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Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Feb 22, 2015
Mixed Feelings
"So much UGH with this"

Usual complaints about the harem genre are understandable. Add a dozen other genres, add one guy with no personality, add a bunch of sexy girls, and make a love triangle with the two top gals duking it out (With a clear winner on some occasions). Sometimes this formula becomes ether fun, or a little frustrating. Nisekoi is nether....... Nisekoi is actually BEYOND frustration. It dives too much into torture territory. And here's why.......

It all starts beautifully enough. Vivid colors, and crisp animation. The characters have really funny facial expressions during some episodes. Everybody is having fun. Everything is lollipops, ...
Dec 28, 2014
1,2 3, let's jam?

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most groundbreaking franchises out there. With a wonderful mixture of action, comedy, and good music. Bebop has traversed through many of fans hearts, online arguments, and "Best of all time" lists. Since there is only an anime, and a full feature movie. Some fans are undoubtedly wanting a little bit more of the Bebop goodness. So does the Cowboy Bebop style translate better in manga format? Shooting Star sort of does.....

Shooting Star is mostly a reboot. All of the characters get re-introduced to each other, however this time around things are different. In terms of art, ...
Dec 28, 2014
Pillow fight! (Not really)

Yuri is a really misunderstood genre. Usually it is paired up with hentai because of its occasional sexual nature (Lesbianism). However that is not usually the case when reading actual good yuri that is not a one shot. Girlfriends is a prime example of that.

At first this series doesn't feel that much like Yuri. Even with some elements of ecchi being thrown into the mix. It takes a while for Mari, and Ako to go from point A, to point B. And that is why this manga series is a delectable buffet. The writing is just superb. It's as if the ...
Dec 27, 2014
Preliminary (19/? chp)

Harem is a typical genre being overused in Japan since the start. To ether cater to the male, and sometimes female demographic. All of the shows/manga that has been produced as a harem have always been a huge hit, or a massive failing miss. Monster Musume is somewhere in between, but it tilts towards the good side more. Here's why.

This series is straight up bizarre. There is a bevy of sexy women who are half animals. And their cup sizes range from A, all the way to P, and beyond (Whoa, lots of bazonkers!). So any ecchi fan will be satisfied while ...
Dec 22, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (12/26 eps)
"Fighting evil by moonlight"

For decades now. Sailor Moon has been the legendary all mighty queen of anime, who has launched a million girls (And lots of boys, and hentai artists) fantasies. Sailor Moon finally returns to her awaited throne with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal. However.....question is. Will she fall off her rightful throne? Let's get to it then........

Basically Sailor Moon goes through the same story it has been going through since its own first release during the 1990's. This time around it follows the story from the manga as close as possible. The best thing about Crystal is that. Crystal finally opens ...
Dec 13, 2014
Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails

There are many anime shows out there. Some are serious, some are goofy, and some are both. Other shows enjoy dishing out ecchi, and then taking it away because it was all a trap to begin with (God, there's a lot of those). However eventually there is a show that is just really different. Bizarre. Plain weird. And just absurd. That show is Dog & Scissors.

It starts off simple enough as any other anime. It has a plot, and a reason. However those two get resolved pretty quickly, and then the show goes into Simpson-esc sitcom mode. Mostly because this ...