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Gintama': Enchousen
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Professional2341 Jun 10, 2016 11:45 PM
Sorry for the late reply.
And also, I agree, this season has been pretty good and overall better than your average season. Heck, 2016 was one of the best years for anime, at least much better than the horrible 2013 year.
Hundred is eh ... it could have been better but it's still OK.
Netoge is actually pretty enjoyable. MHA is very nice right now (tho the pace is a bit slow)
Re:Zero is on top of my list in the current show. This thing is actually very enjoyable and nice to watch.
Nah I don't want to read ReLife, anime is next season so just gonna check that out :P
Food Wars ... I feel like whenever a new chapter comes out I'm just like "eh ... might as well read it" the fight with the first was super predictable, but of course PLOT ARMOUR. Aside from that, I actually liked the most recent chapter (serving food to the GOD TONGUE and Erina liking it xD)
You have BF3 & 4? DAMN me too! Bro there are so many BF haters that adore COD and that's why I'm finally glad to see a fellow OG BF gamer. I have 4 but I barely play it because I'm so used to BF3, though I play BF3 almost everyday now in the summer. Also, I'm planning to get BF1 soon, though I have the PS3 so Imma sell it n buy PS4, not sell it n buy ps4 (cuz not reverse compatible), or just buy it on the PC if I can.
Life has been busy with me. With the summer it's a lot less hectic but it's just I have a lot of stuff to do, though after like July 5th I'm gonna be much more free so prolly gonna volunteer/get a job.

BTW, I graduated this year (from highschool). How about you?
Dregran May 29, 2016 5:15 AM
Togashi is once again showing how unpredictable his writing is. Seeing the whole battle from Hisoka's perspective (more or less) is ingenious: he says something, we believe it, he's wrong, rinse and repeat. It works so well since Hisoka has basically been unmatched and this battle has been hyped for YEARS.

shit that comment from april
i probably meant like $2/$20 a day. that's still really shit but doing gov work pays shit so lucky me. im not studying what im studying for the money, regardless if i know what the actual pay is.
hahaha, i guess you could call it social work. idk if i'll still be doing the same thing down the track anyway, like i can see myself getting doctorates in shit 'just because'

I've already read the manga and i always skip filler, lol. the ending wasnt the strongest part of the series, but still alright. hype for the final fight tho!!

ah, FT, still havent resumed it lol. i'll have to rewatch what i've already seen since i hardly remember it. study break is coming up so what better time to watch anime, amirite?

oh shit man thats intense.
no wonder you basically died
i'll take your advice and not do illegal dealings behind your back - you're gonna be my right hand man, my partner in crime, okay? :)
Professional2341 Apr 22, 2016 12:19 PM
Yeah. Hundred is super cliche with terrible ecchi. But ehh whatever I kinda feel like it's one step ahead the usual. At least we have a girl that kinda openly likes him because the kiss. Soo ehh might end up as a 5.
Oh btw, usually I give the anime as score early on, but it's only temporarily. Like I had netoge 6, but now as a 7. I just like to put "the score I think it deserves" - 1 for the first couple of episodes, then if it keeps it up i'd give it the right score. Yeah it's weird.
My Hero Academy is such amazingness. Easily expect it to sweep this season because of it's pace and plot, and I already know the manga is amazing.
Mahoiga ... ah I just dropped it lol.
Konosuba? I wouldn't give it a 9, but i'd definitely give it an 8. I understand where you're coming from — it's short, funny, and sweet.
Oooh train your way for Gintama man. Gintama 2015 stopped at episode 51 (or 52 forgot) so we don't know if there's gonna be another reason ... but i'm hoping!
Nah I still didn't try ReLife yet ... busy with other stuff xD. Though I'm looking forward to the anime!
Mushoku Tensei? Read the manga and if you get hyped enough, read the light novel. I read the light novel and finished it, it netted a solid 9 and currently my 4th favorite manga/novel. I wrote a review on it actually ... you can probably check it out.
haha dark souls 3 ... I'm into games but not the souls series. I'm more into stuff like Battlefied 3 and Fifa ... yeah.
Oh btw, have you read Oyasumi Punpun? It's SOOO good, realistic, dark, yet some good stuff. I also read What a Wonderful World! by the same author and it was also good. Currently, I'm reading Kingdom, only 40-ish chapters but I'm loving it.
Dregran Apr 21, 2016 11:54 PM

