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gAbCh17Yy Sep 4, 2011 11:49 AM
Hey What's up long time no chat.How have you been :P :D You'll be starting school in a few days so how's the mood :P :D
enjin Aug 26, 2011 6:25 AM
I've heard that the makers of Natsume anime are adaptating the chapters into episodes in a pretty random way instead of doing it chronologically... XD Fortunatelly, I haven't read the manga so it doesn't bother me at all XD
Yeah, it's pretty amazing they managed to pull so many plot twist and to make interesting plot without planning everything before XD

Yeah, I'll miss it too, there won't be new books published or new films released, it was fun waiting for the new book/movie to come out and getting all excited about it... I've read opinions and reviews of fellow users on a Polish HP forums and most of the people either loved it or hated it XD
Well, I signed in but I still haven't recieved the last e-mail that would allow me to enter the site... :/ I've heard that less than 100.000 people were allowed to enter the site so far (and a million signed in in the pre-registration). I hope that I will be allowed before October XD

Heh, and I've just started watching FMA:Brotherhood a couple of days ago XD I was planning to watch or read FMA like for ages, but couldn't make up my mind if I prefer to read the manga or watch the anime. I've never seen the series from 2003 and I've decided to go with the 2009 anime instead of the manga since people say it's a faithful and much better adaptation. It's really good so far ;)

Sailor Moon was really popular among kids (or little girls) in Poland when I was a child, in other words in the 90's (let's say that almost as popular as Pokemon was a couple of years later XD). Only recently I've found out some of the episodes were cut and censored because it was decided that they were to inappropriate for children and those 'inappropriate' contents was for example heavily hinted yuri between two of the characters... XD I've heard that the series was censored in a similar way in the US.
I've seen a couple of episodes of Beelzebub anime and I was really surprised because of the number of filler moments in the episodes or whole filler episodes, I mean... It's only about 30 episodes and they've already put so many fillers... They just could have waited another year to make the anime instead >_> On the other hand manga is pretty funny and interesting ^^
enjin Aug 8, 2011 3:02 PM
But I think that it's way easier making anime of a slice of life manga that has an episodic plot (like Natsume) than a thriller series or something like that with one main plotline that still hasn't reached it's conclusion. In that case it's better to wait till the manga is completed. I'm pretty sure that Death Note was made into anime only when it was already finished, it might have been a failure if it was made into anime before the manga have reached the end and the anime makers have came up with their own ending.

How much you liked the movie probably depends also on what expectations you had had before watching it. I was expecting something really good because even though I'm not a big fan of the HP movies I was pleasantly surprised by the Deathly Hallows pt.1, I liked it very much and I was expecting that the second part will also be on a very high level. I had also read some reviews before going to the cinema and checked up the scores on imdb and rotten tomatoes and the movie was rated really high there. So I was really expecting something big.
I've managed to register in pre-registration on Pottermore but I still have to wait for the invitation e-mail and it says on their website that it can take even a couple of weeks to get that e-mail >_>

Well, maybe someday someone will make another season of Kuroshitsuji (that would ignore the end of season 1 and the whole 2 series) with the circus arc included. I think I wouldn't mind if they redo and re-tale the story from the very beginning in a proper way without the fillers, like they did in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. That could be interesting ^^

I've watched another series form the spring season (or the winter 2011 season, I can't remember ^^), it's called Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I'm not really into magical girls genre (Sailor Moon is an exception, but that's because of sentimental reasons ^^) but I remembered that many people watched it and were really excited about it so I decided to give it a go as well. Well, I think it's a bit overrated but still very interesting, I wasn't expecting it will be so dark and the art was great.
And I've started reading Beelzebub :P Originally I was going to watch the anime but I've decided that I'll go with the manga instead.
enjin Jul 21, 2011 6:53 AM
I can understand that anime series based on mangas or light novels (especially the ones that aren't completed yet) can be inconsistent or have some problems with pacing or wraping up things nicely at the end, but makers of animes that aren't based on any other work shouldn't have those kind of problems, since it's their own work from the very start to the very end... Recently I've noticed that a lot of still incompleted mangas are made into animes and I think that in some cases it's not a very good thing, it's really weird especially if manga has only a couple of volumes published. Because of that a lot of potential can be wasted, if anime makers don't know how to end a series or don't have enough manga material.
Yeah, you spelled it right and maybe Sobczyk isn't one of the most popular last names in here but I think it's quite common or at least it doesn't sound strange and I've heard it a couple of times before :)

