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epoch32 Yesterday, 12:08 AM
I'm more of a real robot guy myself, more on the Macross and Gundam side of things. I mainly got hooked into the genre thru the SRW games.

I can't speak much about SRs like gurenn laganns, but from what i've seen with macross and a lil gundam, I quite like it so far.
hikky_misaki Nov 22, 10:50 AM
HEY! how u doing?
i see you're watching BAkuman and LAnd of the Lustrous, how are they
Lyshhhh Nov 19, 9:36 AM
Definitely an overlooked series this season as much more mainstream shows like JJ Kaisen and Haikyuu are being aired.

I would say I like it but the sheer depth of persuading and deceiving of Nana can be a bit too over the top, same with Kyouya's ability to scrutinize every piece of evidence only to disregard it because of one teeny flaw.

Despite those I'm still looking to watch till the end because this series is a breath of fresh air. I really like the whole premise and the art paired with a semi gritty plot. It really feels like I'm watching an alternate universe of BNHA with a hint of Among Us.
epoch32 Nov 18, 10:22 PM
What are your thoughts on the mecha genre? As someone who watched DiTF? It kinda looks like that show gave the genre a sour taste in your mouth.
Lyshhhh Nov 17, 4:21 PM
I see you've recently watched Munou no Nana, Thoughts?
fiogurt Oct 22, 4:38 AM
As promised, A Place Further is back on my watch list! The way you put it, I'll most definitely check out Sangatsu, I'm interested to see how the bullying arc will play out, and if the show will tackle the issue as impactful as Fruits Basket did.

Which brings me to Fruits Basket itself. I read your review and I agree with everything you said. Man oh man, was that show a basketload of feels! Let me just start by saying that Fruits Basket was the only anime (I've seen thus far) that managed to single-handedly change my perspective on life. The heart of the show really lies in Tohru, who is shaping up to be the most inspirational character of all time. Her altruism and cheerful optimism has taught me to find the silver lining in every cloud. She has thrown my jaded, pessimistic worldviews off-kilter and I really wish I knew someone like her IRL. I carry her teachings deep in my heart.

Of all the characters in Fruits Basket, I find myself relating to Uo-chan the most, and I'm constantly revisiting her episodes because they struck me to the core. I know what it feels like to seethe with rage due to parental neglect, and I felt that way very much when I was a teen. But I've come a long way since then, and I'm in a better place now, just like Uo-chan is.

I've always thought of myself as someone with a heart of stone, but I can fully say, without exaggeration, that that show melted my heart. I was literally in tears every single episode. Who were your favorite characters and what did you love about FruBa? I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!

Also, there's no need to be self-conscious, really. Your English is great! And yes, I've been thoroughly enjoying my discussion with tl-dr because he has a lot of great insights to share (I hope he reads this haha).

I look forward to your next reply, may your day be filled with rainbows!
tl_dr Oct 21, 7:16 AM
Right back at you! :P

What do I say? I don't wanna look like your average "hipster" by saying that I prefer niche stuff over mainstream things haha. But well, that's kind of how it is, for example I tend to rather stay away from the standard shounen/isekai anime. The only one's I've sort of watched were Naruto and One Piece since those used to air on TV when I was younger (I only finished Naruto + Shippuuden fully a few years ago cause I wanted to have seen the full story for once). I know quite a few friends too that seem to be on the mainstream (Death Note, Attack on Titan, Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, etc.) route, but if they enjoy it, so be it :P

In fact, the most my friends would know of the Monogatari Series are some of its openings like Renai Circulation and Platinum Disco, since those have been made into memes a lot over the past years. I can't think of anyone I know that has probably watched the Monogatari Series from my friends, so at least I got that going for me :p
On that note, it's hard to say which openings/endings I liked the most, so I won't rank them (yet), but I'll list the ones I enjoyed the most: Renai Circulation, Musou Express and Platinum Disco are probably the most universally known and are very hard to dislike, so I'll start with those. Also, I'll admit I really liked *every* opening from Bakemonogatari; they were each quite different from one another but represented their characters quite well, so I'll also add Staple Sable, Kaerimichi, Ambivalent World and Sugar Sweet Nightmare. I think I can confidently say that Bakemono's ending theme was my favorite across the whole series though, Kimino Shiranai Monogatari (I mentioned it some time ago I think c:). Lastly, from the later series parts I enjoyed Ougi's themes - Decent Black and Dark Cherry Mystery. Sodachi's theme, Mathemagics, was quite funky too. And before I start listening pretty much every opening now (lmao), let me just add one personal unique favorite from the very end of the series, Zokuowarimonogatari: 07734 - that one was just really ... different (although I heard it pretty much only once at the start of Zoku since I watched that as a movie). Here, give it a quick listen:

Glad you liked the anime list design haha. I swapped out the background (as well as the profile) picture, since Shinobu is just the most lovable 500 year old donut-addicted vampire girl! :D I've seen some really crazy anime lists around, where I would be quite clueless how they work. I'm guessing some people just use completely own designs, I'm only able to change some properties with what I know about CSS. Any yeah, I've been having some nice discussions about Oregairu (and other things) with fiogurt, feel free to read those, we talked about the characters (especially Yui), the pros & cons of especially the last season, comparisons to other series, etc.

The Mikoto Misaka figurine is really cute, I'm sure it'll look great next to Yui! <3 How's the shipping situation with those by the way? Does it take long to be delivered and are there any high shipping fees?

