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NickDen 7 hours ago
And wow I fucking hate Chibi Reviews so much

Parents who care about their children? Horikoshi is such a unique writer! Makes me wanna fucking vomit.
NickDen 7 hours ago
Tbh I don't really have one. I have equal disdain for all of them. They're all pretty mediocre with like one scene that I actually enjoy. I guess if I had to pick one it'd be the arc where the students have to fight the teachers. Hbu?
Bourmegar 8 hours ago
Isn't that not the worst for most series?

At least it is not as bad as Fairy Tail, but that isn't really an achievement.
Fairy does everything worse than others.
World building, powers, Characters and all fall flatter there.
I mean that series has an incomlotent government that has no powerfull things in it and never ever felt like a threat or anything.....
NickDen 9 hours ago
I'm curious as to how long the story is going to continue. I can't see the manga going any longer than 350ish chapters tbh. There's only so much the author can do with this premise.
NickDen 9 hours ago
Yeah, my main problem with the Stain arc is that the audience is given no reason to believe what he's saying. There's literally been no shown examples of dirty heroes who are only in it for the money or whatever and don't actually care about saving others yet this is the fundamental belief of Stain and what makes him an "interesting" villain according to so many. His differentiation between All Might and the other heroes holds no weight because we're not given any clear cases where other heroes have behaved dishonorably. Plus, it automatically makes all of his followers nonsensical characters as well. As far as we know, Iida's brother and pretty much every hero we've seen up to this point is of noble character besides some but those are mainly played off as comedy gags. Endeavor is a bit of an exception I guess, but he still doesn't necessarily fit Stain's description of what the world of heroes has become. So the arc really makes no sense.
NickDen 10 hours ago
Honestly it isn't even people calling it good that bothers me, because everyone is entitled to what they think is good or bad. What gets under my skin is all the fans who claim it "subverts expectations by denying the use of cliches of the shounen genre" what??? Weak underdog protagonist who trains and gets closer to his goal to be the best ____, cool side character with a tragic backstory, fights that get won by asspull power-ups, I mean the list goes on and on and on.
Arimias Yesterday, 2:24 PM
Lmao bro they probably do tbh
Arimias Yesterday, 9:48 AM
At least it brought originality to that supposed mediocrity show I suppose, yeah. My question is how could people even find Toga 'waifu material' with the shit that she does?
Arimias Yesterday, 9:31 AM
If that's a good thing, I don't know. It's opened up a new level of 'fucked up shit that only happens in anime', but people seem to REALLY like that sort of taboo. All the power to them I guess.
Arimias Yesterday, 8:45 AM
Hours of researching on ExHentai? Namaste brother.
But in all serious, that's a pretty good snippet of your analogy. Toga seems to be a next level type of yandere, if you could even call her that.
NickDen Jun 23, 8:58 PM
Oh dear god can you imagine a future where the shounen genre is populated by inferior BNHA knockoffs? And BNHA is already super generic in nature, we're talking about some inception type shit here. I worry for the anime/manga industry, I truly do.
NickDen Jun 23, 8:53 PM
It really is normie bait, which is both a good and bad thing. On the plus side, simlarly to shows like Naruto and DBZ, BNHA is no doubt introducing a good number of people to the medium of anime which is pretty cool. On the flip side, a lot of people are also probably giving it a chance and thinking, "this is one of the best anime ever made? I knew this medium had very little to offer" and may very well never give anime a chance again.
Arimias Jun 23, 8:41 PM
One of my friends has a Toga profile pic on his xbox account and I'm just like "y bro". I might not have the best judgement of her character, but from clips, I don't really understand why people like her. It's the same case with Yuno Gasai.
Arimias Jun 23, 8:02 PM
Wait it's an idol anime? I mean, I guess I should've seen that with all those horse girls. But hmm, the last, and every idol anime in fact I have not enjoyed at all.

Btw, holy shit, that's a long ass BnHA review mate. Gave it a helpful though.