I've seen the last film a couple of days ago and I have to say I'm not that impressed... Well, it wasn't bad, I loved some of the scenes (especially the ones in the Gringotts Bank and in the Room of Requirement, and the Battle of Hogwarts was also nicely made) and most of the actors were brilliant too, but as a whole it didn't impress me as much as I hoped it would. Well, at least the atmosphere was great as always ^^ But I can't stop thinking that if I hadn't read the books I wouldn't have understood most of the stuff that was going on on the screen. It's a shame that they didn't explain well some of the important stuff but instead they put a lot of unnecessary scenes just to make the film look good in 3D (like the scene when Voldemort and Harry are falling down together). I have to go one more time to the cinema and watch it again.
And now I'm kind of sad and sentimental since "it all ended" :P Well, I did spend a lot of time reading those books, watching the films, reading fanficion and forum boards...
Btw, have you heard of the Pottermore project? If you didn't, then here you go.

I still haven't seen the episode from last week, I have to catch up with it!

Yeah, I was thinking of the Circus arc! :D It's really a shame that it wasn't animated. I wish they had waited for the more manga material and then made Kuroshitsuji II instead of coming up with Claude and Alois storyline.

I always try to watch at least one anime that has already finished airing, I think I prefer watching stuff that's already completed, because I can continue watching whenever I want to and waiting for the next episode can be a real pain sometimes (if the previous one ended up with some big cliffhanger for example xD). But watching ongoing series and waiting for the next episode has its charm as well ;)
I was going to watch C but I heard it's not that good so I passed on that one. I'm problably going to watch Ano Hana sometime. I've stumbled upon a lot of fanarts from Tiger & Bunny so I had an impression that it's popular and good, that's why I started watching it, but I think I'll wait when it's finished and see what are people's impressions on the whole series. Those 4 episodes I've watched didn't make me want to continue it, though.
gAbCh17Yy Jul 15, 2011 8:39 AM
Hey Ami it's been so long I am really sorry for my late reply I just had to study for my exams and then when the last one ended I returned home the next day nad I don't have internet or I do on my phone but that is kind a weird.
Andd for mu exams they are finally over I passed them well not exactly I failed two of them but I can take them in my second year so it's all good :P
I haven't watched any animes or read any mangas lately because after my English exam (on that stupid book) I took the books from two of my colleagues the books called Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead first and third book of the series and when I started reading it was awesome I read all six of them and then started searching in google for more book like those ones and I found so many and I downloaded so many and lol I wen't crazy with the reading I even uploaded some books on my phone and I read in my free time. I realised I really love to read books even more then watching movies actually so much more then watching movies I just love ittt .. All the books are in English by the way and if you like fiction you'll love em but my favorite series are Night Huntress by Jeanine frost I just finished the 4-th book and about to start the 5-th or maybe the second book of the spin-off .. I'll decite in a bit :P And I also started workin and it sucks I hate it and it sucks god I really do hate it .. but it's only for month and a half even less so I'll try to survive .. and download more books because they are the only distraction I have these pas few weeks ..

So how have you been, what happened with your exams( I know you passed them all but still ) and when is your school starting, when are you leaving, god so many questions sorry about that ..

Oh I have to say one more thing I REALLY HATE SUMMER it's so damn hot I can hardly breath I really hate itttt ..
enjin Jul 11, 2011 12:07 PM
Umm, no, that's not exactly what I had in mind, I don't think it's a type of manga you either love or hate, I actually can't imagine anyone who would hate it! ^^ It's not very manga-like, the art style, the characters, the plot is not what you usually get in a manga, when I read it, I often felt like I was reading a book, not a manga. Not because there's more text than in your usual manga or something, it just gave me that kind of feeling. I think that 20thCB have a potential of being one of the best anime if it ever was made into anime...
Well, with me it depends, I don't change much my favourites from the favourite manga & anime lists, but I change a lot my favourite characters list. But there are some characters that I put on it a long time ago and I don't have any intention of kicking them out any time soon.
Well, the most popular last names in Poland are Kowalski and Nowak (it's like Smith or Jones in the Anglo-Saxon countries) and the others are here :D

