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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Apr 28, 11:04 PM
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Apr 28, 11:02 PM
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Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
Apr 28, 10:58 PM
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Serpent-niisama May 7, 8:00 AM
Hey man, sorry for the late answer. Had some issues with Windows, after I upgraded processor in my PC and a lot of work. I once more sincerely wish for situation in Venezuela to improve and for you to be fine. Though I hearing in news that Maduro is still not going away, right? Meantime elections in Ukraine already passed, and Vladimir Zelenskiy won with almost 75% votes. I now not so displeased about him being the president (I even voted for him in second tour of elections xD ). Though I still don't believe things will improve much at his presidency, if improve at all. I'm continue working like before - here and there, with Azerbaijan people too, though sales are still meager =\

Oh you're reading DanMachi light novel too? Nice! I'm really enjoying listening that one! Listened volume 4 not long ago, especially enjoyed new material that wasn't in anime adaptation. Also listened KonoSuba to volume 7, comedy there is pure masterpiece and author is genius, seriously. I literally felt like all my internal organs tore from their places, after laughing so hard xD Listened also a few volumes of Fate/Strange Fake. Man, battles there was so epic and dynamic, probably best fights I ever encountered in a book.
And I started playing Dark Souls with my second little brother after PC upgrade, all three parts at once =) Though difficulty of this games is true hardcore...
Also I still watching Nier:Automata just different routes and endings. I really hope my PC will have enough performance to play Nier:Automata 2, when it will be released.
And I almost finished re-watching OreGairu 2 after listening original LN to volume 7.5. Man, first season of OreGairu is so horrible, 60% of LN material was cut in it =\ I started watching Date A Live 3 not long ago btw.
I really planning to read a lot of manga, but lately I somehow poorly absorbing info from it and read manga with not enough speed too, it's strange. Maybe it's side effects of my eye problems.
JReborn May 5, 3:31 PM
Si, me lo imaginaba. Por lo menos, y siempre se agradece eso, si la torta fue prácticamente para ti solo significa que fue un buen cumpleaños xD. Y recibiste muchos regalos?

He estado bien, algo ocupado. Pues lo estoy sobrellevando bastante bien y tu? Si, yo estoy en las mismas amigos mio, hoy viaje a Zulia, me tocara vivir esta agonía contigo :(. La señal buena es que se va una parte de lo que toca en la mañana cuando estaré en la uni así que no sera tan malo u.u. En mi caso igual no se cuanto tiempo estuvieron paradas mis clases sinceramente xD. Según me dijeron empezaron esta semana, mañana veremos como esta el movimiento.

Pues en lo audiovisual no, no he tenido tiempo y me ha dado algo de pereza. Pero hace poco compre el cargador a mi 3Ds porque a causa de un bajón se me había quemado -.-, y he estado enviciado con el xD. Me pase un juego que había dejado en solo 2 capítulos para pasarlo y fue hermoso se llama Fire Emblem: Awakening y ahora estoy con la franquicia de Ace Attorney que me esta encantando, no se si has llegado a escuchar de alguno de esos juegos. Y con respecto a ese tema y tu?
Ale_Kotobuki May 3, 11:23 PM
Si, estoy viendo la mayoría de los estrenos. Carole & Tuesday, Midara na Ao-chan, Hitoribocchi no Marumaru y Shingeki no Kyojin son los que más me están gustando por ahora.
Ale_Kotobuki May 3, 9:40 PM
Lo mismo me pasa con el manga de Monster, me da pereza leerlo por que ya vi el anime. Hachimitsu to Clover es un Slice of Life, anime/manga de la misma autora de 3-gatsu no Lion.

Veo animes en emisión y finalizados a la vez.
Ale_Kotobuki Apr 28, 10:41 PM
Hola :) de nada, gracias por aceptar.

Mmm... viendo tu lista pienso que podría gustarte Hachimitsu to Clover, Monster, FLCL y Beck aunque esta incompleto creo que vale la pena verlo.
JReborn Apr 25, 10:38 AM
Feliz cumpleaños!!, después de días sin entrar aquí casualidad lo hice hoy y me entero de esto xD. Espero lo disfrutes mucho y te deseo lo mejor!!
Yasumi91 Apr 10, 7:00 AM

Once again, writing you a message while at work. There really is not so much to do at work right now.
The season will be over after Easter. Easter is usually the last period which can be quite busy. However, it looks like there is not so much snow in the European mountains anymore so only a few areas which have glaciers will still get some visitors.
I hope they will give us some tasks other than waiting for customers to call or write us.

