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Tenderizer17 Jun 22, 7:55 PM
Having the protagonist constantly on top can be interesting, just look at the first 8 episodes of Gurren Lagann for proof (and imagine episode 8 ended differently). To me, the first 8 episodes of Gurren Lagann and the last 18 are entirely different shows, and I preferred the former over the latter. In the future if you recommend Gurren Lagann to someone, and they want to drop it after finishing the 8th episode, you should probably let them. When episode 8 ended I immediately knew I'd stop loving Gurren Lagann if I watched any more but the MAL score made me force my way through, I regret doing that with every fibre of my being.

As for your earlier recommendation of Druaga, looks like I will be watching it (at least the first episode). The reason being that I recently decided to watch the first episode of every anime on my plan to watch list, and now I'm going to take that 27 steps further and watch the first episode of every anime anybody cares about on MAL (Top 500 in popularity, top 1000 in most favourites or top 2500 in score). Of course not all in one sitting, but still.
Tenderizer17 Jun 21, 10:43 AM
Re: "After reviewing your list and seeing how you scored Gurren Lagann, I think you're better off not watching it."

I should probably mention, that Gurren Laggan scores a 10/10 for the first 8 episodes, however "that" event really sent the show spiralling downward. When the tone shifted, it undermined the tone that had invested me so strongly into the series. It not only prevented me from enjoying the last 18 episodes, but also detracted from the value of the first 8 for me.
Tenderizer17 May 26, 9:24 AM
Re: "It's everyone's type"

Every single anime in my favourites list is a slice of life (I personally consider steins;gate 75% slice of life, and Koe no Katachi 100%). I'll only watch something that isn't slice of life if it's somewhat iconic. Druaga isn't somewhat iconic.

I don't watch things I have no interest in watching.
Tenderizer17 May 25, 6:35 PM
Re: "If you haven't seen Druaga you should. Just judging by your VA list I think you'd like the dub."

I'd never watch an anime just because a voice actor is in it. That list is only something I use to help me decide between the dub and sub of an anime.

Druaga really doesn't seem like my type of anime.
Haisha May 18, 8:13 PM
Ah tengen toppa gurren lagann T_T
Haisha May 16, 6:26 PM
Yeah i don't think i'd win I already lost confidence wise
Haisha May 15, 2:19 AM
your comment on swag's profile had me laughing and you have good taste in waifus

I am a saber fan myself but i have no intention of taking your waifu >.< Don't hurt me
Swagernator May 13, 9:09 AM
It's actually not the first one.
KushHaze May 12, 11:29 AM
It is Jun Aikawa from the Zaregoto Series. the story is made by NisiOisiN the same guy who made the Monogatari Series and the art is from Take who also did the art for Katanagatari.
Major_Gilbert May 8, 10:14 AM
Maybe I am...
Lirin80123 Apr 11, 3:31 PM
is french i know japanese but if u talk about a site u can go in 9anime for see anime dub and sub he have all i think because i see all the time sub and dub the time see some anime there
Lirin80123 Apr 8, 6:47 AM
yeah thanks that a good anime casshern is a idiot and in the end we see ringo a child and after we see her like she is a adult and wait all the time for casshern return
Tony_SansNom Feb 3, 8:34 AM

I am not much of a wallpaper dude so I don't have a lot.
Tony_SansNom Feb 1, 8:10 AM
Hello there. I don't know where you got this beautiful image of Altair but I DLed it. It's okay right?
swirlydragon Jan 28, 3:20 AM
I see lol
And yeah, Saber is bae <3