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Hitomi-chan wa Hitomishiri
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Jigoku no Alice
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kaiserwave Jun 21, 4:34 PM
Sup cutie. Long time no see. ^_^

How you been? Sorry for not replying back to you for so long. Real life kept me busy.

Oh, guees what? I'm going to the anime expo this year. This will be my 2nd time attending. :D

Also, read this amazing doujin the other day:

The girls are THICC as fuck. Was really go fap. :3
Siejomaru Mar 1, 6:36 AM
At the level of pronunciation if the Spanish varies a lot from one country to another, but at the orthographic level it is the same Spanish. I leave you an example of some Latin American accents
The dubs are of very good quality, they sometimes fail to use inappropriate colors in the lyrics, but that happens very rarely. The vast majority is Mexican and Spanish.

10000 is a very large amount, I aspire 1000, if I can see more than that, it's fine. If you are right, already some series become repetitive and very few already attract attention in a big way, together as well you say with the duties of adult life you lose the space to see.

If Cartoon Network passed Love Hina, they passed it in the night, but I never saw it. Neon Genesis Evangelion broadcast it in Animax, it happened to me just as you at the time was very different from what I was used to, just like I happened with Mushishi. Have you seen the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies?

Have you ever been to an anime convention in your city? If all are typical Venezuelan sweets, they are very delicious
Yae_Sakura Feb 23, 4:31 AM
Np ^_^
Hope u have a good one :)
Thx ^^
Hirano_ Feb 23, 3:56 AM
Onko kovatkin juhlat tiedossa?
Hirano_ Feb 22, 2:22 PM
Hyvää syntymäpäivää.
Serpent-niisama Feb 22, 9:38 AM
Happy Birthday! I wish you to always be genki and only kimochi things to happen to you ;)
Yae_Sakura Feb 22, 5:28 AM
Hi ^_^
Happy Birthday :)
Serpent-niisama Feb 19, 11:39 AM
No no no, you still don't get how bad things are here. Here I can work all my life and still don't have money to move to Japan. I think a few more years and situation here will be like in Venezuela now, and that's when they don't have war unlike us. So until I find better place to live and work Japan is just another dream. And I believe they have really high standards in everything unlike here, which will be problematic to a person who used to work in backward country like Ukraine, also obtaining Japanese citizenship seems to me like almost impossible task...

Hmm alcoholism problems in our countries seem similar in many ways but sadly there's more and more children and youth start drinking as well as smoking. There is state monopoly in alcohol sales and limiting alcohol consumption by raising the taxes, but that's not helping at all. One my girl acquaintance living in village often tells me about guys from her village who are younger than me and already have "last phase". I didn't even understand what she meant until she explained me it's when person sells last things from their house to obtain some money to drink. Well, it's really national problem here, I believe we are second only to Russia in that.

We have in common not being huge fans of long series, to tell the truth One Piece is the only long anime that I like now, when I watched almost all of them. Though being another long shounen at least One Piece almost have no fillers comparing for example to Naruto and Bleach. What I can say to you is at least in first 500 eps every new arc is better then past, more dramatic, more fun, I think if anyone will watch enough eps they surely find something special or maybe feel the connection =)

As for Trap Heroine it goes to my plan to read =) Btw how was ending of Prunus Girl to you?

A simple kind of ending I want in every anime/manga with cute traps, sadly I only getting it in Prunus Girl, but I guess that's what makes it special. Damn, for me this scene was like best love story final ever, second only to first episode of OreImo. Specials. And why there's no anime for Prunus Girl whyyy~

Btw seeing Hellsing Ultimate in your favs and you say you used to be more into black metal makes me remember when I was in high school there were surprising amount of people who liked to listen black metal and the likes and really hated anime but loved Hellsing somehow xD
That Hellsing amv is my favorite, have you seen it earlier?

Imouto Paradise was absolutely like you said for me, it's animation style was a turn off. Though I liked Imouto Paradise 2, it's still on my hard drive. I even read half of Imouto Paradise original VN but even with good art style, hentai scenes there was SO FUCKING LONG, I just gave up on it in the end, even good things must have their limits, seriously. Other hentai you recommended I didn't seen earlier, so I'll check 'em, I think I'm ok with BDSM though I didn't seen much of that genre. Well, trying new things is always good.

