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Love Lab
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Dr. Stone
Jul 13, 1:05 PM
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Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.
Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.
Jul 13, 11:00 AM
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Tsurezure Children
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Over Heaven
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Jul 1, 10:08 PM
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Konakana Yesterday, 6:13 PM
I'm doing both. There actually some differences between the VN and manga towards the end supposedly.
Zainou86 Jul 16, 7:54 PM
Sorry about the late reply! I was super busy when you sent the message, with exams as you guessed, so it got buried under club notifications.

I'm glad you enjoyed the GLT manga more than the anime. I also thought that one of the parts of the anime adaptation that was most lacking was the sense of atmosphere. I find the complaints about the end rather confusing, the series was clearly going to end in that way, and made the most sense in terms of what the series was trying to portray.

Good to see that you're liking "The Girl From the Other Side" so far too. I haven't heard many comparisons between the series and Magus Bride myself, but I suppose I could see where people who do make those comparisons are coming from. Even though both are going for incredible different things. It seems to be pretty popular (not on MAL, obviously, but in terms of sales) so I'm fairly certain that Seven Seas will continue publication of the series.

I've been pretty good now that I'm not as busy, thanks. I really liked the first half of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, although I just began the second half of the series with the Earth Church and as of now, they feel kind of like a group of Saturday morning cartoon villains. Although hopefully, the show will flesh them out more as it progresses. I find Reinhardt to be an extremely interesting character, and I'm excited to see how he progresses now that all of his goals have been reached. Princess Tutu I've been enjoying quite a lot too, I slowed down on watching it there for a while but I'm planning to get back to it in the coming weeks to finish it up.

Once again, sorry for the late response, I hope you've been doing well.
Kiski Jul 10, 9:12 PM
No realmente, no.
Alcoa Jul 7, 6:22 PM
Oh man, stopping there was not a wise decision. I think you'll realize it yourself once you get around to it. Everything that was presented previously was just to experience the heavy revelation with the great soundtrack as well while you're at the mood (after finishing the fake story) Reading it now would hinder the experience a bit, but it's still as great as ever. You could always DM me whenever you need anything about the game. You know I like talking about it a lot :)

Actually, one of my friends is half-way through the fifth door, and he described it as a cliche, so I'd like to hear your thoughts on that one too.
Alcoa Jul 7, 11:21 AM
Hey Valk!
I’ve read a few chapters of Dr Stone, and it was quite a horrible experience for me :D
Well, I might give the anime its chance too, however, I’m not really expecting anything special. Also, I’d finally brought myself back to watching anime again and breaking that VN curse. Been watching Cowboy Bebop recently, which is super fun. It truly deserves every single complement it’s getting from people.

Hmm, I may watch Takagi very soon, always heard good stuff about that one.

Oof, that was a bad decision. Out of curiosity, which part of it was reasonable btw? Fata Morgana (until this point) has been about accepting tragedies and to know more about yourself (the MC). The very first scene was you waking up and trying to reveal the truth, so what's the point of accepting a false one? Accepting the offer would be you refusing to face the reality, as you had your fair share of depressing stuff. That question may be perceived as a test from the writer to figure out what the reader feels about the game. If by any chance you don’t wanna see the grotesque, dark truth, you could simply accept her offer and end the game, since there is no need for readers who think so to resume it. So you got a BAD ending. You should’ve picked “there is still more” even after having a bad ending tho. It unlocks one of the most emotional moments in the game. *Reclaim yourself intensifies* It’s always considered the gateway for the real game lol.
Konakana Jun 29, 10:31 AM
Visual Novel. So far, even from the very beginning it's actually very good. This thing is supposed to be like 150 hours long though so it's going to take forever to actually finish.
Kiski Jun 28, 1:07 PM
Gracias a ti por aceptar uwu
Un gusto igualmente.
Arimias Jun 28, 10:11 AM
Hey Valk! Finally getting around to the reply.

Yeah everything's been good. Haven't been busy with just anime/manga titles, but also my work schedule and starting full-time recently has been killing me. Just recently I've been laying off on games and such and putting time into anime before going to work. Cardcaptor Sakura is on-hold again for now, but I've been enjoying it a lot. Honestly there's quite a few differences that distinguish CCS and Doremi from themselves. Really, only the 'mahou shoujo' aspect is the only similarities they have. I like that that's the case though, I wouldn't be in the mood to start another title exactly like Doremi. I really like the cast of CCS and how distinct and fun each episode brings. Most of it is filler, but this is one of the cases when filler is done correctly in my opinion. Not to mention the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. OPs 1 and 2 are up there on my list of favs, and the EDs as well are just god tier stuff.