haha what im getting into like the profession has shit pay and everyone says you dont do it for the money
apparently like 20 cents a day
which is fucking cancer i hope its not that

damn i really want to catch up on FT but you know its long (though i committed to and finished naruto recently)
maybe after this uni sem
and its good to hear the soundtrack is great. i love the soundtrack in hxh and naurto so much.
Gonzo-lewd Apr 20, 2016 10:18 PM
I see. I might do that in the near future.
Gonzo-lewd Apr 20, 2016 10:12 PM
don't see it on your list.
Dregran Mar 26, 2016 4:44 AM
FUCK I didnt realise I hadnt replied
I typed something up but must not have sent it

I shit in the morning too man, then i go and shit online on too many internet forums. Why do i post so much? actually dont answer that haha
I'm study at uni man and I know my end goal. I'm gonna get there, who knows what might chance between now and then, but my feet are grounded and I'm both excited and really happy to be down this path.
In terms of work, nothing (unrelated to my degree) is on the horizon atm. I want to focus on studying first.

You know me man I can say i hate something then be obsessed the next day. I'll give FT another crack and give my full thoughts after I see everything. I'll try anything once. I'm okay with anything that can suck me in, really. I mean, I watched Bleach and Naruto, so I'm a sucker for your trashy shonen shit. "just because" wont satisfying me in the long run but I dont care if it looks nice and pretty and shit is cool.

I dont even know what I was going to type. I have this tab open, type a bunch, then get lost in another tab or on skype, then come back to this and think "no this reply is shit" then start the whole thing over again
i did it again
i'm just sending this
Professional2341 Mar 14, 2016 12:26 PM
Yeah it was pretty good, though I still think Nishimaya was one of the best characters. She did play passive princess here and there, but most of the time she's stronger than your average female character, especially when she's deaf. Yeah at the beginning I was like if this doesn't get better soon ...
KonoSuba: Yup, I think it's so far solid and for me it's good and will net at least a 7/10.
Manhwa: KEK, yeah brawling go is the only one at it's prime rn, the others either i rarely see them update or its just eh. There are so many news ones though and it's just kek
AssClass: WHAT? not bad honestly, i might pick up the anime later i guess ...
Gintama: OMG the wart virus was soooo hilarious. And yes the letter from the see from some girl that sends a pic of her sister. Honestly, that 3 episode arc was HILARIOUS, especially the part were they are writing the letter and then Gintoki, Kondo, and Hijikata help out. Man just remembering i laugh a little. Speaking of which, the new Gintama episodes are sooo lit man, Gintama 2015 is a whole different thing.
And I will definitely try ReLife
right now I'm reading Mushoku Tensei light novel, it's a good story, somewhat long and with some worthless details on a lot of stuff, but it's really good. The premise sounds a lot like Konosuba (reincarnation) but even though the mc is a perv and it has a lot of comedy, it's far better than konosuba in that the storyline is really good.
Professional2341 Mar 4, 2016 5:50 PM
Which reminds me, I still need to watch the latest episode of Konosuba ....
Well the koreon wave is not horrible, but I mean they're BAD in the you-know-what sense lol. The NTR is crazy though, like a lot of times it's just really irritating, guess I'm a vanilla pleb too lol.
Nah I'm not caught up with AssClass, and the anime I dropped after like 5 episodes of season 2. MAYBE i might pick it up like episode 16 because i know damn well nothing is really gonna happen.
"A well-versed baseball family" damn I didn't even know these existed anymore. IMO baseball kinda died and it's like more football and basketball. The baseball families are really rare nowadays.
Yup yup ik I'm the ultimate genius. Yeah the kunai knife dialogue was HILARIOUS, but from the ~200 episodes you watch I think there are many more hilarious scenes. Tbh every single MADOA is freakin hilarious. Also the arc where Shinpachi gets a letter from the ocean literally had me in tears.
Relife huh ... pretty sure I heard it before, definitely gonna keep it in mind and give it a try :]!
Speaking of which get to "A Silent Voice" already.
Dregran Mar 4, 2016 5:55 AM
Pitou only has one tail
though maybe two tails, depending the category of the art
you get me

