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Jun 7, 2015
"What happened." ~ Me at the end this short film.

I walked into this with high hopes and with the first act of the movie shaping up to be something amazing that soared even higher. Once the final arc of the short film kicked in I was speechless. I literally had no words to describe what was occurring on my screen. Well let me save this for the "enjoyment" section.


We, the viewers, follow Hinata, I think, as he tries to confess his love to his crush, Shigure. It's simple but it works. I kind of was confused why the movie was switching read more
Jun 6, 2015
I will start of by stating that I thought this was very different and better than what I expecting this to be. While I do have experience with the director's other works, this has a level of charm I feel to be absent in most of the other stuff directed by this man.

This is a modern take on Shel Silverstein's classic, The Giving Tree. The director takes the base of the story and takes a different approach than the original, but maintaining the charm that brought us all to love the original tale. Instead of a tree we have a chair that can move on read more
May 16, 2015
If you are a self respecting human being, don't watch this. This is more of a incomprehensible mess than pretty much anything I can remember in recent memory. They reuse many clips used in the show and the the stuff that isn't reused does not correlate with the story the presented in the show at all. Maybe this is the story from the manga but it is directly tied with the show so I am judging it as such. If you want my thoughts on the whole series I have written my thoughts on that so you can do check that out. Now, I will read more
May 6, 2015
Hello, Visk here and today I will be clearing up this misconception about how this masterpiece has been misrepresented in the other reviews here.

I love Baoh. I truly do. The world seems to also. I've been told that this OVA was the basis for how alchemy worked in the critically acclaimed series FMA. I've also been told that it was also the inspiration for the T800 Robot in Terminator. In many ways this OVA is superior to the aforementioned titles but due to its short run time and lack of exposure critics nitpick just because they are worried someone else will see through their clever read more