I don't think it was JKR intention at all, at least when it comes to Ginny. Maybe I read it in some interview but I think that Rowling really like her ^^ Still, I'm grateful to her that she didn't make Harry end up with Cho, that would be terrible, Ginny can be annoying and all, but she wasn't as bad as Cho.
I've read every book at least twice and still I've already forgotten a lot of things, I'm also thinking about re-reading all of the series, again... :D

I don't read the manga so I have no idea when the Shinsengumi is going to appear again. Well, I've read some chapters but nothing past the one from which episode 14 was adapted. And I think I'm not going to read the manga anymore because then I have too high expectations of the anime :P

For me it's the other way round, I liked Ciel in the beginning but he started to annoy me with the time. Well, I never was a big fan of him, I just didn't dislike him and I felt sorry for what he went through, but recently my opinion about him is balancing between "whatever" and "annoying little brat". Yeah, the manga is worth giving it a try, the artstyle is really great and there is one great arc that unfortunately wasn't in the anime.

In the spring season the only anime I've started watching was Gintama, I was kind of busy at the time so I tried to restrain myself from watching too much stuff, it didn't go exactly as planned since I still picked up some already completed series (like Beck, for example) whenever I had more extra free time... ^^ So now I'm making it up to myself and I'm watching 5 series (it's not a lot but comparing to a couple of months ago when I watched only one series at a time, it's quite a progress). From the summer season so far I've started watching only Natsume and Usagi Drop, they both have a nice and calming feeling to them. I have recently caught up with a series that started in the spring, it's called Steins;Gate, and even though after the first episode I wasn't very sure if I'm going to like it, so far it's really great and interesting. I've also started Tiger & Bunny but after 4 episodes or so I'm not sure if I want to continue watching it, so right now it's on my mental on-hold list ^^
LadyTomoyo Jul 8, 2011 10:04 AM
Misschien kan ik inderdaad proberen om als freelancer iets te schrijven.
Bokrijk, dat is een goed idee! Geen grootse architectuur, maar het is toch onze geschiedenis.
Ik heb sinds een paar dagen een kitten. Hij heet Pumpkin en is nogal ondeugend nu hij het hier een beetje gewoon wordt, haha. We hebben de kattenbak bij onze voordeur moeten zetten omdat het beestje blijkbaar daar z'n plasje etc wil doen. Nu hopen we dat we de bak langzaam maar zeker kunnen verplaatsen naar een beter plek. XD
enjin Jul 6, 2011 1:51 PM
Yeah, 20th Century Boys is quite known, but I think that the case is that it's not, hmm, how should I put it? Let's say that it's not a typical, not very mainstream manga, in spite of being popular among people who read manga (and it's ranked 3 on MAL best manga list!), it doesn't have a very big fanbase and not many people add characters from this manga to their favourites lists. Maybe it's also becasue it was completed in 2006, maybe people care more about updating stuff about series that are more recent and on-going. And you're right, some of the less known manga don't have even a single character added... ^^
I can be very choosy when it comes to dictionaries, especially bilingual dictionaries, I tend to not trust them very much XD Yeah, I've seen a lot of weird translations in English-Polish dictonaries too... *random rant mode one* That reminds me of a website about surnames from different countries, I once checked the "Polish surnames" section and, seriously, the strangest surnames are mentioned there, of some of them I've never heard before and at the same time there aren't a lot of most popular last names... XD Srsly, you can't trust websites in English about surnames and names of different languages...

Well, it's been a while since I was active in HP fandom but I got the impression that Ginny (after the 5th book and in the later books) was considered very Mary Sue-ish and annoying by many people. When it comes to Cho... well, I think that really many people couldn't stand her XD Like you said she was always crying and I think that she turned her back on Harry somewhere in the 5th book, probably after Umbridge had found out about Dumbledore's Army... if I remember well the 5th book and I'm not making things up, that is XD

Characters like Otae and Kyuubei would do with some character developement, I suppose, so that viewers won't get tired and bored of them. I can't hope for much of that, though, since it's still an adaptation of a series that's mainly a gag manga where characters get some developement mainly in major serious arcs which usually focus on the main characters. Heh, I've also started to wonder when the Shinsengumi is going to appear again :P

Well, to be honest, I hated Alois more and more as the series progressed, maybe I would get a bit sympathetic when more of his backstory was revealed but at the time I was already too annoyed by the ridiculously bad plot, bad characters etc... well, I didn't like Claude as well ;D

