from the one's that are ubiquitous read more
Mar 17, 2018
Yuru Camp can easily be described as the break out hit of the season, I highly doubt anyone could have predicted that Yuru Camp would have gotten as popular and highly regarded as it is. Yuru Camp does a lot right, but, I have a myriad of problems with the show; iyashikei is not a slice of life sub-genre and shouldn't be considered as such. Like the Thriller genre and the Mystery genre, it's easy to point out the similarities between both genres; but, what separates iyashikei and the slice of life genre is how they go about character development and narrative. Slice of life read more
Mar 12, 2018
In many ways Amanchu represents the path that the Iyashiei genre is headed down; To many, the direction seems like a good path for the genre, to others it seems like a major step down in terms of quality from previous entries in the genre. One would be hard pressed to call Amanchu an actively bad show, but when compared to Aria the quality of Amanchu is put into question. Aria is the definitive iyashikei show, so when comparing Amanchu to Kozue Amano's previous works, it can easily be called a major step down from Aria and Aqua. But, none the less, Amanchu represents the read more
Mar 10, 2018
When one thinks of the slice of life genre, most people tend to think of K-On. In many ways K-On epitomizes all of the central concepts, patterns, and trappings of the slice of life genre like no other. On the other hand, Hidamari Sketch pioneered almost all of the popular trappings of the slice of life genre; But the nature of Hidamari Sketch, although influential, makes it both hard to recommend, and hard to admit my passion for this show. There is undoubtedly countless problems that caused Hidamari to become relatively obscure, but in my opinion, these problems also give Hidamari Sketch its charm. The read more
Mar 5, 2018
Oreimo is probably the biggesst influence on the state of anime in the past 10 years; It was a huge financial success, one that's success has tried to be captured time and time again. Only a few seasons ago we got Eromanga-Sensei, and Imouto Sae Ireba Ii. In many regards, Oreimo is representative of an entire group of people in the anime community. As a franchise, it popularized the incest based romcom genre. The purpose of this review is to remiss on the good old days and to discuss the factors that lead to the success of Oreimo.

What should be noted before anything else is read more
Mar 3, 2018
My Hero Academia is undoubtedly and unquestionably one of the most popular shounen anime series this decade; The influential nature of this series will also inevitably be emulated in future shounen works. This fact is very unfortunate knowing how poorly this series is written. The derivative nature of the plot, characters, and themes, is probably the single biggest driving factor behind my lack of enjoyment of this series. As a whole, its contributions and influence over the anime community is probably the second biggest factor for my dislike of the show. MHA has set a precedent for future works to emulate, and as such, the read more