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Jan 7, 2018
When I saw this anime at first, I didn't really think that I'm gonna like it, since it seems that my fav characters from Touranbu won't be there, but after I watched some episodes, it felt like, I can take a liking to these characters since they unfold the characters' feeling really well in here.
Compared to Hanamaru, this one's is really deep in story and feeling (oh, I do love Hanamaru btw).. And their fighting scene is so cool and pretty! Not only the fighting scene, but every scene is portrayed beautifully and so detailed.. I cried in some episodes.. Their final battle was superb! read more
Jun 18, 2017
I haven't play the game yet, but I really LOVE this anime!!!
It's so relaxing, refreshing, cute, and fun to watch! I love all the characters (especially Yasusada & Kiyomitsu <3 )~~
*it took some time to remember their names though*
Every episode made me laugh so hard! XD
Well, some episodes have some sad feelings on it, but they still have jokes with them! I can watch this anime over and over again!
And, the opening and ending songs.. Absolutely love them! Especially the ones that was sung by Kiyomitsu - Yasusada and Iwatooshi - Imanotsurugi. I'd like to buy the CDs!! XD
Very recommended for someone who is looking read more
May 28, 2017
I see that there are many bad reviews about this anime, but really.. Please watch it till the end first.. Sure, there are some boring episodes in there, I didn't expect too much when watching the 1st episode. But I personally love the characters relationship development in this anime. Not because I'm a fujoshi that I love to see the boys interacting with each other, but more to their friendship, I guess? And that Kobayashi finally be able to...*spoiler*... Just watch it. Well, there are some unsolved mysteries left though I think. Like, what happens to the other characters after the last case.. They should've read more