The manga versions for Umineko are quite excellent. They of course don't live up to the superiority of the VN, but as an adaption it does its part as brief, but good summaries for each episode. I notice you'll be reading the Umineko VN soon, and I do hope you enjoy it. I'm about half-way through Episode 4 for the VN and the prior episodes before that have been amazing. As for Higurashi, I felt the first arc for the manga version was really short. For something that's only 7 chapters long, I felt like more should've been fleshed out, but we'll see how the other arcs hold up. I actually haven't read the Higurashi VN nor watch the anime, so I'm going in the manga versions totally blind. The only VNs I'm playing at the moment are Umineko Rondo of the Witch and Reasoning (Eps 1 - 4), and Subahibi. Both have been great, and I've only heard positive things about Fata Morgana, so I'll definitely get to that soon. I'm not very far into Subahibi, but if you haven't been recommended that yet, I think that's also a popular choice for VN fans to get their hands on.

Ah sorry to hear that. I'm actually trying to cut down on games personally but in a few years from now I'm planning to ditch consoles and just solely game on PC whenever I move out after school. VNs don't take up much space or memory at all and are easy on the gpu so yeah you should be good to download a few. What type of games do you usually play btw?

Hope the past few months have been treating you well. Any plans for the summer at all? Or are you stuck with school and or work like myself? Looking forward to hearing back from you, and I promise to not delay the reply for another 2 weeks again haha :)
Lythelus Jun 27, 3:28 AM
How’s the anime watching been going man? Been meaning to catch up on seasonals from the past couple seasons. Any you recommend?
KimyouYaya Jun 25, 1:26 PM
Hello! It's been a while for the both of us.

I suppose things have been the same, aside from the fact that I kinda stopped watching anime lol (with the exclusion of Jojo).
I did take an art course, but nothing really helpful/drastic in that.

I'm not really the best with money (not the worst either lol) so I don't know if I can give a helpful input on it lol. Whatever the investment, It's always good to save money I suppose.
I've actually heard of the game, but never got to playing it. I'm pretty sure the game had gotten crazy good reviews. I've been meaning to play it for 1000000000 years lol but I never got by to doing so. It's a 30 dollar or so game, so I'm gonna keep a tab on it, now that you reminded me.

Once Vento Aureo finishes, maybe I'd watch other animes again. When it was announced I was thinking of waiting for it to finish, then binge it all in one go (starting from the first part) like I did with DIU, but I couldn't resist once we got the first episode as a teaser. I'm still gonna 'complete' that binge I had in mind, once it finishes though, and probably once more again until the release of Purple Haze Feedback/Stone Ocean lol. I can't help myself lol.
Alcoa Jun 25, 5:22 AM
The fourth door is pretty short, probably 2 hours from what I remember. Even the unusual chapter length is a trick from the writer. Like I said before, FM just gives you a feeling that the author has complete authority over the VN elements, taking advantage of its format. That may also be another reason why I do keep recommending this as the first VN for everyone since it shows how Visual Novels work out as a separate medium that’s comparable to none. Liking Jacopo from the beginning is a very good sign indeed, plus observing how his character changes throughout the chapter would be of great importance eventually. Just remind me when you finish ‘Requiem’ that I send you a 4k-words analysis on him :D (I’m not joking. This analysis exists and nothing but Jacopo is written there) Have you listened to this OST with lyrics before? If you haven’t yet, then I do highly recommend it. The lyrics do literally describe everything that took place in the third door. Another smart choice there. Assuming that you’d already finished the fourth door, good luck with the real game.

Binging FM is not a wise choice for sure because of the depressing content that gonna be worse over time. It’s nice to have theories for now. Of course, I can’t say whether or not they’re true. In fact, FM encourages that reader to formulate his theories. For example, they intentionally gave you a glimpse of Michael, forcing the reader to think about his identity and what’s his role.