For now, when I have nothing to do, I try to work on blogs and I am looking into language courses which I could do here. (German for sure, maybe also Japanese if I find something good!) Aside from that I will be going home to the Netherlands in June for two weeks. I will visit some friends, family and I'll also be going to an anime convention.

Oh right! I am slowly but surely starting to plan a trip to Japan. I decided I want to travel to Japan in 2020 or 2021. It's always been a goal for me that, as soon as I find a secure job I will make that dream into reality. I will be 30 in 2021 so it could be great (also to forget about the fact that I am getting older XD). For now I am just reading a lot of articles and watching YouTube for inspiration as what I would like to see.
It''s hard... there's a ton of places I would like to see. XD

That's it I guess? Not so much going on. I am catching up on a lot of shows. I also quit being lazy and updated my anime list. I didn't add all new shows I completed yet, but I'm working on it :P

JReborn Mar 24, 9:10 AM
Yo tampoco amigo mio, yo tampoco. Estos dias se volvio a ir la luz, ya me estaba preparado para estar otros 5 días a oscuras xd. Ni por hambre chamo, todo el esfuerzo que implico levantar esos negocios por parte de sus dueños y ver que de un momento a otro todo se les vaya al piso de esa manera. Ellos no tienen la culpa que la gente este pasando hambre.

Supuestamente mis clases empiezan hoy xd, pero no creo mi universidad es muy desorganizada en ese aspecto, esperare a ver que tal es el movimiento esta semana para ver si viajo el próximo domingo, Tu ya comenzaste?

Jajajajajaja que bien, si pudiste disfrutar de todo antes que empezaras las clases?, yo por mi parte tuve que cambiar mi habito de ver series y películas así como la forma en que sera la próxima elección porque ya no tengo tanto tiempo como antes para poder hacerlo u.u

He escuchado vagamente algunas canciones, y como tu dices, si se nota mucho el cambio es casi irreconocible para lo que hacian hace unos pocos años, y si se fueron de jeta xd, por lo poco que escuche no me estaba gustando, ya veremos si me da tiempo o animo de escucharlo (lo cual dudo mucho)
Serpent-niisama Mar 22, 6:19 AM
It's good to hear that everything going back to normal, even if slowly. Btw we kind of might have the same enemies, as I know Russia strongly supports official party in Venezuela.

It's simple, really. My father is azerbaijanian himself (btw my mother is russian) and all sort of azerbaijanian as well as turkish and arabian people are going to his cafe or just his old friends, so that's how I found this particular people. At that time they just needed someone who can do for them internet advertisements and speak russian adequately to answer phone calls.

Nah, he probably very talented or very lucky, I can't comprehend how he have that much money working a hour per day. Though I remember seeing him more then few times ever since my childhood and what I remember clearly about him, it's how he all the time drinking tea and smocking in various cafe, day after day xD

We have a cyrillic alphabet (кириллица) in russian and ukrainian languages. It goes like this (big and ordinary letters): А а, Б б, В в, Г г, Д д, Е е, Ж ж, З з, И и, Й й, К к, Л л, М м, Н н, О о, П п, Р р, С с, Т т, У у, Ф ф, Х х, Ц ц, Ч ч, Ш ш, Щ щ, Ь ь, Ъ ъ, Ы, Ю ю, Я я.
Would be easier to check out these:
Russian and ukrainian languages have a great majority of words that are similar, but differ just slightly. And for example in russian alphabet there are letters like Ё, Э, Ъ that ukrainian alphabet don't have. Word "anime" in russian will be "аниме" when in ukrainian it's "анiме".
I personally think there's almost no worth in learning ukrainian as all the anime stuff are translated on russian here, it's just when you already know russian - learning ukrainian is the easiest. Also, it's a common knowledge here that when you know russian and ukrainian it's many times easier to learn Belarusian and Polish languages, though I didn't give it a try =P
As for Japanese I understand it pretty good at hearing and can understand it if it wrote in romaji, though I guess that's just a side effect of watching too much anime and reading too much VNs for many years. In the end I totally don't know kanji =(

Hmm so it may be a good thing sometimes when humorist becoming a politician. Though I think Zelenskiy is different from Laureano Márquez. He's just a humorist whole his life, not having education in politics or economics and not a single smart thought about current situation from him. It's just his stupid mainstream humor that's almost always is ridiculing other famous politicians are loved here by young and old. Hah... I can already picture him telling some stupid jokes when meeting presidents of other more developed countries...

