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Mar 25, 2020
As being a pervert minded I liked this manga. The first chapter is awesome i read it lots of times.

If got lots of ochinchi fetish and wanna see more than one ochinchi means.....threesome...Ahem it's perfect. Story line isn't that good. I loved the art work. Character was..fine.
I enjoyed it.

But fair warning here is lots of yaoi scenes. Nothing here is normal. I repeat it can ply with your mind kinda but otherwise it's okay.

But it is kinda good man : ))) Perfect manga for those horny fujoshis and fudanshi.

Hope my bad review was little bit helpful, :))) thank you

Mar 25, 2020
Something about this anime is very relaxing and calm.You never know what people are thinking when they are eating. We are just eating cause we are hungry and we need food. But it's not just for need. There's more. There's different way of eating foods. Some people got fetish about it.

Here's a story about a single 26 years old woman. Who works and literally go different type of restaurant and she tellls how it should be eaten and the food is. This anime is totally about this woman and food.
i enjoyed this anime. All day after a tiring day it's time for you to sit read more
Mar 25, 2020
Very good concept. There is 3 story in this movie. every story is different type of story, got their own style and it's unique.
The author did a very good job. Showed us some stories about different sides how terrible the life can become and how they fight for it.
the art was good too. Sound system was excellent. Nd those characters was perfect.
I really enjoy it. I really enjoy it overall.
showed us different and new stuff. Hoe two kids survived with their father, how a kid who got problems with eggs. he can even die by just touch of an egg. He survived it, The read more
Mar 25, 2020
This anime actually blow my expectation. It was unexpectedly too good. I really liked the story line.

this is a story where different type of animal fall for each other which is actually a crime and not normal. This is where we can relate ourselves here. I am a supporter of LGBT. In our word most of the countries are against of homosexual and people judge others by religion and skin color. But this anime is not about that tho. This is a straight story where different types of animal fall for each other and everyone become against of them. This is a story where read more
Mar 25, 2020
A very good series to watch. I have seen this anime more than 15 times. the art style, sound system, character design everything is outstanding.
Talking about story line ...ok i won't give any spoiler but the story line is really good.

ok now about the story. A story about a ordinary school boy. Who wants to change the world. This world is filled with evil and crimes. but a normal person can't do anything. So a school student called light yeagami cross a path with the shinigami world and get a death note. It's not a normal note book. As its says death really read more