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Mar 1, 2013
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
I highly recommend checking this Anime out! It's my current joy this season.

3 reason why you might like this: has a demon/human related plot line

2. It has great animation, music and sound. (reminds me of the anime: Spice and Wolf)

3. very suspenseful, I feel like I want to watch more after every episode.

Nov 25, 2009
Preliminary (7/25 eps)
surprisingly this is one is also one of the Anime with female leads that i like. What got be interested in the anime is the animation, it keeps you "not bored", well at least me.

unlike other girl-anime theme like Aishiteruze Baby or Nodame Cantabile (dam i was so board at that time..really had nothing to watch) where the animation is "soft" not sure how to explain it. if you seen either two, you're know what i mean.
with this anime, its nothing like that, which makes it enjoyable for me, however it does have the "1 voice line for every 20 seconds" the other ...
Nov 24, 2009
well, obviously this is the prequel to GTO, i got lucky and was able to get it off the net and got a chance to watch it, i think now its pretty difficult to get it. anyway its not as good as GTo, but it's a treat to find out the troubles that Onizuka and his friends get in.

as for story goes, its not the best nor it makes "real" sense, but it was sure enjoyable, partly cuz i am a GTO fan.
Nov 24, 2009
Bokura no (Anime) add
Before you watch this, you should be warn that this is not a go-happy anime..not sure if thats the expression, anyway this was such a sad Anime, despite the "sadness" part, its a good Anime. one thing for sure is it's not them really dumb anime with crap storyline, where the creators just put a bunch of anime characters together and hope something good would come out: Fairy Tail, (crapy title) yea sux on that you Fairy Tail fans...anyway back to my review.

As audience watch the anime, you're find out the reason behind everything and the history of each character. well i guess ...
Nov 24, 2009
Preliminary (6/13 eps)
well, its not the best Anime in the world nor does it makes much sense, well as much as anime can make. i've seen some animes with storyline that are ridiculous, well i can't say this is not one of them, however the idea of good things happening to male main character is awesome.

by the way the orginal creator of this show is the same person who made Tenchi Muyo!, actually the main male charter of this is Tenchi's half brother, go figure..
oh and one more thing, Masaki is actually the creator's last name. haha.

anyway back to my review, i've seen 6 Sub, ...
Nov 21, 2009
well, after watching all the Episodes, I think its like a happy version of
Neon Genesis Evangelion, as for story goes there probably stuff that didn't make sense but i didn't care much. overall it was enjoyable despite the outrageous storyline, its one of those anime where you're enjoy it or not.

overall as for animes goes, its more watchable than some other animes, like for example..Gate Keepers.. which didn't make f**k sense to me. but then again, someone might not think Dual Parallel makes any sense. well at least its a "happy" anime.
Nov 21, 2009
this is one of them must see animes, despite the sadness part of the animes, when i first watch this i didn't get it until after the first episode, that is when i got started to get interested, as i kept watching each episode, i began to want to know what happens next. One of the greatest thing about this anime is the story, if you're not interested in the story, i doubt you enjoy this.

don't want to ruin the show for anyone but be warn that its not going be some Hollywood ending, but still don't let that fool you from watching it. ...
Nov 21, 2009
Skip Beat! (Anime) add
I typical don't enjoy animes with female leads, nor even try to watch them and i actually normally stay away from them. As anyone who start to watch this Anime, you will notice it seems that the creators of the show intended for a female audience. However, i've personally enjoy it, as for comedy, its not the funnest show you're see, but it is enjoyable and the animation is part of what makes the show funny.

As for the story, i didn't notice anything out of place, where something didn't make sense, well make sense "in the anime world" i mean. Overall i enjoyed it, ...