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Sep 11, 2019
The biggest failure I have ever witnessed in my years of watching anime. This anime fails at every single thing it tries to do. A complete and utter abomination that should've never been made. Finished this anime a couple of months back, now I finally can give it a proper review. This is by far the worst anime series I have seen so far, and I've watched plenty of anime. Lets get started now shall we?

First of all, there will be spoilers in this review. It would be too difficult trying to explain why this anime is fucking garbage without mentioning some spoilers. If you read more
Sep 6, 2019
Just a quick disclaimer: this review will be covering parts 1-3. I don't plan on watching another episode of this junk. I'd rather not make a review for each individual part either. I'll also try to keep spoilers to a minimum as well.

Ahh, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, one of the most overrated anime of this generation. This series has gotten pretty popular over the years, mainly because of the toxic fanbase and the "dank memes". The memes are really the only reason why this anime is this popular. If you ignore the memes, all we have left is a typical generic shounen with a horrible read more
Jun 29, 2019
This is easily one of the worst anime I have watched so far in 2019. You see, it's garbage like this that gives us real anime fans a bad rep. I'm surprised that this horrible anime even has sequels to it. It's literally just the typical cliche harem you get all the fucking time. When this anime tries to be original it just fails miserably and ends up going back to the stupid ass harem tropes you see in every damn harem anime. This review will only be about the first season btw.

The first mistake I noticed in this anime is that it actually read more
May 19, 2019
Dragon Ball Super is the worst piece of fiction ever created.

This is the most disappointing thing I have ever watched in my life. This anime is an absolute disgrace to Dragon Ball Z, and it should've never been made. The only reason anyone even likes Dragon Ball Super is because it has the words "Dragon Ball" in the title. Everyone would be hating on it if it was its own series, but if Dragon Ball is on it then nope people will like it.

Why is it that some writers/creators don't know when to end a series? They end up milking it so hard read more
May 13, 2019
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
This review will cover the entire series, Clannad and Clannad After Story. I don't feel like making two seperate reviews for the same series so deal with it.

Well here it is, the greatest Clannad review on the internet made by the greatest reviewer on the internet. 2 months after finishing this anime I now finally put all my thoughts together to make a proper review of Clannad and Clannad After story.

First of all, we have a problem with all of these tear jerker anime people seem to love. These are hands down some of the most overrated anime of all time. Just because an read more
Apr 30, 2019
This review will only cover the beginning of Shippuden until the Kage Summit. I've watched a bit after that, but I don't remember much from it. I don't plan on watching another god damn episode of this anime either. There might also be some spoilers in this review, so if you haven't watched it don't read it, or at least skip over some stuff.

Naruto Shippuden is hands down one of the shittiest battle shounen series i've ever watched. In every aspect Naruto Shippuden fail so badly it isn't even funny. As someone that grew up watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, I couldn't give less of read more
Mar 14, 2019
When it comes to bad anime, not much can top Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Ignore the 9.24 score this anime has. I can assure you that it definitely isn't as good as people make it out to be. This is one of the most boring anime I've ever watched in my life. After every episode I kept contemplating whether or not I should just drop this anime. That's how bad it was.

First off, the story. The story is unbelievable bad and barely has any depth to it whatsoever. There's plot holes and inconsistencies all over the place. The first 20 episodes were especially boring. It was read more
Mar 5, 2019
Disclaimer: This review will also be including season 2, becuase I'd rather not make two seperate reviews for the same series. There might also be a few spoilers included in this review just so I can fully prove how bad this anime is.

First things first, do not watch this anime if you are above the age of 16. This is one of the most childish anime I've ever watched in my life. I honestly felt as if I was watching some type of Disney cartoon. That's how fucking childish this anime was. This is one of the most generic, predictable, and childish anime I've ever read more
Mar 3, 2019
Hunter x Hunter is the most overrated anime series I've ever watched. I've never seen a fanbase more toxic and elitist than Hunter x Hunter fans. All of these people just constantly praise this anime and talk about how well written it is, but in reality that isn't true. In reality this is just another garbage battle shounen series like the rest of them. It isn't complex, it isn't well written at all, it's nothing but complete and utter dog shit.

Hunter x Hunter is about a kid named Gon Freecs that becomes a Hunter and wants to find his dad someday. This is the worst read more
Feb 27, 2019
Overrated, childish, and cliche. Those are the first three words that come to mind when I think of this anime.

This is the most overrated anime that has came out in the past 5 years. After watching two seasons of this anime, I've come to the conclusion that this anime is absolute garbage with no redeeming qualities. I actually cant believe that people above the age of 15 can be watching this. It's actually crazy...This review might also contain spoilers. I cant fully explain how bad this show is without including spoilers unfortunately. This review will also not only be about season 1.

This is hands down read more