Your university stuff sounds tough - but if you're already in a master's grade you seem to be doing fine! I'm about halfway through my bachelor's in Informatics - Games Engineering here at the TUM in Munich, and well I've been kinda slacking a bit so I gotta pick up pace :P Montréal sounds cool though! I wanna visit Canada some day, I think it's quite cool being a bilingual country. Are all your courses in French? We've got it different for each course here, pretty much every master's course is in English, most other ones are sort of mixed between English and German. Speaking of which, I had French in school for like 6 years, but not having actively spoken/read the language for ~3 years now, I got to the point where I'm realizing I've already forgot some grammar stuff and my vocabulary has gone down quite a bit sadly.
By the way, the last Kizumonogatari movie has a really emotional ending, with a really good (yet simple) French song. I don't wanna share it here though, since it's best if you get to it in the movie yourself, it was great.

Anyway, I hope you progress smoothly on your papers. Once again, it's been nice hearing from you and I hope you also have a great day/rest of the week! :)
tl_dr Oct 20, 11:38 AM
No problem, I rather gotta thank you for getting me to watch the Monogatari Series! It was such an amazing experience!

As with any story, there were parts that were great and parts that were sometimes a bit more mellow, but as mentioned before, the "great" parts of the series were what made it really outstanding - that means Bakemonogatari, Monogatari 2nd Season, Kizumonogatari Trilogy and like you said, Owarimonogatari 2nd Season. I gave all of those a rating of 10 (well, from the Kizu Trilogy I only gave the final part a 10).
The characters were what made me really love it; Araragi's and Senjougahara's relationship, the interactions with Hachikuji, the Fire Sisters, every interaction with Yotsugi, Oshino Meme, Hanekawa and her cat personality, and definetly the relationship between Araragi and Shinobu (which was really great in Kizu and Owari 2nd Season, and also fun to watch in other parts). The opening songs were all really unique throughout the series and I'd say I really enjoyed pretty much all of them; which reminds me - I will have to edit the "favorite anime songs" list on my profile to include those!

So, thanks again for the recommendation! By the way, I think your English is fine as well, it's always nice to hear from you :) What kind of exams do you have right now? I'm currently waiting for the next university semester to start, which is probably why I'm still able to waste so much time doing "nothing" every day, though I'd say I'm not exactly proud of that part :^) Right now I'm probably gonna go through the Saekano Series, a friend here recently recommended it to me and up to now I'm enjoying it. Hope you have a great day too as well as successful exams! Best of luck!
Pref Oct 19, 1:30 PM
nice profile
tl_dr Oct 18, 6:59 PM
Damn, I just finished the Kizumonogatari Trilogy, I gotta say even after having watched nearly almost of the Monogatari series, it was still surprising. The animation style in those movies is so different, and the way the origin story is shown was just ... amazing. I can understand why especially the third part is one of the highest rated entries on MAL. The first part was OK, the second one was great but damn that finale. It really changes the whole perspective on Araragi/Shinobu in the whole series. You should definetly check it out some time too!
fiogurt Oct 16, 7:27 PM
I've actually seen the first 7 episodes of A Place Further Than the Universe, but I ended up putting it on-hold because I found the pacing rather sluggish. But now that you mentioned it, I think it's time I revisit the show! I've heard nothing but great things about it, and I'll watch it before getting started on Houkago, as you suggested.

Season 2 of Sangatsu no Lion is also on my PTW. I actually LOVED the first arc of Season 1 which I would have rated a solid 8/10, but the second arc became more and more dragging since it focused on shogi games than Rei and his relationships with the Kawamoto sisters. I hear there's a bullying arc in Season 2, so my question is this: are there any dark scenes or heavy content that I might find difficult to watch? Thanks in advance!

Anime has really been a huge help in my fight against anxiety. Thanks for being so compassionate and understanding about it! It's great to hear that you finally overcame your panic disorder and hearing that makes me want to keep trying because I know I'm not alone. I'm finishing up on Season 1 of Fruits Basket and watching it has been so motivating and inspirational for me.
OkamiYukikun Oct 16, 10:53 AM
I saw you dropped Shinchou Yuusha. I suggest to give it chance,I too was sceptical but it gets reay good from Konosuba vibes to Re;Zero in severall episodes!
Yuuna_Usagi Oct 16, 7:12 AM
Aww thanks you too!
fiogurt Oct 15, 6:13 PM
Hello! Thanks for accepting my FR, it's great seeing that you're a fellow Railgun fan.

I can see that you've just finished Houkago Teibou Nisshi and you've rated it pretty highly. Would you recommend it to someone who enjoys SoL anime? Also, I'm seeing quite a lot of discussions about the Monogatari series in your comment section. What do you like about it, and would you recommend it to someone who doesn't enjoy psychological anime? I've seen the first couple of episodes a few months ago, but as someone struggling with anxiety it was rather difficult and uncomfortable for me to watch. Let me know your thoughts.
tl_dr Oct 15, 8:20 AM
Woah thanks for the long reply! :)

English also isn't my main language (I'm from Germany), but I think your definition - "overwhelming beauty" - does somewhat capture the essence of Bakemonogatari. I've heard about 3-gatsu no Lion before too, will look into it soon then!

I already binged through Nisemonogatari, it was another damn weird experience; I get what you mean with the toothbrush scene ._.
Also, before going into Monogataries Second Season, I watched Nekomonogatari Kuro (the 4 episode prequel about Hanekawa and Araragi in the Golden Week), since I'm trying to go by release order of the anime, since I heard it's preferable if you are a first time viewer, instead of going for the chronological order (the order in which the LNs tell the story), where Kizumonogatari would have been some of the first (movies) to watch. But since those came out ~2016, in release order you'd watch them relatively late. Source

Anyway, I think I'm gonna jump into the Second Season now, thanks for your reply again! Maybe I'll have caught up to you by winter vacation, then we'll have something to discuss. :P