Have you started watching any series from the summer season? I've started Natsume, and god, I didn't realise how I missed this series, it's great!
LadyTomoyo Jun 27, 2011 9:50 AM
Zolang het niet zwaar lichamelijk werk is maakt het mij niet veel uit. ^^
Ik ga waarschijnlijk zoveel mogelijk via familie leren, is toch iets goekoper.
Weet je ondertussen al wat meer over een kot? Hoe moet je dat dan aanpakken als je zelf een kamer moet vinden?
Ja, mijn penvriendin blijft hier slapen. ^^ Heb je nog tips? =P
enjin Jun 26, 2011 12:03 PM
Yeah, I know, that also happens with the secondary characters of a series that's not very popular or some mangas (even with the quite popular ones), they are not listed on the MAL and it sometimes really irritating. I remember that when I was reading 20th Century Boys I was thinking of adding one of the secondary characters on my favs list, I wasn't sure if I really want to do that, but the MAL resolved the problem for me, the character wasn't on the characters list so I couldn't add her... XD She must have been added some time later on the list, though, because I've checked it now and she's there :P Still, MAL's ten times better than Wikipedia when it comes to check out stuff like that.
That's right, I don't like dictonaries of synonyms, because synonyms are very tricky and if you just learn a synonym of a word without knowing the exact context you can make a lot of stupid or funny mistakes later in the future... On dictonaries sometimes you can find really weird words listed as synonyms so you have to be twice as careful...

I remember that she was annoying, nothing else XD And that she was Harry's first kiss... and his first kiss was at the same time one of the cheesiest scenes in the HP books, by the way :P Maybe it looked better in the movie, I can't remember ^^
I discovered Potter Puppet Pals when I found on one of the Polish forums about HP a link to a website with a flash animation called "Sexy Snape" where Snape was "dancing" and "singing" to the song "I'm too sexy"... And on the same website there were also first Potter Puppet Pals flashes, I think it was the website of the creator of PPP. Here's the link to the 'Sexy Snape' if you haven't seen that one before:

Hah, I used to watch mostly fragments (mainly of UK episodes) as well, but now I'm watching whole episodes (US version) because of a friend who send me a link to one of the episodes with Polish subtitles. And of course I couldn't stop after only one episode, it's too addicting XD And it's a good way to relax after studying for hours for an exam ;p

Kagura is the best female character of the series that's right XD I also liked Kyubei, but then she was reduced to only being Otae's obsessive fan and nothing more... Now I'd say that for me the second best female character of Gintama is Tsukuyo. Oh, I know, in the episode about Valentine's Day Sa-chan didn't annoyed me! I liked the scenes where she, Kagura and Tsukuyo couldn't get themselves to give their chocolates ;P

The first season was quite good, well good enough to make me start reading manga ;) I didn't like the arcs in the middle of the series as well, but the ending wasn't that great as well. That's the problem with most of anime adaptations of mangas that are still on-going, the creators come up with their own ending which usually isn't very impressing. And the second season... well, I've already said that, but for me it was really horrible and had one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen (especially Aloise) XD
gAbCh17Yy Jun 20, 2011 1:55 PM
Yeyey thankss :P Yess four exams butt I don't know the date for one of them so you might say they are just 3 :P and for two of them I know exactly what to study and after I passed the English exam the other ones are easy :P

haahhaah ohh when you are bored yes everything is good :P:D um don't and wait in the mean time just read/watch something else your plan to watch/read lists are full so take a pick :P :D

ohh i will tonight and tomorrow I'll sleep .. I'll sleep so much :P :D Um Good luck tomorrow and yeas better go to bed early and have a good nice sleep because you'll feel very bad if you don't (believe me I was like A zombie today and I drank so much coffee before going to the exam .. didn't help)
Yess Hate the summer .. no it's way too hot and during the day you actually can't breath it's awful ..

ohh obsessed stalking them .. those people are crazy and you have seen how they show those kind of fans right it's so scary .. I would never want to be famous ...

ohh yeah and it's really good but they are working hard for it so they deserve it :P

yep trying to be the mature adult :P :D and Kame is the same he is the leader and acts like the oldest when in fact he is the youngest in the group :P

ohh so funy for the fans .. I dunno how he managed to get up really he was walking and dressing up with his eyes half open and it was so funny ...

hahh Ypp those costumes are hilarious .. but better then dressed like girls :P :D
ahahah both dogs are so cute but GD's dog is bi now it is shown in the video of GD&TOP - Knock out the dog is huge :P mm I like his dog too but come on .. stay still, sit baaaang .. it was so much fun watching it I have watched that video so many times it's hilarious ever time ..

