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Aug 11, 2020
I watched the first few episodes of this anime when i was younger than i currently am and i vaguely remember disliking the anime for one reason or another. I picked it back up just recently because i had nothing else to watch and thought "why not."

The plot can be very confusing sometimes and there's also questionable actions that the characters take. Despite those, the anime was very entertaining and fun to watch. It's hard to describe my experience with anything other than "fun." It made me feel like when i first started watching anime.

The Story:
The story was quite interesting and unique, something i read more
Mar 22, 2020
I started this anime off with a completely different expectation and was very well surprised. I don't really have much to say other than that the anime was worth my time and I'm very glad I had the time to watch it. It was also a little neat that the anime gives you the "Wholesome" and "We're all humans!" type of vibe but in Hitoribocchi no Kyuuketsuki, it got a little dark, especially around the end! I think there was alot of dark hints around the anime but it only got really apparent in Hitoribocchi no Kyuuketsuki. The main character is also very gentle but read more
Mar 21, 2020
I really love this anime and i know it just finished but i want another season immediately! I don't want to make one huge paragraph of why i love it so much so i'll try to keep it down to the basics (although there's still paragraphs).

[Alot of talk about the character development from beginning to end]

Story: The story was really interesting and grabbed my attention in the very first episode. In the beginning, however, i was very concerned with how the story was going to go since the main character seemed very VERY sensitive and weak. Despite my concerns, the story kept getting better and read more
Mar 15, 2020
Before I watched Hunter X Hunter, i highly underestimated it. It looks like a regular anime that's simple and quite frankly boring, however it is not. Hunter X Hunter is one of my favorite anime's to date and I've re-watched it hundreds and thousands of times. If you are hesitating to watch this anime because of bad reviews, length, or a simple "I'm not sure.." , stop hesitating!

The characters all stand out and are unforgettable. If you take the time to invest in the story and characters, you'll see how much these characters expand and improve upon themselves. It's mesmerizing when you watch these stubborn read more
Nov 22, 2019
If you're just now decided to start this series, do not run away because of the art style! I'm very judgmental about anime art styles and I only learned not to judge an anime because of its art style until last year. The art style changes very slowly throughout the anime and eventually you realize that the art style has greatly improved since the first episode. Detective Conan is a unique anime with a story of one-of-a-kind, a main character that you absolutely attach yourself to, and side/supporting characters that you love with all your heart. The stories also change every episode or two so read more
Nov 22, 2019
When i first started watching this anime i was completely skeptical. The anime had short episodes, the story started off crazy right off the bat, and there was a lot of things that confused me. Despite all of this i grew to love this anime with all of my being. The story seem crazy but you get used to it after a few episodes, it just pulls you in. The characters seemed a bit bland at first; The popular girl, the 'otaku', the delinquent, the poor, the rich, the jock, etc. Despite all of them being the cliche, their personalities built them and created a read more
Jan 2, 2019
Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi (My Holy Weapon) was a good anime and i did enjoy it but its plot was obviously not unique at all and has been used before (FSN). Even so, it was a good anime. Around the end (episode 10 or 11, give or take) i was just continuing with the anime because i didn't want to leave it after getting so far.. The episodes are short and i just kept begging for it to hurry up and end! I will not be watching the second season if one were to introduce itself. Even so, i still enjoyed the anime. read more
Jan 1, 2019
If you haven't watched Da Yi Hai Tang and think you have a small idea about what it's about, you haven't even touched the surface of it. This anime pursues both the physical and emotional aspects of a story told through a young girl named Chun. This story cannot be replicated in any way and is a one of a kind. The beauty of this anime has brought me to tears. Not just the visual beauty. The beauty of the story, characters, and emotions put into it. It touched my heart deeply and i regret not coming across this anime sooner. Don't skip over this read more
Jan 1, 2019
Donten Ni Warau is a good anime and i would recommend it to friends and others who enjoy anime. The story is pretty okay but it had me all over the place, crying tears only to find out that the tears were useless, loving a character dearly only to find out i shouldn't, hating a character profusely only to find out that i shouldn't, and losing a bit of my sanity around the end. The anime isn't bad at all, infact i enjoyed it. It had alot of things most anime doesn't have which was brotherly love, plot twists that were not really expected, plot read more
Dec 31, 2018
The art is realistic but not to a point where it's annoying or far-fetched. The story is extraordinary with its tearful moments that brings jabs to the heart and overjoyed moments that make you want to jump off your seat. Mo Dao Zu Shi contains plenty action, some BL, comedy, drama, and heart-felt scenes that brought myself to tears. The sound is even greater than any anime i've ever watched in the past years with its exquisite music. Not just the music, the sound effects as well. The characters were my favorite of course due to the development of Wei Wuxian's character and the relationship read more