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Apr 2, 2018
Terminator meets Ninja Scroll!

1580's Japan with a futuristic twist. I found the action of the movie to be enjoyable, yet the characters and the story line development was mediocre. There was not much explanation to the circumstances surrounding the characters and the technology. There was a "greater evil" that was discussed but never encountered by the main characters. I feel as though the story was rushed for the length of the movie, or the intent was to have a continuation after this movie.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but really expected more out of it. I watched the English dubbed version and the dialogue to be read more
Feb 24, 2018
This is a cute little addition to Girls Last Tour. I enjoyed the main series and this takes elements and characters from it to make this 90-120 second classroom based episodes. It is best to watch these after you have watched the twelve episodes of the main series. The characters in this are absolutely adorable, and even in their super-deformed state of drawing, the characters conversations and actions mimic the main storyline.

As of February 24th 2018, if you would like to watch all 12 mini-episodes they can be found at the link below. English subtitles, high quality video. Just watch out for ads and popups, read more