Hmmm, Umineko can be downloaded from here (Question arcs only. I can send the link for Answers if you want. Both are on the same blog anyway). Steam version does have the old sprites(from what people told me), which makes it quite off-putting, so this one would be a better option.
WhiteD4C Jun 24, 7:56 PM
Si, le tengo ganas a Boogie. Me veré la vieja dentro de un tiempo, aunque dicen que varias cosas no las explica la serie sino la novela, así que iré con esa mentalidad en mente para no tener problemas con eso.

Hmm, primero trataré de ver algunas continuaciones que tenía pendientes empezando por FMP, ya luego veré lo que más me interese a primera vista o del PTW, como Kino, Spice & Wolf, Kaiba y Shirobako. De manga trataré de leer dos que tratan de samurais, Kozure Ookami y Vagabond, espero sobrevivir a esas matanzas je.

Y por último, Vinland Saga que se estrenará la próxima temp, y creo que será el único anime de Summer que seguiré. Amo el manga con toda mi alma, así que le tengo muchas ganas a esta adaptación, ojalá que Wit haga un buen trabajo.

¿Qué tal Dororo al final?
MetaThPr4h Jun 24, 11:21 AM
> Su crítica social muy buena, pero para ello prefiero Perfect Blue jaja.

Yep, Perfect Blue fue tan buena película, me queda por ver Millenium Actress pero de momento es lo mejor que ha hecho IMO.

> Se va acabando la temporada. ¿Cuáles son tus opiniones?

A mi me ha gustado mucho Stop this Sound, he leido otras opiniones como la tuya y puedo entenderlo, a veces es demasiado dramático, pero cuando me gustan los personajes puedo dejarlo pasar, y en este caso a mi definitivamente me gustan mucho.

Esta ha sido una buena season en mi opinión, aparte de yo siendo un masoquista que sigue viendo series populares porque son populares (como OPM S2, Bungou S3 y Shield Hero, las tres horribles en mi opinión) me ha gustado todo lo que he visto y las que no he encontrado buenas han sido decentes y eso ya me vale (Sarazanmai y Attack on Titan S4 en especial para esta parte).

Las sequelas y continuaciones han sido la parte mas fuerte para mi, JoJo, Precure y Aikatsu todas geniales como siempre, y la segunda parte de Dororo ha sido un poco mas floja que la primera pero es muy buen anime igualmente. Bocchi ha sido fantástico como esperaba, pero la mayor sorpresa en todo caso definitivamente es Fruits Basket, que me está gustando mucho mucho mucho de momento, me encantan los personajes y he leído que será como 63 episodios largo para una adaptación entera, mi hype está por las nubes si mantiene el nivel.

Aparte de esas también me ha gustado Senryuu Shoujo (buena adaptación, aunque definitivamente fue low budget) y estoy disfrutando Carole and Tuesday y Kimetsu no Yaiba (yay for ufotable por fin haciendo algo bueno, les ha tomado años)

> de esta última pienso leer el 4koma, lo recomiendas?

Definitivamente! La llevo leyendo desde 2016 y nunca deja de hacerme sonreír cuando un nuevo capitulo sale, cruzo dedos para una segunda temporada, han hecho una muy buena faena con la adaptación.
Frosty- Jun 24, 9:56 AM
Oh nice, reaching fourth door is like halfway of the novel so far.

Yeah Maria twist wasn't really surprising, but I think fourth door's characterization was the best out of the first three doors. Jacopo's character shined even though we are seeing it from another perspective, and it was interesting to see the flaws and changes in his character(his failure to communicate properly is a vital plotline for the novel). The side story actually doesn't expand on the door specifically, but the characters present in it. In fact, Requiem's story is also linked to another part of the novel.

Won't say much on the fourth door since it's related to the very next door, but nice observations. ;)

oh yes those censored text and hidden messages are part of the fun in the fourth door. In fact, those hidden messages which only appear in the backlogs are important clues to figure out the overarching story.
Apart from those two, another interesting thing about 4th door is the glitches that appear sometimes

which is supposed to indicate something.

yes, can agree that the first ending alludes to that.
Frosty- Jun 22, 10:47 PM
Yeah heard that umineko project enhances the experience, might try that version if I want to reread umineko again someday. PS3 patches definitely need to be applied to the Steam version, since only Steam version hardly provides anything. Some downloads also offer already patched Steam versions too.

No problem at all, take your time.