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Jun 13, 2022
Mixed Feelings
In short, basically the usual saimin (hypnosis) hentai.

There is basically zero story. The tournament is just an excuse for a context and the hentai starts off the bat with sex scenes.
The scenes are very repetitive, specially in episode 1. Basically it was re-used the same scenes for each of the girls until the end. Gets more diversified in episode 2 though.

The MC is your usual bangs/hair covering his eyes and its annoying "I am the bad/villain guy" voice. At least it´s not the fat-ugly creepy ones.
The girls are the usual dumb ones: Big breasted priest-like blonde woman, a female warrior and a ...
Jan 2, 2022
Hello! I know it can´t be helped, the diffence between the current overall score and my score will catch your attention.

At the same time, I understand those who are giving this anime a low score.


I´ll try to make this short:

There´s not much of a story. It´s mainly about a young guy, his older sister (MILF) and his older classmate who ended up curiously joining them. Gladly, both girls are very, very~ perverts.

Apr 13, 2021
Do you enjoy random men and gangbang in hentais? I don´t.
Do you enjoy molestation in hentais? I don´t.
Do you enjoy corrupting girl´s mind by any "forbidden" method so they will end up doing what 'you' want? I don´t.

This hentai has all of that. However, this hentai is one of the exceptions I ended up enjoying.

It´s one of those hentais that they don´t intend to make you depressed or something.
It´s one of those hentais that eveything is done in a way that you won´t take it seriously or have hard feelings; same goes for the girls´ personality.

Basically, it´s about a princess, ...
Jan 7, 2021
Two lesbian sisters are in love with each other.

A guy, hidden, films them making out with each other.

After that he blackmail them and messes up with their life. Expect from now on lots of gangbang by a bunch of random dudes treating the sisters as sex dolls until the end of the second (last) episode. This whole hentai is depressive and the very end is sad.

Animation and art: Queen Bee.


Dec 10, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
The "plot" is pretty simple: girls are cursed and that´s why they need semen. If you are a veteran in hentais, you have probably came across something like this before.


Positive aspects:

(+) Even though the art and animation are not top notch, they are above ok-ish or fine. They are good. Solid good. Although I have to pinpoint that (look for the negative aspects below**);

(+) Dark-skinned, MILF, pony-tail, blonde, model student and etc. The diversification at this regard is nice and very welcome;

(+) Even though his face is not shown, the guy is not the usual ugly-bastard type with a creepy and annoying voice that we ...
Nov 19, 2020
I´ll make this short and simple:

This hentai is a MASTERPIECE.

From the same author of Fella Pure (which is another amazing hentai), we have here another awesome oral fetishist hentai.

If you are into oral sex, then this hentai is for you; Actually, even if you don´t have an oral fetish, you should still (aka must) give it a go. Nicely done in each and every detailed aspect of an oral sex, that might even catch you off guard.

But it does not resume only to oral, there will be other kinky moments to be added to your lewd inventory.

Nov 9, 2020
It´s basically about a guy (Naobou) and a hot dark-skinned widow MILF (Shi-chan).
One day, Shi-chan comes over to visit Naobou´s mother, which is also a hot widow MILF and Shi-chan´s friend, that is when... Shi-chan catches Naobou off guard.

Naobou´s mother won´t be getting any sex scenes - for those wondering whether there will be incest or not.

It´s not very kinky, yet it´s kinky enough to spice things up, not making it boring.


The Art and animation are fine at best, don´t expect much here. At least I believe it´s not bad enough to make one dislike this hentai. There are worse ...
Sep 7, 2020
Haritsuke (Anime) add
First of all: event though this review might contain my own opinion about it, I think it will also be able to make you decide by yourself if you should give it a try or not.


This hentai is kinky and naughty. Yes, that is exactly the FIRST of two pieces that makes this good.

I will spare you from reading the story of this h-anime here because it´s already nicely written in the synopsis.

And even though I am myself not into Netorare, Blackmail and all of these other tags, I managed to enjoy this due to how "I coudn´t careless to what was happening" ...
Aug 31, 2020
Even though I know we shouldn´t take mean scores 100% for real, I am probably writing this review exactly due to the currently mean score of this hentai, how you should not be biased to skip it due to its low mean score, and how you should at least check it out with you own eyes.


STORY: I think that this hentai has a simple yet acceptable story for a hentai:

A time ago, a veteran Mahou Shoujo sealed an important "bad" monster, but now he´s being unsealed, and that is when our current Mahou Shoujos will try to prevent that. However.....

Sure, randomness might ...
Nov 30, 2019
Mixed Feelings
I do love yuri. So of course I would be tempted by this manga.

Basically, this is an only girls hentai manga and I would say kind of unique.

There are 3 girls in total, each of them has a fetish / sexual hobby in specific.

This has a small build up, which is a nice thing in my opinion. But author-san decided to add something else that really........ displeased me.

It was so nice until the end of chapter 4-5. It was an easy 9/10, that was until author-san decided to add a 3rd party.

The problem here wasnt the 3rd party itself, but how the author-san ...