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Nov 20, 2018
One of my favourite kinks in ero works is bondage and BDSM, the harshness of each is something to behold but what about that next step up: ryona? What about content that crosses further across that line? With Ingyaku Kanzokutou by Uziga Waita I am going to see what this work in the ryona field can offer. I’ve seen smatterings of the managakas works and this looks to be the most entry point work so what is it like?

Ice is an undercover work for a special intelligence firm, she has been given a new assignment, it may involve inhumane methods of torture but she is ...
Nov 20, 2018
Prison based works are a real highlight for me, there is just something about what goes on in these places, with the dark and twisted personas housed there that makes for good entertainment so when Chousuke Nagashimas new book Girls Must Die! came along I was excited to see what his spin on this might be and I was not disappointed.

Baba Bunta has a new job: he has become the warden of the death row block of female inmates in a prison. These women have a bit more freedom than most so they don’t go insane before they are put to death. Not wanting to ...
Sep 19, 2018
I adore Sanagi Torajirou so when a new work of his comes up I fill with a sense of excitement. What new lewd method will he implement next? Just how defiled will the girls become? But there is a sense of fear that a beloved artist will not falter but underwhelm, will Netorare Kataomoi be in the latter camp or continue his lewd reign of terror?

The main story is the cleverly named Erect Elect. In a school where teachers who sexually harasses students no one can do anything about it for fear of being held back. There is hope though, held every year’s a beauty ...
Jun 28, 2017
Mixed Feelings
When I saw another Bishop property was turned into an anime I was excited, even more so when I saw that Kagami provided the art so I was more than eager to watch Kyouiku Shidou. At one episode though it falls foul to some common pitfalls and is not able to display its strengths.

Yoshiyuki craves sex, as a teacher he lets this seep into his mindset and sets about targeting the student girls as well as teachers, anyone who he can enslave and satiate his lust. Moving from school to school as a substitute teacher allows him primal opportunities for new flesh to break. The ...
Jun 21, 2017
Teachers having sex with their pupils is a long time honoured trope in ero works whether it be consensual or not, as such when one comes along it is going to have to dig deep to stand out and offer something fresh. Mesu Kyoushi based on the VN of the same name by BISHOP offers up a bevy of beautiful teachers gradually turned into sex craved sluts but is that enough?

Eiji loves fellow teacher Miyuki and wants to commit to her and she feels the same way. Unfortunately Eijis younger step brother Takuya is waiting in the wings ready to spoil things. Eiji looked down ...
Jun 21, 2017
The ‘isekai’ trend has become its own genre at this point such is its popularity in the anime world. As such I’m surprised there have been so few attempts at an ero version, in fact this is the first I can remember in anime form at least. So what does 3Ping Lovers! based on the VN of the same name by Hadashi Shoujo bring to the table that its ero cohorts don’t?

Tomohiro is your regular student, he loves gaming and is into anime and manga, one day when walking to school he is enveloped by a white light, suddenly he is thrust onto the hard ...
Jun 19, 2017
With a name like Photorare -SEX & photograph- you kind of expect certain things including a lot of well, photography focusing on the erotic world. This is the 4th compiled volume from Sanagi Torajirou and one I was itching to check out as it had a fair amount of futa in it, something which he hasn’t tried before. So does he get to grips with this well or should he stick to what he knows best?

Muroto is in the photography club and while still a rookie he is earnest and wants to make his teacher and club advisor Gado proud. Whilst offering her assistance as ...
Jun 19, 2017
How far would you go to save something precious to you? That is the question facing Azusa in this anime adaptation of the VN of the same name by Pin-Point. With blackmail, rape and more what does this do to set itself apart from other likeminded ero works?

Azusa Konno owns an apartment building that was inherited f parents before they passed away. With just Hiroki Moriyama left and the threat of closing it down if he leaves she is worried. When he does announce his intentions to leave the emotional grip on the building surface and she begs him to stay. He agrees but has ...
May 9, 2017
Covers can be very deceptive as is the case here. I was expecting a series of shorts focusing on perverse activities but got a thorough, lengthy story that drew me in and threw me more than a couple of curve balls. But does that make this a good ero work? When the whole premise is combating morals and using sex as a tool then the answer is a resounding yes.

Set in the future in a special district where morals have fallen into disarray yet people do not realise, the government has created a special unit to combat these and eliminate these vulgar morals. Here there ...
May 9, 2017
Seiin Shoujo (Manga) add
I was very excited when I first saw that Blackmail was being released in English uncensored. I am a big fan of Tokisana just from the few chapters I’ve read from him and was counting down the days until its release not knowing what awaited. With it finally here does it deliver or is there disappointment in the air?

This book is a collection of one-shots many of which focus on the element of blackmail so there is no overarching story here. As there are a lot of one-shots this means a lot of different content. There is content you associate with blackmail such as rape, ...

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