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Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Jan 30, 2022 12:05 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 6
Bishounen Tanteidan
Bishounen Tanteidan
Jan 30, 2022 12:03 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers
Sep 5, 2021 6:02 AM
Watching 22/24 · Scored -
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tl_dr Feb 26, 2022 5:22 AM
Happy birthday man, hope you're doing well and all! ❤♥🍰🎉🎊🎂🥳
ReturnbyNathan Feb 25, 2022 9:15 PM

Happy Birthday

NobleDaze Sep 18, 2021 2:26 AM
That time Kamado Tanjiro got reincarnated as a fashion designer got me laughing lol.
Lets be friends :)
idfk_san Aug 10, 2021 8:14 PM

Thanks for accepting the fr!!Nice to meet you!!
Zedfgy Aug 10, 2021 5:36 PM
Randomly checked your profile out of curiosity, and real talk, watch Clannad: After Story, so good
kzppy Apr 8, 2021 4:36 AM
And I also want to make the homepage like you ^^
kzppy Apr 8, 2021 4:32 AM
Sent a friend request after seeing your anime list and ofcourse your WAIFU list, I need anime banners aswell, Would be appreciated if you drop some in my profile :D! I really don't care what anime it is from. And also I have only seen Bakemonogotari so im not really a monogotari series fan lmfao, hope we spend quality time as friends ;)
tl_dr Apr 7, 2021 5:01 AM
Damn, same here. I really liked the show and its characters, but I can't help but feel like the producers tried to cram in way more than they could fit towards the end (especially with the introduction of Frill and then also Parallel Dimensions?). But I agree, Ai was a really lovable character and I liked the overall style of the show a lot. It'd be great if the special in June manages to tie things up nicely, or if the BD version of the show gets adjusted a bit to fit everything better!
tl_dr Apr 4, 2021 8:32 AM
Oh wow that's cool to hear, the competition did kind of get close at the end! How long do I have to choose something from your collection? There's definetly quite some choice already though!

I see you're nearly done with watching the last seasonals as well, what do you think of Wonder Egg? That last episode was hella confusing, let me know how you interpret it if you want to :)
tl_dr Apr 3, 2021 3:58 PM
Damn, I finally got around to watching Railgun T and it was one hell of a fun experience. The first arc was amazing, and in my opinion nearly as good as the sisters arc in Railgun S (I think it was there). I really hope we'll get another season of Railgun / Index one day, I just really love the series. (Even if Index III was pretty poor). Hope you're doing well too!
4shivv Mar 31, 2021 7:39 AM
hey, how u been. It's been a minute.
An1muMan Mar 8, 2021 1:57 AM
Thanks for accepting my FR, nice to meet another fellow Monogatari fan^^

tl_dr Mar 1, 2021 8:26 AM
Haha it's finally done, huh? :D
Website looks pretty well done, how long have you guys spent developing it? Did you use stuff like Wordpress or is it all written by hand (<- kinda doubt anyone actually does this anymore in this day and age haha)? The UI & Design looks pretty clean and the color palette works well too. Are you using services like Google's Firebase for database hosting?
To the service itself: I think the idea's pretty cool, there's definetly people out there who have an interest in getting their favorite anime characters as a nice canvas/print for their room deco. I also like the idea of providing a platform for both eastern and western original artists to spread their works in a meaningful way.
Some things I noticed while scrolling through the pages:

  • Artists Page - Maybe provide an English translation for some of the foreign artists' bios? Apart from that, having references to their social media is pretty nice to check out some of their stuff or get in contact, etc...
  • Copyrights Page - You might wanna remove some of the individual parameters from your source links, as for example the language ones (well there are only language ones, but in case you expand this...), like "&lang=French", although this is only a minor detail haha - also, maybe include hyperlinks to the actual website instead of just having the links in text -> so you can click on them ;)
  • Home Page - I really like the grid layout on the lower half of the page, with the text boxes overlapping into the pictures from the side - looks really good as a small design detail! :)
  • Canvas Page - When you press the Search button (top right), it says "menu principal" (French for "main menu" I suppose), which might be better in English for "internationality"
  • Gallery Page - A nice way to give some examples of how the products look like in reality, while also being able to show some customer reviews - nice idea!
  • Waifu Wars Page - Pretty fun idea to get more characters - I entered Best Vampire Girl for you :^)

That's about it for quick thoughts/opinions right now, I'm happy for you and your team to progress with this project, and being able to "publish" it around your birthday haha! It sure looks like quite some work was put into it, not only into the website/service building itself, but probably also in contacting artists, printing companies (for the canvases and posters), all the legal stuff, etc... I hope it gains popularity and becomes a success!
AndyKyrielight Feb 26, 2021 2:10 PM
Bᴏɴɴᴇ Fᴇ̂ᴛᴇ!
KANLen09 Feb 26, 2021 6:27 AM
Happy birthday!