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Missmangobutt 11 hours ago
Thank you! Thats so kind of you ๏ฝก^โ€ฟ^๏ฝก
LyNChE17 Today, 12:59 AM
Hello Vexem, What makes HunterxHunter (1999) better than 2011 and manga?
Mpra990 Yesterday, 12:08 PM
Anxi_us Jan 24, 6:03 PM
heyheyy do u have any manga you'd recommend 2 me
ArcaneEdge Jan 24, 3:53 PM
Haii vexem, about reservoir chronicles/xxxholic, I'm planning to read their manga's. Where does tokyo revelations ova take place within them?
mishh_ Jan 24, 5:00 AM
Hey Vexem, how have you been?
Just recently finished 'Humanity Has Declined' and was really surprised by how good it was. Thanks for the indirect rec, probably wouldn't have watched it if it weren't for you. It has a ton of great themes and messages all told through expertly written and witty dialogues. I also really loved how its pastel/coloring book-like art-style and aesthetic really contradicts/contrasts all the existential stuff it deals with. Basically, 'The cutest, most adorable existential show you'll find'.
My only small issue was that, some eps were a bit dull + I didn't know that the show's episodes weren't in chronological order, which kinda confused me initially. But by the time I went to check the real order, I was 3/4 done so just continued in the broadcast order.

(PS: Sir Christopher McFarlane is best boy)
Hxttori Jan 24, 4:38 AM
Where is the guy from your profile is from? and source of the background in your bio as well please tell me
Okabe108 Jan 24, 2:30 AM
I mean, it's not Gurren Laggan or Clannad, but to say there is no development is a bit far if you ask me, I think it had as much as it could have in less than 20 chapters. The guy goes from someone suicidal with nothing in his life to someone who actually cares more about someone than himself. Miyagi goes from someone without any warmth in her life just living for the sake of living to someone who would give it all for some time with the person she loves. Pretty good development for such a short series. It's not Shakespeare or anything but I found it to be pretty compelling. As for the message it is mostly meant to be ambiguous, except for one cristal clear thing: it's better to live a short, wonderful life than a boring, sad, long one. This is pretty interesting if you think about it, and though the author said it wasn't bout the power of love you could certainly interpret it that way. Finally, I leave you with the final words of the author in the original visual novel:

They say that a fool can never be cured to his death.
But I like to take a slightly more optimistic view of this. Something
more like “A fool will be cured by the time he’s dead.”

While we call them all fools (or its synonyms), there actually exist
many different kinds of fool. The fool I speak of here is the fool who
creates his own hell.
What is characteristic of this fool, first of all, is that he is strongly
convinced he can never be happy. Made more severe, this
conviction can be expanded to become “I shouldn’t be happy,” and
ultimately arrive at “I don’t want to be happy,” a most destructive

Once that point is reached, there’s nothing left to fear. These fools
become intensely familiar with dissatisfaction, and no matter how
blessed their environment, they find some loophole to avoid
As this is all done subconsciously, they believe this world to be hell -
when in actuality, they are just making it hell themselves with every
step they take.

I myself am one of those hell-creators, which is why I believe so, but
such fools cannot be cured quickly. To someone who has made
being unhappy part of their identity, not being unhappy is losing
oneself. The self-pity they used to endure unhappiness eventually
becomes their only enjoyment, and they actively seek out
displeasure for that purpose.


However, as I stated at the outset, I believe such fools will be cured
by the time they die. To be more exact, my thought is “Just before
death, I’m sure they’d be cured.”
The lucky ones may get an opportunity to be cured before that
actually happens, but even the unlucky, when they realize the
inevitability of their death and are freed of the chains of “having to
keep living in this world” - finally, then, are they not also freed from
their foolishness?

I called this viewpoint optimistic, but looking at it closer, it could be
considered quite pessimistic as well. The first time he comes to love
the world is when his death is made certain.
However, I consider that through the eyes of this “fool who was
cured, but too late,” everything is hopelessly beautiful.
The deeper the regrets and grievances like “To think I lived in such a
beautiful world as this,” or “Now I’d be able to accept it all and
live,” the more the world appears to be cruelly beautiful in return.

I’m always thinking about how I want to write on that kind of
At least here in “Three Days of Happiness,” though it would seem I
used the story to speak about the value of life, the power of love
and whatnot... to be honest, that was not my intention in the least.

- Sugaru Miaki

I actually took part of this and put it in my bio, as well as my whatsapp status, pretty interesting if you ask me.
Sanksimilian Jan 24, 2:28 AM
Niceee, This anime helped me get over my depression
MeanMrMusician Jan 24, 2:13 AM
I can't wait to be just like you /j :D
MeanMrMusician Jan 24, 2:04 AM
It's decent. I'd probably give it a 6 or 7.
Okabe108 Jan 24, 2:03 AM
Oh, why though? I'll tell you when I finish the first season.
Okabe108 Jan 24, 1:55 AM
I understand man, I used to be that way as well. I can only hope that gets better as you talk to me.

oh, you don't need to be brief, in fact, I'd love it if you were as detailed s possible. But I get your point, I got something similar out of I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year. you should read it. Ill try to watch SDRSJ as well :)
TbnBn480 Jan 24, 1:49 AM
The war between Fmab and Aot the Final has just begun
Okabe108 Jan 24, 1:42 AM
Well, sorry if I'm being uninteresting. Let's change the subject

I see you have put Rakugou Shijou in your favourites, I've been meaning to watch it for a while now. Why do you put it in your favorites?