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Jan 24, 2019
I half expected Classroom of the Elite to receive a failing grade, much like class D during their first quarter, however it managed to pull off a whopping 76%.

This anime has a wonderful premise -- a darker, more intelligent version of Baka & Test? Sign me up! For the 24 minutes, I was completely drawn in. The first question the audience is asked is "Are humans really equal?" And then a scene was shown to drive in the point: No. They are not. Said scene was a little overdone and not a great testament to the personalities of our main characters, but I let that read more
Jan 20, 2019
Love & Lies, whether set in a desirable utopia or restrictive dystopia, begs the question; what is love?

From the author Tsumugi Musawo, comes a story set in a world where once children turn 16 they are liable to receive a notice with the details of their future spouse enclosed. The government controls the "red strings of science" that bring about perfect matches which turn into perfect marriages. Love with any other is strictly forbidden. However for fifteen year old Nejima Yukari, he finds a love separate from his assigned partner. Which one is the lie?
read more
Jun 20, 2017
Welcome to "High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days" where this adaption of the light novel doesn't really cover the content in the light novel at all.

In this anime adaption, the story covers our lovely boys, Makoto and Haruka as they have graduated from elementary and are now entering high school. They meet friends mentioned in the original anime, like Kisumi Shigino, and those not mentioned in the original, Asahi Shiina, and Ikuya Kirishima (though I swear I've seen Ikuya's green hair in the original anime somewhere). From there, these four boys play out their story as they join their middle school's swim club.

Story ~5~:
The story didn't read more
Jun 2, 2017
Welcome to a worse version of The Irregular at Magic High! And folks, this time there's even more of a harem!

That's right. The Asterisk(*) War is, in a nice term, decent at what it tries to accomplish. Personally, I'm just glad it isn't as bad as Magical Warfare (I pity you if you have any idea of what this monstrosity is).

Story ~4~:
I'll say it. The story is mediocre at best. Normally in my reviews I include a summary and ties many useful statements that no one asked for to make my point, but I feel rather lazy with this one, so just read read more
Jun 1, 2017
"Rokka no Yuusha," I thought you were supposed to be fighting fiends?

Hello everybody, and welcome to another review of mine! If you care to read the summary before reviews, you would know that this anime centers around Adlet Meyer, self proclaimed 'Strongest Man in the World'. In a universe where an ancient Demon God was sealed away by the Goddess of Fate, Adlet aims to be one of "the Braves of Six Flowers" to fight the Demon God and keep the fiends at bay upon his reawakening. However, after meeting up with the other Braves, there turns out to be, not six,! One is read more
May 12, 2017
When I first added "Masamune-kun no Revenge" to my 2015 Winter lineup, I thought it would be an okay watch--something to pass the time. After a while of procrastinating and not going through with watching it, I took it off my list, as I thought it would be another stupid romcom show that would be okay, but have no depth.
Man, am I grateful I decided to add it back on!

Story - 8:
As the synopsis goes, "Masamune-kun no Revenge" is a tale about a rich, fat brat that fell in love with a beautiful girl when she saved him from bullies. However, once he confessed read more
Jan 5, 2015
Being a quirky anime, not really following any storyline, "Denki-Gai no Honya-san" was a pretty cute anime to watch.

This anime revolves around six employees at Uma no Hone comic shop, all with unusual names -- or nicknames to be exact. Among the cast is Umio, newest employee at Uma no Hone, Sensei, a mangaka by the name of "Jona Taro", "Director", acting leader apart from the manager, Hio-tan, a newbie to the manga world, Sommelier, a quiet guy whose face is never seen, Fu Girl, the zombie lover, and Kameko, the camera shy photographer. This anime is pretty basic -- it's about the workers at read more
Dec 14, 2014
Throughout "Akame ga Kill," Akame never seems to be the main character.

The story focuses on a group called Night Raid. They are assasins who hope to rid the Capitol, ruled by the Prime Minister, of its depraved ways. The starting members are Akame, Tatsumi Leone, Mine, Lubbock, Sheele, Bulat, and their leader Najenda. The anime starts when Tatsumi, with his two friends, sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his village. Instead, he finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor's ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is read more
Oct 8, 2014
"Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun," a comedic Slice-of-Life, contains the most hilarious interactions between characters.

I was a bit hesitant to check this anime out, but I finally gave in, and I am glad I did!

This shy, innocent, yet endearing Sakura is voice by Ozawa, Ari. Ozawa hasn't voiced any well known characters so far, so this must be a big step in her career. Ozwa's voice captures the cute Sakura, and voices her anywhere from innocent to highly confused and slightly appalled by what's happening around her. Moving onto Nozaki, the blunt and oblivious, he is voiced by Nakamura, Yuuichi (Gray[Fairy Tail]). With his deep, raspy, but read more
Oct 7, 2014
"Glasslip," a Slice-of-Life with the potential for greatness, crashed and burned.

I'll admit I was looking forward to "Glasslip" this season. The art seemed clean and fresh, and an anime with a nice concept. Not only was I cruelly deceived by the anime's initial summary, but was completely caught off guard once some supernatural elements were added into the storyline.

Let's talk a little voice actors, shall we? Touko got to be voiced by the lovely Seria Fukagawa (Aloalo [Happiness Charge Precure!]). She has actually only had two roles so far in the anime industry. It is a pity this had to be one of her jobs--nevertheless, read more