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Mar 14, 2019
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari isn't a bad anime, but it's not the legend some people claims it to be. It ads some interesting elements to a world where almost nobody tries to innovate, but sometimes it fails too much in it.

-- Minor spoilers ahead --

(Story: 6) The story is good, not more than that, X random guys from Y ramdon versions of Japan gets ported to magiclal world to save it. We have seen it like a zillion times, but the fact that everybody hates and despises MC, instead of worshipping him like a god or something is kinda fresh. But that's where everything read more
Aug 12, 2016
I saw some loose episodes maybe 15 years ago on TV and then forgot about it, then, sudenly a few weeks ago someone reminded me of it and decided to give it a go.

Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu was not what I remembered. I remember enjoying it, sitting willing to watch it, but seeing it a few years later made me change my mind.

Story: 5/10
It's bland. It's too cute. Tries to be deep at times but fails misserably. There are some good moments, there are a bunch of unexplored and itneresting events (War of the Ancients). But when everything comes together, it's no more read more
Jan 14, 2016
This is a special, something beyond the main story, and as such it must be viewed.

There are not revelations, no secrets, no nothing. Just pure enjoyment. If you can watch it like that, it's almost impossible not to like it.

It's hard to analyse a special as a whole, specially when there's a main anime behind it, but...

Story: 8/10
The story itself is quite simple and you don't have to be a veteran anime viewer to predict how it's going to end, but again, it's rather how i'ts told than what's told that meke the special so enjoyable.

Art: 8/10
Same art as the main series, which is quite read more
Dec 28, 2015
I started Rakudai as soon as the season started without great expectations, knowing there can be no miracles with highschool, ecchi, harem animes.

With that in mind I watched 6 episodes as soon as they aired and then I got bored, but having a tiny bit of hope I somehow managed to finish it.

Story: 4/10
Story isn't that new, it has some sudden changes and a bit of unnecesary fillers in such a short anime, but it-s easy to understand. It has no plot holes in the story itself, but if this show don't get a second season giving it a finale after all it went through, read more
Dec 20, 2015
One Punch Man is an action comedy anime. If you expect deep meening, you're done. If you expect horror or something meaningfull, you're watching the wrong anime.

If you know wha you're about to watch and you are happy with it, OPM is awesome. It has humour, strange characters, a simple story and lots of meaningless action.

Story: 10/10

Saitama is strong. And being the strongest is boring. Going through life looking for someone stronger or at least entertaining is a funny concept, specially when no one actually knows how strong you are.

Art: 10/10

Pretty, tidy and clorfull. Can't expect a lot more, but the fight scenes are really read more
Dec 20, 2015
Hamatora was a nice anime. Nothing more. You probably won't remember it in 20 years like a legendary one, but it's still interesting and easy to watch and follow. It's a nice choice for a rainy weekend when you need to kill four hours of your time.

Story: 7/10

It's not a new story but it's still interesting, it has some dark and interesting points, and some comic reliefe when needed. It's not complicated, it's easy to understand and doesn't try to put some new complicated thing every two episodes.

Art: 4/10

Big dissapointment here. There are some things well done, but in general is mediocre, and as I read more
Dec 19, 2015
It's hard to make a prequel about one of the most iconic characters in anime and don't ruin the story, but luckily, that didn't happen with YBJ.

An adult medical drama is a breath of frsh air amidst so many highschool harems, ecchi or overpowered characters.

Story: 10/10

Being a sequel there are some limitations, you must tie this to the original, but as an origin story YBJ is really great. Set in the Vietnam war, in a convulsed Japan, Hazama goes through a lot in order to become the dark character we know. Maybe a 24 episode anime would have been better, but in 12 episodes they read more
Dec 19, 2015
I was bored on a weekend away from home and had this anime on my "someday" list, so I decided to give it a try without great expectations. And I was wrong.

I've seen some (won't say a lot) of a nime, and a great part of them were highschool harem, so when I saw the cover I decided to just sit and get over with it. But this one in particular is great, I don't rememeber many series that make me lose sense of time and this one did it.

Story: 9/10

Reincarnation, past lives are interesting topics and it's easy to ruin them, but for my read more
Dec 18, 2015
I started Charlotte, as usual, because the opening was nice. I haven't read anything about it and Lia had a great song. I didn't expect a lot, and with that in mind I decided to give it a chance.

Story: 8/10

It's a nice story, for me it has a new concept (faulty superpowers) and that was good enough. The story itself is quite entertaining, it has some interesting moments, touching and funny. It's not Hamlet or Othello, but it's good enough to binge watch it.

Art: 8/10

Not bad, not memorable. A nice color pallete, dark when it must be, light and happy when needed. The characters are read more
Dec 18, 2015
God it was hard to go to the lat episode. Maybe I expected a lot, maybe the reviews lied, but this was almost impossible to watch through.

Story: 3/10

Take some of the most beloved characters on western culture, put them in a blender, add some japanese background, turn the blender on. Et voila. Hidan no Aria. The story doesn't make any sense at all, it has more plot holes than actual content, and the "dramatic" finale was awful.

Art: 7/10

It's nicely drawn, it has a good color palette and the animation isn't that bad. It has little CGI and that's all. No memorable battle scenes, no memorable read more