I like white wine more, what about you? To tell the truth it was the first time in my life when I watched longplay, it's just my brother always enjoying them and I heard from him that God of War became game of the year and I beat first games of this series on PS2 when was a child and I really wanted some change in atmosphere this year sooo...
In the end I learned that it really can be more fun to watch others play, which for me was surprising. Other good thing is that you can rewind forward boring moments or re-watch some cool scene. But the most cool thing is that I don't have to kill my hardware by demanding new games with super graphics or buy PS4 Pro like in GoW case. I just lying on bed, navigating with wireless gamepad YouTube on max quality on my TV and even don't make efforts to beat the game as it's being played by someone else. NEET paradise.

All that said as if it's more fun to watch others play, there are cases it's absolutely not like this. You see, I have TES Oblivion and Skyrim with about 400 mods each, and most of them are hentai mods =) (and mods for additional npc that I made myself). This games now have almost everything changed in them to my likes from body textures and clothes to overall graphics and soundtrack (I used my favorite music from VNs btw). Also amount of hentai animations is overwhelming, I'm still didn't seen all of them. And when my Skyrim is in general a mods assembly made by one russian modmaker/translator, Oblivion is like my personal handwork, I even added loli and shota there xD There's also for example hentai features like brainwashing your npc-slave for they going after you like a dog on four legs.............well, for people who like humiliation play...
Point is if you add good hentai assembly to Bethesda games, there won't exist a better 3D hentai game then (and with this big open world). So it all goes to Fallout too, but I don't like it, I'm totally into The Elder Scrolls. Can't shake the feeling that maybe I'm loading you with useless information, but I feel like as fellow person who likes hentai it may be useful to you somehow xD

Btw what are the titles of games which longplays you've watched? I like survival horror too.
Elfezen Feb 17, 9:45 AM
Thanks for accepting request Tuulenhenki-san.
kaiserwave Jan 22, 10:28 PM
Pretty good. Thanks. ^_^ Was studying for a test this past week for a part-time job I want. Since it gives me time to work and continue my japanese. Not to mention it gives me money to go the anime expo again this year. :)

So please forgive me for the late reply sweetie. >_<

Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ It's funny how Japan is always super pervy but when comes to porn it's always censored shit. I mean we know what's a dick and a pussy so why bother censoring them in the first place? xD Here's a another harem doujin with girls with very huge oppai. :D

The prequel was really good. The milf was definitely the highlight. God, she was thick as fuck and really knew how to take a dick. >_< Just wish that was another episode with her and the imouto doing this hot scene like in the game. ^_^

Did you do all the routes in Euphoria? What were your favorite h-scenes? Never heard of Katawa Shoujo. What's it about? Have you heard of Taimanin Asagi and Taimanin Yukikaze?

Lol, you would think that but actually no. xD I have only played 3 so far. Beat Blades Haruka, Imouto Paradise and Kohime Musou. Any of them sound familiar to you? Haruka and Kohime have a bit of gameplay in them which it's alright if you want eroges with more substance than just auto-click. Anyway, here's a scene from Beat Blades Haruka. ^_^ This scene is stars the cute Narika-chan giving sex lessons to a group of fat virgin otakus. ^_^

No worries on the replies. Take your time baby. :) And I'll get back to the message you send me soon!
Serpent-niisama Jan 20, 2:15 AM
I see corruption is almost not a problem in Finland and you’re right about corruption here being a legacy of soviet times. You are really knowledgeable about your country, though I guess it’s to be expected of citizen of one’s country, I’m not that knowledgeable about my own. I love Japan more than Ukraine :D Aside other problems here’s also one of the biggest problems - alcoholism, here’s the great majority drinking too much and not only adults, many children start drinking as well as smoking from about 12 years old. Finland don’t have problems like this?

Yeah, there’s almost no fillers in One Piece comparing to Naruto and Bleach. It’s my favorite long anime and I’m eagerly waiting new episode every week, oh and now I noticed today’s Sunday, need to download new episode immediately after writing this :) Last week’s episode made me remember why I'm watching anime at all, seriously. Do you watch One Piece btw? I also noticed in your profile anime history you are watching first season of Dragon Ball, do you watching it for the first time?

