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Jul 24, 2018
This manga is a prequal to the Attack on Titan character Levi. It goes into how his life was before his fight against the titans and how he began his battles. In every way this is a origin story and a good one too. You discover something new about the world of Attack on Titan along the way as well. This series does not have as many horror elements as the main storyline but never the less its not a waste of time. Considering that Levi is the most favorited Attack on Titan character most fans will not want to miss out on this series. read more
Jul 24, 2018
This show definitely improved during the second season and that is mostly due to how it ended in the first one. While only 1 traitor and 1 ally who are humans that transform into titans are discovered in the second season be prepared to discover 3 more including the armored titan. This was the season that season one built to and is in no way disappointing. The amount of titan vs titan battles has risen and the mystery grows deeper. Imagine Fullmetal Alchemist style betrayal but instead of the higher ups being the traitors its a much of soldiers who don't really have that read more
Jul 23, 2018
While the first film was fairly dull this sequel was actually enjoyable. This film goes into their second attempt to kill Godzilla. Their first was before they where chased off earth. After watching this I am excited for the third and final film in the series. This film is some of the best Science Fiction anime I have ever seen. Anyone who has Netflix should definitely check this out and if you enjoyed the first film you should definitely watch this. This is another solid production from Polygon Studio who has also created Ajin, Knights of Sidonia, and Blame! which are all Netflix exclusives. I read more
Jul 11, 2018
This anime has surprisingly little storytelling even for a shonen. This is one of the hardest anime shows to explain, its the type of show that is extremely unique. Basically it a story about people who had regret or didn't achieve what they wanted. They enter a afterlife where those like that go to complete there existence and when they do they vanish forever. In the end all the characters vanish for one reason or another, this series seemed extremely short for such a good story line. It should have at least have had 24 episodes but in the end it completed its mission. Anyone read more
Jul 11, 2018
Have you ever watched a second season better than the first. As far as anime is concerned this is a first for me. While first season had very little storyline this second season did and not only that but it also had much character development. These are the main strengths of this season but the first season had more comedy mostly because second season had more drama. This second season should stand as a standard for shounen series, it has actual character development. While first season was like One Punch Man this second season had the same feel with Angel Beats added to it.
Jul 9, 2018
This is the last part of the series and I am writing this review assuming that you've seen the first half. Alone continues painting the Lost Canvas as seen in the first half and like before he is slowly becoming Hades. There is no shortage in quality in this second part so if you enjoyed the first half jump in and enjoy this. There are some new characters many of whom are gods, the battles are verbally explained more than the first half. While one of the best battles remains the battle at the sanctuary surrounded by roses. This show did improve in some way read more
Jul 8, 2018
This is the first side story ever made for Sword Art Online as far as the anime is concerned. While in the past this franchise was about being a VR MMO police this anime goes into preventing a suicide. There is a character who was going to enter Sword Art Online but missed the release and couldn't get into the ultimate death came and decides if that person ever loses He/She decides to die. This is the idea of the whole serirs, it was rather short and was basically a single story arc instead of breaking it into 2 or 3. Anyone who enjoyed the read more
Jul 5, 2018
This anime is well developed, it starts with a friendship that slowly falls apart and quickly becomes a action/drama that fits well with the beginning. I am unfamiliar with the rest of the Saint Saiya shows but this one caught my eye. Those who enjoy dubbed shows will not want to watch this if they speak English because this show was never English dubbed in the first place. In you speak Spanish, Brazilian, or French this show will be available dubbed for you. This show goes into Greek mythology but adds some of its own elements which adds to the flavor. The main protagonist is read more
Jun 29, 2018
This is one of my least enjoyed shounen stories ever, this is largely due to how short the story is. There are only 14 chapters leaving this story little to work with and it did not use its short life wisely. I started gaining more liking to it in the fourth book but only half of that book was part of the storyline. The rest was a comic strip which I read a little of and decided not to read anymore. The only reason I found out about this is because I found four volumes at the library and decided to check how many volumes read more
Jun 29, 2018
This is a ancient civilization type storyline but manages to not be the overrated type. This film actually contains creativity and is enjoyable at the same time. This has a very good build up for a Studio Ghibli film, the story mixes space pirates, the government, and flying cities. Would be a good show also but if it was a show the art would have declined. To be honest this feels like a story about Lupin The 3rd as a child, the entire atmosphere felt like it. From the art to the characters this could have easily been my the same creator. If you enjoy read more