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Oct 18, 2016
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
"Shelter", as a song, is my "go-to" sad song (as of now). I'm a PR fan (and a new Madeon fan) and quickly fell in love with the song. It has that... feel... sad feel. The same "feel" I have when I listen to Porter's "Divinity" and "Sea of Voices" or Madeon's "Pay No Mind" and "The City". It's a great song, and I LOVE it.

This... MV... didn't give me that. The whole thing is bland, some-what of a try hard on the "feels", which I did get... on the last minutes of the MV. Probably my fault for being a tad hype for it.

The read more
Sep 21, 2016
Amaama to Inazuma is sweet, but a tad deep on some part. In short, you could say this is the same as "Flying Witch". Watch it if you're getting tired of the serious and gritty (or... the waifu wars, the moe-moe-kyun~ stuff, anything really) anim00.

Story, it's sweet just like everyone said. But, if you look closely it's pretty engaging. If you see ONLY "Tsumugi" (the little kid), it'll be just like reading "Yotsubato!": cute, funny, and light-hearted. If you see the whole big picture, it's basically about a dad trying to make the kid happy after some accident that leads to the mom's dead and read more
Sep 20, 2016
New Game is the kind of anime where you'll just get blue-balled if you expect a bunch of yuri sex scene. 'cause you wont be seeing it.

Story, bland as fuck, but enjoyable to say the least. It's basically you seeing the "game-making world" in a nutshell (specially around chara design, in the nutshell). No interesting plot what-so-ever so just treat it as a trip to McDonald or any fast food chain, really (maybe Walmart, who the hell cares).

Art, it's a solid 8 for me. Nothing to complaint.

Character, lovable. There are SOME (scratch that, A LOT) of undertone yuri here and there. But at least each read more
Jul 5, 2016
TL;DR version:
This whole anime is the equivalent of a good flash animation on YouTube/Newgrounds. Just watch it when you're going to marathon some heavy anime ('cause it's pretty short).

Full Review:
You know those flash animation you see on Newgrounds or on Youtube like "Eddsworld", "Jello Apocalypse", or other famous ones... Yea it's basically that.

I mean, look at the art style man, it's something out of Newground, just with a hint of anime and "2moe4mebruh" spices. Everything about the whole anime is laughable and really childish. It is a cute, 4 and a half minutes show.

I am not saying it's a bad thing. Really it's not, it's read more
Jun 25, 2016
Kiznaiver is the hyped anime for (I guess) everyone on this season. The story's great, the characters lovable, and I love the opening music. Sadly, the 2 last episode leave a sour taste in my mouth.

Let's start with the good stuff out of the way...

The story's pretty great, playing around with the connection of friendship. It's a pretty great concept with a mix of "TRIGGER" magic actually makes a pretty decent and engaging story.

Art, great. Not really surprised with the art style and it really makes watching it pretty nice. It somehow makes me fall in love with both the environment and characters.

Character, lovable. Interesting read more
Jun 18, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Mayoiga... that beautiful cuisine food that turns out to be stale

No really, I'm not even joking. The anime is an equivalent of a shit expensive sports car. You're in for a ride, sure. But when you rev that engine you get nothing but "FFFFFROOO-eugh".

Gotta be honest with you. I actually enjoy the first... 3 episode. Like it was actually engaging. The start clearly stated that the whole show is going to be a bit fucked up. Second... gives you that feeling. Third... starts to wear down, sure. But you still have that edge. Then... nothing. Just a few "OH!?" and "Oh? What?".

Art style. Great. I read more
Jun 10, 2016
Another list of this season's short anime. A story about a kid with his seal having kiddie fun and being childish, I guess.

It's definitely something to watch in-between anime. Specially if you decide to have a full-on marathon of heavy plot anime, and wants something to blow of some steam in-between... 5 episodes. Each episode has its own thing and theme to go with, and it's pretty much a fun anime.

The characters are pretty lovable, specially Goma-chan and Ashibe. The other minor character does follows with both the main character. To be honest, that's basically it, the character is there to amuse you, in a read more
Apr 4, 2016
You know what happen if you actually mix "K-On!" with a hint of "Hyoukai"? This anime...

Is it a fun anime to watch? Yes

Is it a mystery? Not... quite.

Should you watch it? If you like a cute girl and a cute guy who-is-basically-a-full-cannon-gay-character... Yes you should

I like the whole anime, I really do. Sadly it's not like his brother, ERASED. I can't call this a mystery anime. Really I can't. It's like calling DxD a hentai anime. It's not.

Reason I can't call it a mystery anime is because it's basically just 2 nutjobs who like snooping around. Then what-ya-know, they solve a mystery.

Should it stop you read more
Apr 4, 2016
You rarely see an anime that actually teach you something (specially Japanese culture), or that's probably just me 'cause I rarely watch anime...

Anyway, the whole anime is really nice. Really light, and doesn't force you on the main plot. I like how it's being playful and gave a tickle on the fan-service/ecchi side.

You really could just jump between episodes if you're a bit lazy (or just want to re-watch) since it's really doesn't have a major plot. The plot is there so the main girl have at least *some* purpose. In my opinion, if there's no major plot, only a girl with a love of read more
Apr 4, 2016
Basically a good mystery anime for this season (at least...). In my opinion, if you like Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider, you probably like this too.

Starts off playing around with the main character. It gets juicier and kind-of mind-fuck on the middle. Ends with a pretty decent bang (even though it's a "HA CALLED IT, BITCHES" kind of ending) and it's pretty satisfying. If you like this kind of genre, you probably guess who's the bad guy already, but even that didn't made the whole thing boring.

Main character? Generic, but a tad deep. His friends are really nice too. It actually read more