I guess many people who started watching Ranpo Kitan was thinking that Kobayashi’s reverse trap and then it was letdown for them and they hated it for «being yaoi». The same was here with manga Prunus Girl, though there many people was thinking it’s a gender intrigue. Well that all are common things in russian segment, here’s always haters 10 times more than others in comments and people overexert themselves searching more for bad points than good ones, though I think it’s stupid. But again I was surprised how Ranpo Kitan have so low scores worldwide, traps etc aside, being so good in characters, emotions, plot twists, art style, OST and that’s all only having 11 eps. Still can’t understand haha

Don’t know if he watched any other hentai, he’s mostly a plain guy who will just watch videos on PornHub or xhamster instead. That time I was sorting Oni Chichi and Oni Chichi 2 ovas on my hard drive time to time playing them and he was commenting about what scenes will be after that ones etc xD I’m also don't remember which hentai I saw first, but Oni Chichi was one of the first ones for sure. It now have 13 eps and Oni Chichi 2 have 5 eps, I love second slightly more though, wish it have more eps, but seems first one is more popular. There’s also hentai called «Papa Love» from the same studio and on the same theme, standard 2 eps. But nowadays I can’t find any decent new hentai, so if you have any recommendations – please feel free to tell me. The last good one I seen was Shoujo Ramune, I see in your profile history that you watched it not long ago?

I see, as for me, just before new year has come I was eating some chocolate cake with a glass of wine and re-watching Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2017 (it's a live vocaloid concert). Then I watched God of War (2018) walkthrough on YouTube until morning haha, so it’s kind of «forever alone» style of celebrating, but I really dislike celebrating with relatives and many people overall, it gives me more discomfort then enjoying. Didn't shoot any fireworks since childfhood, I’m not enjoying doing it so much and they’re pretty expensive here.

Well, you can’t call me a big fan of music, nowadays if I’m listening something it’s almost always some audiobook, mostly light novels now. To save time I frequently read manga and listen light novel at the same time and then have strong headache xD Though my favorite kind of music is soundtracks from visual novels, I just love re-listening them and remembering good moments that they was used at. Btw there’s also authors like Ryukishi07 calling their visual novels a «sound novels» instead, because they may be bad at drawing but super good making music)) Time to time when I’m doing something I’m listening some OST from anime, favorite openings and endings. I have my favorite english songs too, but not too many, I’m not a fan. And I don’t listening ukrainian and russian songs at all, to tell the truth I dislike them without some particular reason, I’m just not enjoying them at all. What are your tastes in music?
kaiserwave Jan 17, 8:07 PM
Hey babe how you been? :) I found this nice doujin that you should definitely check out. ^_^

Also, have you watch the hentai called Kyonyuu Daikazoku Saimin? The girls are really and have nice thicc bodies. Here's a scene from the game

Say, have you played any eroges before?
Siejomaru Jan 14, 4:40 PM
You are right, all the animes broadcast in Latin America were dubbed mostly in Mexico, Argentina or Aca in Venezuela. At least here in Venezuela of the best known that doubled are both Full Metal Alchemist, the first 3 movies of Inuyasha, Hell Girl, etc.

I like the truth the 3D animation I do not like much, feels that animated series that way lose their essence as anime.
As I told you the other time, there are so many series that one is overwhelmed, this season I chose 9 to see and who knows when I finish them. Not clear and one to grow and have seen so much anime, one lowers the rhythm and in a certain way to a bit lost the feeling, particularly no longer excited me as much as before.

The fuse is good, the bad thing is that the animes of this genre tend to be generic in their plot, they are almost always pilots that must face an alien invasion or War between countries or planets through wicks, what differences is their execution.
Love Hina is pretty old, I remember her going through Cartoon Network.
Hahahaha, I remember those yellow subtitles that you mention, hahahaha that nostalgia. And in that moment that you felt the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Yes, the vast majority of my closest friends are anime fans, is more tend to be our main point of debate hahaha. and you?
Here we do not get used to eating chocolate at Christmas, we have some sweets like Dulce de Lechoza, La Torta Negra and Turron
Siejomaru Jan 14, 4:13 PM
I think the same as you, the fireworks are nice to see in the shows, so it's bad to waste money on them. A few years ago, they prohibited the sale of fireworks to individuals, mainly due to contaminants and, above all, children with injuries due to lack of adult supervision.

Of course, the misuse of fireworks is a significant risk.
Siejomaru Jan 4, 7:11 AM
He was entertained, sharing with part of the family. How about fireworks?