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Jul 10, 2014
A true masterpiece and one of my all time favorites.
Nadja is not just some cute 'ow no, my footsie is stuck' damsel in distress.
she's cheeky and feisty and takes her destiny in her own hands.

The art is so beautiful and detailed and it's always a joy to see a traveling anime appreciate beautiful landscapes and cultures.

The characters are all lovable and grow as the story progresses.
Though the badguys are practically old men forms of jessie and james, the story is not without dangers.

The tears and laughter are completely maxed out!
A young girl full of life, a charming prince, a dashing thief, a warm homey read more
Jul 10, 2014
The best Conan movie so far! All the elements came perfectly together
I love how all the different groups like the beika police, kyoto police, marine force, shonen tantei, agasa and heiji all had their important parts in it. Everyone was working together with Conan as the central point.
The new boy they added was very cute too, I cried in the end.

And I thought it was SO COOL how Ran really fought evenly with the enemy. not just the usually 'ow no, Ran got caught again'. she was totally kicking ass!

And the way how she disappeared really seemed impossible to find her this time. Everyone's reaction read more