Ohhh they sound and they are more interesting believe me everything is more interesting then those stupid classics and especially Pride and Prejudice .. but it's about vampires and it sounds really interesting here I can't wait to start reading I mean it's about vampires and romance and come on it's my fav genre and it's in English :P

hahah well it's funny but it might be actually helping because they continue to promote things with famous actors and singers .. and G-market so cuteee :P
gAbCh17Yy Jun 20, 2011 12:42 PM
Yeeeeeeeeeee I had e B+ it's awesome I passed ohh I am so happy but to spoil the 'B' I have to say that I also had a C- In Spanish but the important thing for Spanish is that I passed :P :D now 4 more to go and vacation, vacation :P :D

Yeah i understand I kinda do the same sometimes but when i am really bored I don't care if I have watched it a month ago or a few days ago I just start watching but yeah if you aren't bored enough better wait a while :P:D

Ohh today for example I was so sleepy, I wen't to bed last night little after 01AM and woke up 2 hours after that and today when I finally finished with the exams and got home I just went to be it was around 5-6pm I went to sleep and got up a few minutes ago and I'll be going back to sleep after I finish responding the comments in MAl :P
Loo It's not that I do have a problem sleeping somewhere else it's the summer it's too hot even if I am at home it's way too hot but still ....i Hate summer ..

haha yeah the photos are good and I watched some videos it was awesome but come on the fans were crazy they were crying they were screaming it was freaky .. and little scary ..

yep oh btw I read in Oricon that GD is thinking of a new solo album and if everything goes fine it'll be out next year :P can't wait to hear it :)

mmm he is awesomee and he is the eldest of the group but still 24 years old not that old ..

Oh yeah and it was cold I didn't quite understand why they had to get up so early but wcho cares it was so funny :P ohh whatever it is it's hilarious :P

omg on he first video is the costume a mouse ? hahahahahahaahah hilarious :D:D:D:D:D
hahha I have watched the second one he is really good I like it but Nakamaru is wyyyy better :P :D
How about those two andd

ohhh 3-4 more exams and I have to stay at my uni cit until they are over and that is about 2 weeks and then I'll go home and I'll sleep for two days and then watch so many animes/dramas and read so many mangas oh nd btw today after the exam I borrowed the books of two of my colleagues the the author is Richelle Mead and tbe books are called Vampire Academy books 1 and 3 and I can't wait to read them they are going to be the first books I read in English that are actually interesting :P :D so happpy at least I'll have something to do those two weeks :P

gAbCh17Yy Jun 19, 2011 8:17 PM
Heyy sorry I don't have time to reply your comment now my exam is in 3 hours I have to get ready and leave or I'll get lateee but look at this ain't it hilariousss the video is so damn funny I laughed so much .. now I am not that worried .. for now at least ..
Zaipon Jun 18, 2011 8:58 PM
Where were your friends studying? Tokyo? But, I completely agree with you and my school said basically the same thing you just said. Apparently at my home school, Elmhurst, the head of security (who worked for the US government at some time) urged the coordinators of the Study Abroad program to make me come home. He said if something went really wrong, there was little chance I would make it out of Japan fast, or safe. With his opinion and my Mom begging me to come home and the Study Abroad office at Elmhurst telling me to come home, of course I went home. It was sad, but I agreed with everything they said, and I didn't want to put myself in a dangerous situation by staying. I don't regret coming home early, I am sad that it happened under those circumstances though.

Yes, I still have my textbooks, and I found the audio files online to help me with lessons. Also, I have the workbook to go with the textbook, so I think I will be fine. And, if I have a question I can ask my friends who I met at Kansai over skype or something, they are all higher level Japanese than I am. Probably they wouldn't mind explaining anything to me. :)

I was actually talking to a girl I met at Kansai just last night over skype and we started talking about graduate schools. She told me theres one in Yokohama that you can learn Japanese at. She says you only have to know basic Japanese, and 500 kanji. I only know about 200 kanji, but if I studied A LOT I think I could get into that school. If needed, I could take a year off or something. I could work and study then go the following year. I think it sounds really fun!