Well, what I can say for sure about Dance in the Vampire Bund, it's not particularly good. But that's for the first manga, I dropped it after 50 chapters many years ago. Though now I decided to read it from start for the sake of Dance in the Vampire Bund 2: Scarlet Order and seems like there's also a sequel for this second part named Dance in the Vampire Bund A.S.O.
I like ecchi manga and its author exceeds in that genre and art quality in one of his last works: (please don't read it, it's so stupid! xD )
So that's why I kinda become interested in sequels of Dance in the Vampire Bund.
As for you, maybe you will like main heroine there - vampire queen Mina Tepes, there's probably not exist any character resembling Shinobu from Monogatari as strongly as her. But protagonist there are not fun at all comparing to Araragi and he's werewolf btw.
Serpent-niisama Mar 15, 6:36 AM
What you say about events taking place in your town is horrible. I'm sincerely wish to you and your family to be safe in this times. I really hope situation in Venezuela will become better in near future. By the way, as Venezuela citizen, what do you think who in the end will be the legit president the 'official' president or the interim?

Still working with them, well, selling not going so smoothly, but I can just do it in free time so last days I'm additionaly working at my father's cafe and damn, yesterday I had to serve at funeral dinner for 80 people with just one more guy, a real pain to clean everything after x_x
As for that million dollars guy, he's like an expert  in making easy money from his various ideas, in most cases it's investing in land with someone and then selling it on higher prices and you could say he's like a boss of my current boss. The thing is, he heard that I like reading and asked what writers I like. I know he of course don't read any asian authors, so I said I read Stephen King and the like, but was totally surprised by his answer, he said: "Who's that guy, in what genres he specializes?", when I answered he said: "I see, throw away his stuff! Everything that don't have value in making money is just a burden, like it or not." (I totally disagree with it btw) Then he gave me titles of must read by his opinion books by authors like Karnegin, Robert Kiasaki, Natalya Greys and he says first of all I need to start with Napoleon Hill's "Think and become richer", so I already listened it and it was pretty good to tell the truth, it's mostly about philosophy of money and raising one's self-esteem. Well, they're really motivating books and stuff, but for now there's no noticeable changes in my financial condition xD He also said that his success formula is in that he's whole life mostly working one hour per day, but working effectively.

Well, whenever you deside to start learning it, you can ask me any questions about Russian, my mastery of it is pretty high. Though I believe it must be difficult for Latin people to learn it and vice versa. There's differences in everything in this languages. You know, English always was a huge pain for me in school, I was really bad at it, I even had home tutors, but it didn't changed anything. Then in high school russian scanlation of my favorite manga at that time - Mahou Sensei Negima was stuck at 100 chapters, when English scanlations had 300. So I started reading English version almost not understanding anything and reading chapters 300+ I was understanding almost everything and thinking that English was piece of cake. It may be obvious, but interest take so astoundingly huge role in learning new languages =)

He's the most popular ukrainian comedy actor - Vladimir Zelenskiy, he already have popularity rating #2 in upcoming president elections in Ukraine that will be two weeks from today. I can't see this clown becoming president in this hard times with economical crisis and war with Russia as anything but disaster. Also he's financed by one greedy ukrainian billionaire who just want to make himself money from crisis and war.

I have no plans to move anywhere currently, at least until I hear a really profitable offer xD As I see it, you need a lot of money to move to a better country and great efforts to start new life there. I also don't have any relatives/close friends abroad too. As bad as it is here, at least I own apartment in capital, have some relatives nearby, know people to do business with. What about you, planing to move somewhere?

To tell the truth I think I didn't make any progress in anime or manga from last message, was pretty busy working all the time. I'll go home to Kiev from my father's place at evening today, now having livelihood for a week or two without working. Will probably continue re-reading Berserk then, also have to continue Dance in the Vampire Bund and maybe will start reading Seikon no Qwaser at last, I have planned to read it for 5 years or so. Need also finish two One Piece games and continue watching Nier:Automata and The Legend of Zelda walkthroughs. By the way, do you watch longplays on YouTube? And how do you regard games overall?
JReborn Mar 14, 3:15 PM
Hola, fue sobrevivir parte 2. Disfrutaste vivir mi vida por 5 días? xd. Si leí sobre eso, este país esta podrido por todos lados, robar es algo que nunca esta justificado indiferentemente por la necesidad que este pasando una persona, me llena de rabia y tristeza solo pensar en las personas que son propietarias de esos locales.

