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Days: 218.6
Mean Score: 2.77
  • Total Entries15,121
  • Rewatched120
  • Episodes19,852
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3 minutes ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 1
3 minutes ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 1
Gaikan Chiba
Gaikan Chiba
3 minutes ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 1
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Days: 62.3
Mean Score: 2.22
  • Total Entries1,656
  • Reread75
  • Chapters6,947
  • Volumes1,133
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On-Hold -/59 · Scored -
Swing Out Sisters
Swing Out Sisters
Dec 11, 12:02 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 2
Shounen Maid Curo-kun
Shounen Maid Curo-kun
Dec 11, 12:00 PM
Completed 45/? · Scored 3


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VladimirNabokov Dec 9, 5:44 PM
Thermae Romae
Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
LiedElfen Dec 5, 1:35 PM
I don't see anything wrong paraphrasing your replies, it works both ways if i like something that you say i like to write it and if it's the same person that said it's even bettter.

Yes, i have a pair of working eyes, thank you for worrying so much.
LiedElfen Dec 5, 10:18 AM
Everyone has their own preferences and one might like what the other don't and the other might like something different that one might not. It's that way.

Although you sure have some favorite series that enjoyed more than other's.
LiedElfen Dec 5, 6:22 AM
Then what do you prefer a series with lots of action or a series with a great story?
LiedElfen Dec 4, 2:34 PM
Did you watched the entire first episode?, i consider it the best first episode of the whole year!, i think what you don't like is the art style because the animation is perfect but then if you don't like the art style you just don't like Jojo in general. At least give the song an opportunity cause it just keeps playing in your mind.
LiedElfen Dec 4, 1:52 PM
Have you watched jojo golden wind?, it has a gold ending called Freak'N you that i can't seem to stop playing.
Eisigerhauch Dec 4, 6:31 AM
Thank you so much, I really enjoy it! This is one of those series that let you immediately know that it will get you into a good mood at any time.
Riessfeld Dec 2, 1:29 AM
yea it's
Riessfeld Dec 1, 9:02 PM
Oh i see i see. I understand why did you give low score.

But things happen different from my mean score. Even though that anime are bad. I'm still respect their work, their time have spent over to make this anime, their money they spent for making this anime.

Maybe you would hate me over this xD
Polycythemia Dec 1, 5:58 PM
Yikes forgive me for the late reply! Been busy getting as much work out of the way as possible to make time for playing Smash Bros Ultimate once it gets released in a few days on Dec 7th :'D
Hope you have been well yourself!

Hah I wouldn't say I 'skipped' the ecchi/shounen phase per se, as much of my manga list happens to be filled with that trash :'D
But when it comes to watching anime, which require a much longer time commitment than manga (ironic that I would describe watching anime as a 'commitment' in the first place, but is nevertheless accurate in my case), I want to at least spend that time on a quality-driven series rather than watching crap made for sexually-frustrated teens wanting to self-insert as the MC lmao. Have you underwent such a phase when you started anime?

I'm not following any of the seasonals atm as they all seem pretty mediocre productions, especially as I've read the manga to many of the more popular ones like Boarding School Juliet , Slime, and Goblin Slayer. Perhaps not so mediocre in other people's minds, but just nothing profound (like Yuasa's works for example) that I would find myself enjoying.

Oh wow you even went as far as to wear dresses, talk about quality production value! ;'D
And hah, we all have those relics that we secretly want purged... I'm fairly certain I still have one of my very first love letters (yes, indeed, and written in Microsoft Word 2003 mind you) lying around in my HDD that I definitively know I will never open again and yet never deleted :'D

Hamlet in musical form? Damn that actually sounds awesome! I love watching musicals based on previous works because it adds an extra appreciation for the creativity that went into converting them into performing arts.
I'm one to avoid all forms of rap, but there's a hip-hop based musical called Alexander Hamilton performing right now that I really want to watch and is disgustingly popular. Not only are the tickets like $200+ each (compared to usual musicals that are usually $30-40), they're also sold out until mid-2020. Perhaps I'll find future opportunities.... :') I think it's crazy popular in Europe too, even though it's based off the biography of an American historical figure.
Here's a video of the opening song when Lin (the writer, who eventually also performed the protagonist on broadway) performed ~10 years prior to release.

Ahhh, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Ano Yuki as much as I did, I'll keep your preferences in mind if/when I give any future recommendations :')
Personally I was quite impressed that such a one-shot could satisfiably capture a 'complete' romance (from how the relationship began, progressed, and also unexpectedly resolved) and hence why it earned a lot of praise from me. I'm similar in that I rate manga harshly if they read like they were drawn as a bootleg of another work or if the tropes are overly cliche (i.e. your general harem/ecchi population). But if I see a series that excelled at execution, even if the content is not completely original as was the case with Ano Yuki, I tend to rate them much more favorably.
LiedElfen Dec 1, 8:18 AM
I'm the same, although in my case i do have a favorite one that it's just all around but it certainly depends on my mood which one i would like to hear in that moment. It's hard to pick up cause there are a lot of great OST but i can see a bunch as good as the best althought the best will remain with the best title.
LiedElfen Dec 1, 8:09 AM
That's what i do also, i haven't re-watched a series yet for it's OST and you're right that it isn't worth watching an entire series just for it's OST, for that reason i heard the MegaloBox one in yT. I even made a playing list for anime OST, i just like great OST like the one of Made in Abyss and something like that.

Which one is your favorite?
LiedElfen Dec 1, 8:00 AM
I really love a good OST, it makes me want to watch a series or anything that has it. (megaloBox i'm looking at you).
LiedElfen Dec 1, 7:50 AM
I think i'll go with the english one because that way i can sumerge myself in the story without having to read although if i re-watch it i'll do it with the jpn one.