Hahaha, I don't blame you for not wanting to go another year. You are double majoring? That's tough. My roommate for next year is a double major in Nursing and Spanish and she is also minoring in Psychology. I really do not know how she finds the time. Go her! Oh you have to choose next year? That's kind of soon~well whatever you choose it'll be fun, I think. As for the research paper...good luck! I don't have to write anything like that, though if I go to graduate school I will, in Japanese (how scary!). My roommate from Kansai is an Asian studies major, and she has to write a paper like that on Japanese culture, but hers will be in English. She just decided the topic, now she has a year to write it. Hahaha.

Yeah, Japanese History is hard to fill, especially because Elmhurst is such a small school that we don't have any sort of Asian Studies. But, a German History Professor might work with me to fill it. He also said maybe I could write a research paper to finish the class. He's still thinking about it. It'll work out! I think it's pretty similar to Europe's system. We have to do so many class hours which then transfer to credits. It's not 60 though. But every school here is different. I think Elmhurst students need 14 credits to be a full-time student for one semester, but other schools have 50 or 5. In other words, counting is the credits is different, but I think other than that it's the same. Well, at least it sounds the same.

I love concerts too! The atmosphere is so much fun! And everyone is so energetic! I want to go to one this summer, I live right by Chicago so it'll be easy, I just have to find a concert to go to and someone to go with. It's more fun with people you know, I think. Yay! You get to see your favorite bands! That'll be so much fun! :)

They will come again for sure K-Pop is getting pretty popular and more well known here in the States. How about in Belgium? Do people know about K-Pop? Or J-Pop? I heard in Europe it's getting more well known, is that true? Hahaha, hopefully they will do a real world tour! I look forward to it. And maybe YG will do a tour~hopefully! Or just Big Bang at least, I'd be fine with that! Are you serious? It sold out in 10 minutes? That's crazy!!! Well, that just goes to show that they need to do more tours for the world. Hahahaha.

Wow! I don't remember you telling me, maybe you said that you were planning on it, but it wasn't for sure. But now it is for sure! Yay! I know, it's so much work getting ready to study abroad. There is sooooo much paperwork and planing that goes into it. But of course it is so completely worth it. I hope you get a room in the University too! Would you have a roommate? Oh that's good, keeping a blog. I just bought a new journal specifically for Japan. I filled it, so it's a good thing I took one. Plus, I took a ton of pictures. And you should too! What language will the classes be taught in? Okay! I am adding you on facebook! My name is Kendra (so you know what my facebook is)...seems weird introducing myself after we've talked so much.All my Japan pictures are there, and there are A LOT of them, if you want to look! :)
gAbCh17Yy Jun 17, 2011 2:31 PM
Heyyy Sooo sorry for the so long reply I have been studying all this time for my English Exam which is in two days ... I am going crazy and I still haven't finished that stupid dictionary for that stupid boring book ..

haha I want to watch too but you know you can always re-watch the anime:P that is what I do :P

haha don't worry I am sure you did good .. and I hate it when they ask questions about things they haven't mentioned before it's so irritating .. Loo I did study a lot the last two weeks but I also slept at least 12 hours everyday and I feel so good and relaxed I didn't get so much sleep this year I dunno why .. maybe because I was at a new place but now that I am home I can finally sleep so muchh but sadly I have to leave for Blagoevgrad the day after tomorrow because My exam is Monday .. sucks ... ymm for I thin it ended around 17:30 but there are people who have lecture till 20:30 or something like that which sucks ..

Ohh do you know there are videos of their concerts in facebook and so many pictures butt my internet is so slow so I can't wait to go to Blagoevgrad so I can watch 'em all >:P

Mm I love Big Bang too they are so crazy I and GD&TOP Combination just rocks :P

hahaha I like that video too it's pretty good but even more I like GD&TOP - Knock out video it's so funny
Yeppp really good to see him going wild :P
hahahahahhaahahah that video was hilarious I mean GD was so funny although he got up he was half a sleep and TOP too so cute and after the picture was taken and they saw it the first one to go back to sleep was GD and the second one was TOP so funny :P :D I think it was a bear but I am not really sure but I only thought GD and Top looked cute when sleepy .. :P

hahahahahah yeah so funny they are hilarious I mean if you've got nothing to say or don't know how to say it then don't say anything .. well I think they know English not that much but they do .. but just nodding was so cutee

thank youuu good luck to you too actually we haven't talked for a long time so what's up with you what happened to the exams and how have you been lately :P :D