Donde yo vivo estuvo tranquilo, no se como estuvo en otras lugares de la ciudad porque estaba desconectado del mundo a penas hoy llego el Internet y me da algo de pereza investigar al respecto xd. Bueno un día antes del apagón me inscribí para el nuevo semestre, pero hubo mucha gente que no lo hizo por lo mismo, así que según leí se reprogramaran para el otro lunes las inscripciones asi que a saber cuando serán las clases.

Que suerte que los arreglaron tan rápido, como son las cosas es de esperar que fueras esperado unos años, mas bien es como un milagro. Si, las cosas están normalizándose y en cierto sentido vuelven a como era todo antes (lo digo por todas las consecuencias que dejo esta crisis energética). La luz llego aquí el lunes asi que en todo ese dia vi las series y pelis que tenia descargadas, al igual que tu hoy también me he estado dedicando a descargar para tenerlas ahi para quien sabe cuando pueda verlas.
JReborn Mar 4, 9:11 AM
Yo igual!. Si, se que soy un símbolo de admiración para mucha gente gracias :).

Que bien, me alegra que ya te hayas quitado ese peso de encima y que sentir todo ese sufrimiento y ansiedad no fue en vano. Como lo celebraste?
Por mi parte en los estudios la semana pasada me subieron las notas, salí bien en todas menos en una que fue una profesora que nunca se digno a darnos clases y el ultimo día del semestre apareció y nos dijo que no nos preocupáramos, que nos iba a pasar la materia; y así fue, me la paso con 11 la muy desgraciada, pero que mas lo que me preocupa es que es una materia fundamental para la carrera y no aprendí nada, pero después me las arreglare. Y si viaje llevo creo que dos semanas aquí en casa, esta semana al parecer me toca inscribirme, espero no presentar problemas con eso.

Comprendo tu angustia con la animación, pero como te dije para mi fue algo que estaba en general bien elaborada a pesar de uno que otro defecto, y pues si tienes la oportunidad de continuarla en cualquier medio seguro la disfrutaras, me entraron ganas de seguirle el manga, pero no me comprometo pues ya sabes como soy con ese medio.

Pues no he tenido tiempo ni ánimos por los momentos de ver anime o películas, ayer fue que termine sakura quest, no me gusto. Y hoy empece con Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun, que por los momentos me esta entreteniendo. A mi tampoco me atraen mucho esos generos, pero es porque suelen ser muy cliche, rutinarios, etc, no innovan y hace que pierda el interés en la mayoría, como te fue con ellos?

Yasumi91 Mar 3, 7:00 AM

And here I am, writing you while I'm at work! XD there really are moments when there's nothing to do and we're just waiting for new calls and emails. The winter season is almost ending, so it will be gradually less work. Just two months left until the skiing season ends!
Well, once we don't have any customers anymore we will just do administration work. And surprisingly, I am looking forward to that now xd
I like helping out customers, but it can be really tiring at times. Especially when customers are complaining about unreasonable stuff. Or people asking for address, phone numbers which are in the documents they receive...really, people can't read sometimes XD

Yeah, the arc where they were searching for Minerva weren't as intense. usually I like those 'search for clues' kind of stories, but I liked this better when they were researching his books in the first part of the manga/anime. I also kind of started to suspect that they would find Norman at that point. I don't know, I think they could have done that part better.
Nevertheless its a really interesting story. Some parts in the anime are more intense to me than in the manga. The moment Phil entered that room with Phil and Donna really made me jump! Although I already read that part in the manga, I seriously thought they might've changed this in the anime and Isabella would show up right there xD

Ohh you watched 100 episodes of Gintama :D good job! Yeah, there's a lot of comedy and crazyness in the show. It also took me a long time to catch up with the anime, because I was taking breaks. Actually it is a better show to watch one episode weekly so I'm glad I caught up with it. When you reach episode 300, there will be a lot more action sequences which I think is surprisingly good.

