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Jul 18, 2012
A very cute story about a girl and a strange (and very cute) boy.

When I first started reading it I thought it was going to be the kind of lovestory where she is desperately in love with him and he doesn't care. But I was quite surprised because he was quite the different type.

The story is short, but very cute and exciting. Probably more a girls manga than boys.

May 8, 2012
Why is this Manga so unknown? It is so great!

When I first read SDK, I thought that it was funny and exciting. The characters where interesting and so was the plot. The plot takes some twists and turns, but it all concludes in one thing, and I think Kamijo did a very good job.

There is no parts in this manga that shouldn't be there, or could have been deleted from the series. All the events takes a huge part in the plot, and the plot is.. to make it short... AWESOME. I am so happy I bought the whole series on Amazon... even if read more
Feb 29, 2012
Ponyo on the cliff is yet a nice film by Ghibli, and even if it's not my favourite, I think it is really cute. It's maybe not the most exciting movie, but it's still some, and not to forget the cute and funny moments.

Story: 8 - The story is very good, both funny and cute. It's not a movie you watch over and over again with excitement though.
Art: 9 - The artwork here is great, very well done.
Sound: 9 - I have no complains about the music, maybe a bit childish, but it is a movie for children, so I won't complain about read more
Feb 28, 2012
First of all, after watching this I really started to adore Denzel, he's just so nice, and his character who I thought appeared quite out of nowhere in the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children. Also you learn what he do after Advent Children, so he does not just disappear.

Story: 10! - The story is both nice and sad, and it shows the story of Denzel who is thrown into a cold and cruel world where there is illness and survival of the fittest.
Art: 10! - I really like the drawings.
Sound: 9 - The music is really nice, and so are the sound effects. read more
Feb 28, 2012
I think this little OVA/Anime got a lot of bad reviews it didn't deserve. I watched it for the first time before watching Final Fantasy Advent Children just to get a view into the plot. As far as I know, I learned a lot from it + videos from the games.

Story: 8 - The story is good, not the best, but good. It's exciting and you get to know more about Zack.
Art: 10! - The art is outstanding! I really like the drawings and the colors used looks good thinking of the situation.
Sound: 8 - The music isn't way to exciting, but sound effects and read more
Feb 28, 2012
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete is a must for all Final Fantasy fans. It is simply outstanding, and ranked among the best anime/animation films I've ever seen.

Story: 9! - The story is simply awesome, and it makes more sense now than before.
Art: 10! - The art is beautiful! I have never seen animation this detailed. Simply outstanding! Square Enix really have some amazing animation skills!
Music: 10! - The music was awesome in the previous movie, and it didn't change! Still awesome music!
Character: 9! - You understand each character better now than before. Denzel, who came out of nowhere kind of read more
Feb 25, 2012
I must admit, when I first saw this movie, had not even played any Final Fantasy games.. only Kingdom Heart II. Shame on me, I know. The reason I wanted so badly to see the movie was probably because I really liked Cloud as a character when he appeared in KHII. And so I found some video's at youtube and found myself lost. I bought the movie because it was quite cheap, and then I did some Final Fantasy research while I waited for it to arrive in my mailbox. So I learned a big deal about the characters, which I think was a good read more
Feb 25, 2012
Another masterpiece, and another sad story. This is the first movie ever to make me cry as much as I did after watching it. Set in World War II, during the bombing of Japan you get to know how many hardships 14 year old Seita and his 4 year old sister, Setsuko face in a cruel world.

- The story is wonderful! It really make one understand how though it was during World War II. And it also make one see things from a different view. I rate it 10.
- The art is very good, but I can only rate it 9 since it is read more
Feb 25, 2012
This was the first Ghibli film I ever saw, and it is a good story and it is just my kind of film. Fantasy, dragons, swordfights and villians with very bad intentions. However, it is not my favourite among the ghibli collection, but it is not bad either. I have not read the novels, but I'd gladly want to someday.

- The story is very good. I like it a lot. But there is as mentioned in other reviews some loose threads you never get answered. I rate the story 8.
- The artwork is great, but not my favorite style, and there are also some parts read more
Feb 25, 2012
When I first watched Howl's moving castle, I just couldn't stop thinking about the film. I can't even describe how amazed I am by this movie, absolutely dazed!
Of all the Ghibli movies, Howl's is my favourite. I just can't keep myself from a romantic story like this.

- The story is outstanding, I simply love it! And therefore I give it a 10.
- The art is great, it's not my favourite style, mainly because I like the style used in most animes better. But it is still great. A 9.
- The music and sound effects couldn't be better. I have no complains! That's also read more