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Jul 10, 2019
Ok time for an honest opinion

In my opinion Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekini (We never learn Bokuben) was an ok anime. Mainly because it does not add anything new to the harem genre and if anything overuses some key plot lines associated with the harem genre.
First lets start with the plot:

The plot is simple enough one high school student tutoring three girls who are geniuses in their talented subjects however completely fall flat on the career paths they want to pursue.

The plot is good in my opinion as it was something I haven't seen before and I thought this anime would try to add read more
Apr 11, 2019
Oh god its been a while since I've seen this. Oh the feels at the end anyway ill try to keep this a little short. (minor spoilers ahead)

Love chuunibyou is a fun 12 episode romantic comedy about a boy named Yuta and his neighbor/classmate Rikka. The anime mostly follows your typical highschool romantic comedy however Rikka is a chuunibyou. (Note Chuunibyou translates to middle school 2nd year syndrome).

Story execution: The first few episodes don't take themselves seriously its more about the laughs we get introduced to some new characters such as Rikka's friend Dekomori and Yuta's new friend Isshiki and much more. The show read more