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Nov 17, 2020
First and foremost, this will the nth time I read this manga. AND I still get awwed just like Sensei's other works. Her works are just beautiful and aesthetic. I love the way the panels are drawn and the bubbles around. It makes the scene more interesting. My favourite scene is Endou and Sudou's first kiss. With the train passing by and the fonts are drawn across the page for the sfx, I love them so much. It gives a really intense and gorgeous vibe. You know, the sounds and the fast as a lightning movement of the train.. it scares and mesmerizes me at read more
Nov 17, 2020
I read this countless of time cause it's my fav of fav mangaka. Every time i read it, i always notice new things or speculating new thoughts of the plot... I decided to write this because, the flow of the story is just, beautiful enough that i always get awwed all the time. I get that some people may dislike this kind of story; either with the characters or the plot—but for me, it brings me closer to what i feel about complex feelings. It makes me wonder how these people go through difficult situations in relationship just to get to where they are rn. read more
Nov 5, 2020
Wait, why would someone said that this is not worth a thing??? I mean like, I've been in love with the music since way before this came out and I would say I'm hooked up. I don't understand the haters but for me, this is the best anime of the year and I'm glad I spend my time on it. Sure, the concept is very different but that's what makes it interesting and every moment of the episodes I enjoy them plus the raps just awesome.

The plot so far is enjoyable because we get to see each of the divisions' stories and I love read more