Wotakoi was good! It hits close to home with the jokes (about being otaku, cosplay and stuff like that) and its also a sweet love story. It was a nice feel-good show :)

Some new work has accumulated so I am going back to do what I'm supposed to do xD

See you!
Serpent-niisama Feb 27, 1:25 AM
Well, it's more like I'm doing one-time jobs, for example tutoring English for daughter of my acquaintances or helping with computer problems. As for what I'm doing lately, I'm working for some rich guys who are purchasing land from auctions that was property of banks earlier. You see, with financial situation here many banks going bankrupt and their property being sold by country on pretty low prices. So these Azerbaijan businessmen buying this land and selling it like 5 times more expensive to their Arabian clients then. The thing is, surprisingly many of this land being sold in complect with furniture and computers etc So what I'm doing now is selling this things for them and have my small %. Yesterday I even was lucky enough to speak about 20 minutes with a man who have a million in USA dollars or so, heard some pretty wise words from him. I can tell you more about it if you wanna, though it might be kinda boring for you.

Yeah I put it on-hold cuz it's not even clear if work on translation of next volume started. Thinking about proofreading and voicing that goes next I think next story from Off Season in russian audio format will be about a year later, though Nisemonogatari probably will be released before it. As for now I listened all that was translated from Monogatari, probably will listen all that there's for Oregairu next, and also will try Fate/Strange Fake, it has 4 volumes already. Btw do you have plans to read in near future for some new LN or book that picked your interest?

So it's all pretty much like we hear in news here, I'm also recalling in last events the official Venezuela president transporting a large quantity of gold to Russia or something like this. As for Ukraine, a few more years and economical situation in center and west of country will probably be like in Venezuela, now a month before elections we also have a high risk to have a comedy show actor financed by one greedy businessman as a president, but most of the people seem to not understand that. Salaryes of common people now completely going away just for utilities, electricity, heating etc bills.Though that was a positive part, since 2014 there's war actively going on in the east and (just skipping long explanations) we have about 1/4 of our country's territory annexed by Russia since then. Btw before us there was many countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Chechnya that suffered Russian aggression and had their territories annexed. Situation in both of our countries seem pretty complicated to me, but let's hope for the best. At least it can't last forever, as you say. Though sometimes I'm thinking there's something wrong with the world.

In Railgun she gets much protagonism, Kuroko is like a second protagonist there after Misaka, she's funny girl with strong sense of justice, though most of the time she just sexually harassing Misaka and then gets shocked by her xD
As for Railgun overall, the first season was a real challenge to watch for me. Events in it taking place before first season of Index and being mostly a slice of life in Academy City with middle school girls as main cast it wasn't so interesting for me. But second season was a different thing entirely, first half of it telling story of Sisters Arc from Misaka's viewpoint but it was much longer and so much better animated, scenes stronger and more dramatic, battles was also epic, like Misaka's fight with Mugino and her group for example. I recommend to try at least second season of Railgun, it's worth it.
Serpent-niisama Feb 23, 2:01 PM
I see, well, I tried to change my bad studying habits but in the end it was too hard for me xD So you have my respect ;) To tell the truth - making just barely enough to pay the bills, here they're becoming more fierce with every month and seems like tendency will continue forever...though if not for that I would just continue my NEET's life style for sure.

Yeah, just try it, probably will be absorbed from the start. Seriously, I don't understand why the score for Apocrypha is pretty low here or reasons for people to hate it. I think maybe cause of it's final, it was a masterpiece similar to true ending of Fate route in original VN, but I can imagine common people disliking it...
Ooh, so that's what Nisio mentioned in afterword about this one story of Wazamonogatari has already been published earlier, though maybe in different form. There was also Victoria Suicidemaster in this story, right? Really cool character. Also Nisio said that stories from Off season will all "become a foundation for greater events", which made me quite intrigued.
Even in our backward country with war there's frequently news on TV about Venezuela situation, how are things going around you? Will situation start to improve in near future?

You totally right about the pace, there's something wrong with it! But I think I like 3rd season more than 2nd nevertheless, though now I'm more enjoying eps with Accelerator as main hero, and eps with Toma seem less and less interesting to me, also I'm irritated that Misaka though appearing frequently doing nothing in this events... Can't wait for new Railgun and Accelerator anime. And damn, I was so shocked about Mugino and Frenda, I taken to liking them in 2nd Railgun. As for favorite characters I love the most how cute Accelerator and Last Order look together and also I really like Kuruko.