also i dont get off on fanart. i have other sources for that material. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Congrats man, I'm proud of you!! I don't know if you could keep it up, though. "Effort" is a strange thing. Just let it flow out, man, like a really good shit at the end of the day. Just let it out, don't hold it in. Coherency is entirely optional. Take this comment for example.
Ah nice man, a money job, something to pay the bills. I can tell you, that's not something I look forward to. Well, it's something I'm gonna have to live with anyway so here's to hoping I'm able to keep my shit above water, easier said than done, I've experienced.

Just fucking watch JJBA. I will make you, if it's the last thing I do on this decaying earth.
okay maybe not but more jjba next month man thats so close
but im consumed by uni, rip me
he l p
haha not like i study anyway.

A Silent Voice doesn't ring a bell, though i wouldnt be surprised if it was in my plan to read list. i dont even know whats in there anymore. I "plan to read' too many things.
Nah man i dont actually enjoy hentai/yaoi and shit, that's just my running gag when i choose inappropriate skype avatars to instigate conversation and piss people off. let me tell you, having a SFW yaoi pic as your icon makes people complain about being uncomfortable with it, and its amusing. when someone said they didnt like it, I changed it to one of a shirtless dude (top only) covered in "snow" ;) it was even more amusing.

FT? Fairy Tail, right? I started watching the anime 3921 years ago, and it was... i dont remember what i thought tbh. I have a friend who's super into it and says I should watch and read it, but i havent yet. There's too much to catch up on, and I'm the laziest person on the planet.
Professional2341 Mar 2, 2016 9:29 PM
Oh that Gate anime ... honestly i dropped it after the first episode of season 1. Idk something about it was off, it had a good start and a good synopsis, but by the end of the episode i was just bored. tbh i don't even remember what the episode was really about, but it's good to see that it's not completely hated i guess? lol. Idk man Dagashi Kashi ... actually a decent comedy!
Yeah like i said i really thought konosuba will be your average romcom harem anime but man was I wrong. I love the mc and even tho the girls are massive tropes, the masochist one is HILARIOUS and iirc the voice acting was splendid.
LOL, this korean manhwa wave is horrible really lol. There are a bunch more like SStudy, unbalanced triangle, etc., and truly they only increase numbers. Tbh they're decent reads of romance but omg, what's up with the NTR man, EVERY SINGLE ONE is just the mc banging everyone massive ntr.
Yeah I loved the ninja guy in One Piece. One Piece never ceases to amaze me really. As for AssClass, eh I used to read the manga long before the anime started but I dropped it around the end of the anime, ironically. It starts out really strong but then gradually gets weaker. Right now it's really weak.
Yeah I do know what you mean about One Outs. But to me, I couldn't care less about Baseball, in fact I don't even like the sport at all lol. Somehow though, this anime pulled me in, and it is probably because that it wasn't really about baseball, but on how Tokuchi never lost, about how badass he was, about how the impossible odds against him, but he still wins. Even though he might use some 'underhanded' methods, most will argue that is what makes this anime even better.
Also I see you filling those Gintama episodes. Good call, I've been long urging you, and now you're finally doing it. I can easily tell that you didn't regret anything :].
Dregran Feb 24, 2016 4:36 AM
pitou is a furry man and i aint no furry
but i can appreciate good art, you hear me
i've deteriorated
too much atlus
this is what happens when you're away for too long

Hey that's totally fine man life comes first. I can wait MONTHS for replies, don't worry about it. Nah but really it's totally cool man. It's great to hear you put your effort into conversations. That magic can be lost in flurries of shitposts. I don't know how long it takes me to type up replies. I usually think about what I want to post for a while before replying/posting. Usually anyway.
Hahahahaha HAHA a what's sleep?/??? I'm going to be busier and more social in the next whatevers. Looking forward to it, not like i'm up to speed with any anime I'm "currently watching" anyway. I'm happy you're enjoying yourself anyway, even I still don't know jack about you.
You're not an FBI agent, are you?
your replies on here at least are always worth the effort for me. I miss our long chats about the memes and antics behind JJBA and why I so quickly change my opinion on it. You're a cool dude i like talking to.

