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Mar 26, 2017
Gintama. (Anime) add
When you think of Gintama, you think of its comedy and what it's known for. As like its previous season, Gintama has started to throw most of the comedy out the window in order to finish the story and thus its franchise as a whole. However, doing this is not a good thing, and in this season it is quite apparent. When you compare this to the previous one—while only being 12 episodes to 51—the dip in quality is really apparent. Would it have been better if it was more than 12 episodes? Yes, and maybe not. It would have had more time to bring ...
Mar 30, 2016
Gintama° (Anime) add
Have you ever wanted to laugh so hard that it feels like you're dying? Well, then this season is no different from any of its predecessors. The season dives straight into its main focus which is comedy and gives us all sorts of parodies and laughs that viewers can relate to other shows, which is what makes it so great. However, this season is not all laughs. As with this season, the show moves into some of the more serious arcs—a must see for any fan of Gintama.

Besides starting out with heavy action, comedy is one of the best ways to make people continue watching ...
Dec 27, 2013
With this movie, Gintama has reached even greater heights. Compared to the previous movie, Gintama: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya isn't a retelling of an arc, but a story of Gin's past. Many fans throughout the Gintama franchise have always wanted an arc focusing about Gin's past during the Joui War, and now we get it. As a Gintama fan, you will definitely want to watch this movie about his past and how he tries to cope about what is to come of him.

The movie begins a bit slow at start and this is due to the "Movie Thief" character. While Odd ...
Apr 5, 2013
Despite Gintama': Enchousen being shorter than its previous seasons, it still brings the action and comedy part of the show, never leaving, but always staying one step ahead. By doing this, the emotional impact the show brings into the series in some of the small and major arcs is shown in great detail, this leaves the viewers speechless at how perfectly it's put together.

Comedy isn't that strong in series as of late, even in most of the series airing the comedy was either pretty bad or they started out great, but than ended up as failures from becoming great. Knowing when to be funny in ...

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