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Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]
Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]
Jul 11, 5:43 PM
Watching 1/? · Scored 7
Jul 9, 3:04 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 6
Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Jul 9, 8:06 AM
Watching 1/? · Scored 6
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Days: 2.0
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  • Chapters204
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shuunami Jul 12, 6:33 AM
Thank you for telling me this! I really wish to prove that not all of us kpop fans are immature brats. We're people like everyone else and we can discuss things in a civilized way. Thank you again for stopping by to tell me something so lovely!
sepid_96 Jul 10, 3:11 AM
well i downloaded the whole anime already last night...hopefully i will watch it soon enough :D

i know right...AOT is great but the spoilers just kill the hype for it *sigh* i dropped s3 p2 after watching episode 3 but i picked it up again after it was finished and i avoided it was fun again to watch ;)
unfortunately i have read the manga from ch 56 to 86 before so i knew the whole season 3 before watching the anime but i stopped reading it so that i could enjoy the final season and i unfollowed those who posts spoilers everywhere lol :D

yes...just imagine a 12 13 y.o kid watching death note thinking that it's something funny and interesting and then i saw that shinigami creep with a red apple in its hands jeeeees :D :D i watched the whole thing was suffocating but as a stubborn kid i watched it until the end...i really had fun rewatching it tho :)

i'm watching this anime called "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" a lot of boobs play plus fighting in a game is all this anime is about lol :D it was so popular i thought i can see an interesting story at least but the story is average...mostly fan service (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)
sepid_96 Jul 9, 4:29 PM
well i actually was searching about Sarazanmai and ended up watching a clip about it and i totally loved the clip so i guess i will like this anime :D

i'm not pushing myself tho...i'm trying to keep up with anime stuff...i haven't watched any new anime for the last 4 months...i just watched those that were still airing like shield hero or fairy tail and i need to watch some new anime series...i already watched BSD s3 ,one punch man and demon slayer but i need more :D

well first impression is important i know...i started watching anime seriously from 2014 with attack on titan which brought me to this first anime was death note tho in a kid just watched it and forgot about it after lol :D i thought it was some random cartoon or smth :)

i will watch Summer wars it seems good thanks :D
sepid_96 Jul 9, 3:17 PM
it's my pleasure :D thank u for accepting ~~
thank you so much :)
we have so many things in common i see...ash,dazai,sebastian,levi,L,etc :D
about your fav shows i really want to watch Sarazanmai but i didn't have the time...i should make time :) and i haven't watched Summer Wars at all surprisingly :D i don't watch anime movies that much tho...i only watched 4 or 5 anime movies in it good?:)
War_D Jul 7, 6:44 PM
Hey, thank you for accepting my friend request.
I see, you love BSD. I would like to recommend Kekkai Sensen. It's worth giving a try, since it has the same vibes as BSD.
xMySenpaix Jul 7, 12:21 AM
I am at episode 3 so I will have to wait but I can wait for a good plot.Other anime that you like?
itskiaraaa Jul 4, 10:55 PM
I actually liked Fyodor too! I think he is pretty cool and has a pretty powerful ability being able to kill people just by his touch! Also as kinda strange as it sounds, he reminds me of Dazai, because he is just as smart and cunning as him :)
Kyandere Jul 4, 2:59 PM
Np! and don't worry :D
xMySenpaix Jul 4, 12:07 PM
well hello there!I know the picture is dope.Btw I just started watching bungou stary doogs its good until now

itskiaraaa Jul 4, 7:01 AM
Yessssss I just love them so much!

and i know right! Being a past villainous figure in the port mafia and moving to the detective agency must have been a big step for him and Atsushi calling him a good person probably means a lot since Oda wanted him to be on the good side ahhh the feels
itskiaraaa Jul 4, 6:26 AM
Yes I'm totally with you with all those characters! My favourites are Dazai and Atsushi, as much as I love Yosano too , I feel like I'm really attracted to Dazai and Atsushi's relationship and how each character changes from their past selves :)
itskiaraaa Jul 4, 5:57 AM
that's ok!

hehe yes! I found it online somewhere and just had to make it my profile picture! Who is your favourite Stray Dogs Character if I may ask ? :)
Duraramnesia Jul 3, 1:56 PM
You're welcome, and thank you for accepting my request!
Mirai Jul 3, 11:41 AM
Just stopping by to say I absolutely love your forum set! The best FGO duo <3
Kyandere Jun 26, 4:53 PM
Nice profile~ saw you from the Kpop thread, wanted to drop this here on a whim:

less auto-tune, if it's not your cup of tea: