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Nov 30, 2019
I do love yuri. So of course I would be tempted by this manga.

Basically, this is an only girls hentai manga and I would say kind of unique.

There are 3 girls in total, each of them has a fetish / sexual hobby in specific.

This has a small build up, which is a nice thing in my opinion. But author-san decided to add something else that really........ displeased me.

It was so nice until the end of chapter 4-5. It was an easy 9/10, that was until author-san decided to add a 3rd party.

The problem here wasnt the 3rd party itself, but how the author-san read more
Nov 17, 2019
I havent done many reviews and when I do it it's in the heat of the moment. Particularly, this one here will be somewhat a random review.

So, in short:

- Most of it features middle aged to old ugly men.
- Not all of them, but a notable amount of the chapters are based in rape, coercion, prostitution and/or blackmail. There is netori (there is no netorare).
- The ones without those things above are pretty standard. Not much effort into it or nothing special.
- The censorship shifts all the time from pixeled to those black bars and vice versa.

In my opinion does not worth the read. read more
Dec 28, 2017
Ok, I don't even know why I'm writing a review of a not well known manga hentai, but probably because when I finished reading it I thought: "C'mon... give me a break..."

I've watched so many hentais, and have read above average the quantity of hentais compared to other users, but after reading this "special" one (I know that, however, must have hentais similar to this), I just couldn't hold back my sigh.

Going to what matters:

This hentai has basically 3 main characters (2 girls and 1 boy):

-1 is a girl who have a master-servant relationship with the boy (she is - for a change lol read more
Nov 10, 2017
I'm here after taking a quick look at the other reviews and their scores.

Gonna be straight: This hentai has a big chance to make you horny and oozing.

This hentai has a single 'story', rather than a story you could say it's a CONTEXT (a boy meets a family succubus and their peculiarities). Good enough to give good situations and events for the sex scenes.

There will be rough/hard sex, intense, stretch/expansion, anal, loli rape... but don't worry if you are worried about the "rape" stuff I talked about, or about the "rough" sex I talked about, they probably won't convey you negative feelings as many read more
Apr 10, 2017
**Attention: You must be thinking I'm crazy for saying this of a hentai, but believe me: The synopsis and the other review give spoilers, which can considerably decrease the expectations of watching this hentai. Try to avoid them.**

If you just care about the sex scenes themselves, so you can ignore this review.


I have watched this hentai a long time ago, but came back here just to say: This is one of the hentais masterpieces.
For more hentais like this one. I wish.

A vanilla with a very cool situation. For a vanilla, I would say it's sexually intense and interesting.
Nothing to complain about the characters, they read more
Feb 15, 2017
I''ll resume this hentai in 3 words: SEX AT WILL

-STORY: There is a school, in the school there's a club called "seikodo club" (sex club to be simple).
There's a championship to be the best partner in sex. So, the club purpose is to train partners for that championship.
They have sex in front of everyone as if it were the most natural thing in the world. All sex scenes were based on people watching them.

-CHARACTERS: The MC loves a girl (girl "X", don't even remember her name), and he want to be paired up with her. So it happens.

Even so, with girl "X" awareness, read more
Feb 9, 2017
-This is for sure a masterpiece vanilla. I don't have nothing to complain about it.
No NTR, no rape, no gangbang, no monsters, no torture, no violence, no forced sex, no old men, no creepy guys, no blackmail, no jealously, no cheating, no prostitution.

Still, this hentai is an awesome example of a hentai that shows that it isn't necessary to have rape, gangbang and all those stuff to have your intense and exciting hentai.

-This hentai has 2 episodes, each one containing 2 shorts (ordinary/natural yet interesting and pretty good to see) stories/situations which favors the build up of a climax, spicing up things.
I think that read more
Dec 7, 2016
Main tags: Loli and Vanilla.

(1) You are a fanboy of Lolis? Not matter what happens and how it happens you'll like it anyways as long as it have Lolis on your screen? So you can watch this and give your 8+ score already.

(2) If you are an old guy you can't help but to like this, I know it... you can't hide it. After all, we have an old man here have his way with lolis... oh... now think about it...

(3) If you are one those which just come for hentais for the sex scenes: "It's rape? I don't care". "It's NTR? I don't care", read more
Nov 5, 2016
Seriously, forgive our dear everfalldown and Farisver... they don't know what they're talking about.

--Story (1/10): Like monogatari series...? What?! One of the usual bad and sick hentais "stories" are here: a crazy rapist and violence. If you want to know about this "good story", continue to read from "[SPOILER]", if don't, just jump to "Art, Animation and Sound"

[SPOILER] Episode 01: A guy who is apparently in sick love with the girl kidnaps her. She had a shit boyfriend who didn't care about her, the sick guy in love then resolves to put an end to her boyfriend - he kills him. "That was read more
Feb 24, 2016
--Introduction: Sei Yariman Sisters is one of those straightfoward hentais: there's no plot in it and sex occupies almost the totality of the hentai (well, this is a hentai it the first place, right?). And let's be sincere: hentai trying to have a plot it's almost always a 'failure', and many of them exists just in the sake of NTR, Rape, Gangbang and etc.

So there's no bad/dark/heavy atmosphere in Sei Yariman, far from that; there's not NTR, Rape, violence, Gangbang.... all those hard/bad feelings is NOT presented here. Read the story and you'll see it.

Being a straightforward hentai Sei Yariman depends exclusively to its read more