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Jan 8, 2016
Good title about sport and desire to win. Anime begins quite skin-deep, but after 4 episodes it gathers momentum developing characters, showing their motivations and fears as well as the skeletons in the clothets.

What is this anime about?

Anime turns from light comedy into quite serious spokon with drama about girls who try to overdo their own abilities, with blood, jealousy, broken bones and rivalry until the end. Sometimes serious scenes are mixed with slice of lifecomedy parts.
Anime pays particular attention to such kinds of sport as running and swimming, and also pole vaulting, tennis, air hockey and so on.
Also near to the end you read more
Dec 29, 2015
This title made my autumn anime season colorful. When ongoing was about to end, I realized that I waited the episodes from this anime more than from any other title. So what is Hidan no Aria AA about? Let`s make a short review.

This is alternative version of the original story. Former main character Toyama Kinji was succesfully replaced by a cute girl Akari Mamiya. This is a good example for harem anime creators: cut the male characters from the plot, add kawaii little girls and yuri atmosphere — and it`ll be much better! It was such a brave decision read more