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Mar 24, 2017
Fuuka (Anime) add (All reviews)
== Warning: This Review will Contain Spoilers to Back Up My Claims towards the Show ==

Note: If I need to correct myself in some areas of this review, please let me know.

As a person that has some bias with shows, there’s to some degree where I can at the very least ignore issues or glaring flaws, as long as the show delivers to what it’s either promised or should give some entertainment value to it, or even if I dislike a series, I can somehow see what it did well while I ain’t the biggest fan of it. That’s what matters to me the most read more
Nov 24, 2016
Rewrite (Anime) add (All reviews)
The idea of having an anime original content is something that can be rather double-edged when it comes to adaptations. It can either be something that can go and help with the narrative point of view of the series, or it can make things easier for the series in question for certain reasons.

For Rewrite's case however, where does it stand around with this? ever since they made the announcement of the anime series coming around, they did announced the staff members, mainly the director being Motoki Tanaka (aka the director behind series such as Kiniro Misaic and the Grisaia series) along with the addition read more
May 17, 2016
Hello everyone, here's your friendly and happy girl RedHero speaking, here to review this anime series that... I don't even know what to even give this show credit for. The only thing I can give this series credit for is the fact that its so terrible, that even calling this series the word "shit" is a prime insult to every shitty anime available in the same exact medium. It's a series that I wasn't really expecting it to be too bad, considering that not that many people complained except for a few friends of mine nearby, that have experienced it. I thought they were overreacting read more
Mar 30, 2016
Considering we're talking about Musaigen no Phantom World, I want to give my own piece of my mind about this series. Of course, there's been a lot of talking about this for my experience, from MAL forums towards Facebook, some YouTubers, etc. It's kind of the say that it's a show that I wanted to rather share a thought rather than reviewing it, but considering I'm writing in the review section I might as well give myself a thought of the spectrum.

Musaigen no Phantom World has been one of those shows that (maybe) many people were looking forward to, mainly because of the well-known anime read more
Mar 18, 2016

I will be very honest before I start this anime review, at first I wasn't going to pick this series up, or lets say I putted this series on a low Top 15 Anticipated of the Winter Season 2016 because of the studio behind it being DEEN. And as you guys do know, DEEN is a studio that tends to have... let's say "horrible" animation quality or handles. Besides that, the studio was stained due to the apparent adaptation of Fate/stay Night 2006. This brings to me a lot of questions since it's a nitpick for me to pick this series up. However, looking through read more
Dec 30, 2015
When it comes to the anime media, there are four things I go through the spectrum. One, being great, the second being good enough, the third being average, and the last thing being bad. So the question is.

So where does Mars of Destruction even belong around the four? Well, neither of the four. In fact, this show turned into the newest level of bullshit poo poo in existence in my personal opinion. I'm not even joking around.

It's so bad that it even makes the most mediocre shows so much better and passable enough. It's so bad that it makes even the Naruto Fillers better.

It's so read more
Dec 23, 2015
Comedy is a term of subjectivity around the anime community, whatever you find it funny, for someone else could be found atrocious or boring, the same thing would go around for the vice versa tone. Also the comedy genre would be considered as something not to be taken seriously unless it really tries to do that (without consistency to know where to put the seriousness) to the point that it seems like it’s making itself look like an train wreck (I am making this point just in case). In the idea, Shomin Sample may be a nice treat for a comedy fanatic, especially for those read more
Dec 21, 2015
What would happen if I told you, a series that had a lot of potential to become one of the few hidden gems turned out to be one of those shows that wasted it's potential with a big fart bomb where it spouts out "Fuck You and the Audience"? Yeah, that's pretty much Comet Lucifer in a nutshell. A series that could have turned into something rather decent or enjoyable despite the flaws it had through the episodes, came out with something so insulting that it just pisses the audience and just stabs them like a knife. That's how most people felt in a way read more
Dec 21, 2015
The anime series One Punch Man may be considered one of the most successful shows in terms of popularity and rating around the year. It’s one of the shows that has a lot of praise through the manga readers and its anime fans for a lot of reasons. It’s one of those shows that could also become one of the favorites of the year (which is nothing bad to be quite honest) and I get the hype about the series around from different people, in fact I talked to too many and they explained why they enjoy the series and love it. However there comes read more
Dec 19, 2015
In the seasonal anime approach, on every single one, we will receive once in a while an ecchi and harem with the battle tournament trope light novel adaptation, most likely from one, two or four of them, depending how many they announced in each said season.

The thing is, for most of the cases, people will go and judge based upon the cover and its setting, the synopsis, etc, even the source being based out of (which I personally find the generalization of the Light Novel Medium being judged upon the genre and setting quite annoying, ridiculous and quite stupid, assuming for a lot of read more