Also i was talking about my avatar lastime and now it's Ajin. Read Ajin. Anime is fucking shitty CG, like, it's okay for CG in some parts but then like why was this a decision. REad the manga.
Professional2341 Feb 23, 2016 6:54 PM
you need to stop disappearing then appearing again in a month ... A lot of things changed
First, I dropped Phantom World and Divine Gate, CGI ruined it for Divine Gate, plot is pretty repetitive, and what the hell suddenly everyone has a tragic past? lol. Phantom World was decent but it was just like eh ....
Dimension W is decent, I dropped it after the 3rd episode, but a lot of people are saying it's good. All I can say is the plot is pretty mediocre and generic, but the MC is pretty nice, unique, and apparently BA (Badass)
Dagashi Kashi - 6 episodes so far and honestly I didn't even skim through one episode. Like really usually i just skim an episode if it was really boring but this is in some way or another pretty interesting and funny.
The marshmallow one is like ... lol, it's not even worth it it's just commercial anime really.
Konosuba? dude you shoulda checked my anime list before, I already picked it up and updated it, and i'm LIKING it actually. I even came in to this anime with a cynic attitude being like "man this is gonna be the most generic adventure harem ever" NOPE, lots of good comedy. Liking it.
yo man Erased is pretty amazing and all, but what the hell, #6 on top anime and only half of it is done??? That's what I call overrated and hasty judgment. Like really everyone be giving it 10 throughout when the goddamn anime still didn't finish. And One Punch Man like rank #14? People overhype stuff so much ... like it was good as it was maybe a flat 9, but not OMG BEST ANIME EVER 10/10
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, surprisingly, that's all manhwa i know!! kek i already read them (we're bad :p) but anyways web comics are not on MAL.
Yeah A Silent Voice / Koe No Katachi is a REALLY good, sweet romcom.
DUDE One Piece is amazing, did you read the chapter 2 weeks ago (last week was on break) on how the minks had the samurai the whole time??? FEELS MAN, FEELS!!
And yo what's up with AssClass? It's soo boring i actually dropped. I don't even remember it being this boring ...
Finally, I see you updated your anime list quite well. I mean, you finally watched One Outs? Nice, what do you think? It's one of my favorite anime lol
Professional2341 Jan 22, 2016 3:28 PM
Dude what happened to all of your manga?

Anyways, I think you should read Koe no Katachi, one of the best manga I've ever read.

Started reading it at 11 PM and kept reading NO BREAKS (Except bathroom) until I finished at 4:30 AM (62 chapters - competed manga). And yes I DID have school and I woke up at 6 am lol.
Professional2341 Jan 15, 2016 9:18 PM
Well since I left marri we should just talk here lol.
Owari was absolute trash, season 2 was so bad, probably the most homosexual anime I ever watched, so bad I gave it a 1 and even though I previously had the 1st season as a 6 or something I immediately made it 1/10.
Yeah I agree Cavalry & Asterisk were meh and ending wasn't too bad, I prefer Cavalry a bit more since there was actual romance.
Man did you read the latest One Piece chapter? craaaaazy shit, man one piece only gets better.
Prison School is like an entire different manga with the headmaster's story, and it's really hilarious.
Food Wars is coming along nice and even though the match with Aizan was bit meh because of the abundant plot armor, the story is really nice especially with the chapter that came out today (or yesterday i guess).

From the new anime ... I'm actually currently watching 11 and expecting to pick 2 more. From total of 13 I'm probably gonna drop 6 at least by the end. This season is overall better than last season, we don't have something like One Punch Man, but there are much more decent anime than last season so far and we have one (Boku Dake) that has very high potential. AssClass S2 is also lookin nice.

Phantom World, Shoujo-tachi, Divine Gate, Dagashi Kashi, Nijiiro Days, Dimension W, Muhai no Bahamut, and Ao no Kanata are the ones I'm considering.
Boku Dake, Ojisan to Marshmellow (pretty funny and only 3-4 minute ep.), and AssClass S2 are the ones for sure i'm watching.
There are some anime that look decent that I still haven't watched, like Ajin.