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May 4, 2019
Really enjoyed this adaptation of the video game. It's obviously not the most complex anime ever but I personally enjoyed the story and fell in love with the characters! I love how each main characters ambitions and goals are brought out to you near the end. I wish that some of the characters overall existence was more clearly explained closer to the begin of the series. Overall I really liked this! I also think that the music choice near the end of the season was really cool. The intensity of the courtroom really heated up with the help of the music. It was lovely how read more
Apr 8, 2018
This was...bad. I honestly don't understand how some of this shit makes it out of Japan. I'll say it only once. Don't watch this shit.Oh, and since I know you will anyway just be prepared to have the most limp dick you could possibly imagine(unless you're into that shit). I don't understand why someone would even make this. There is art and expression, and then there is Pico to Chico. I mean is this supposed to be fan service?!? I'd hope not considering that for the average person little boys fucking each other shouldn't be arousing. "Every day we stray farther from god." Never have read more