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Sep 21, 2020
Fruit Basket is a work whose the cover can be deceptive, and make you think you have a shojo like many others in your hands, which perhaps tells the usual sentimental stories of high school students, when instead you are preparing to watch one of the most profound stories and introspectives ever existed.

Fruits Basket is a journey that our protagonists must face in order to get out of the darkness in which they find themselves that gravitates around a curse that wants them alone for life, towards that light made of hope, acceptance and love.

The basic storyline is pretty simple. Tooru, who has been orphaned, read more
Sep 20, 2020
Great Pretender was exceptionally disappointing. What I thought to be watching was a modern Lupin, it ended becoming the classic 'predictable but not fun' kind of story. I wanted to like it and say originals aren't always bad... I couldn't.

Nothing in this godforsaken anime makes sense. Every 'plan' is meant to show that our main cast is good at this, but everyone besides them are plain stupid so of course they're gonna succeed without breaking a sweat, or are they? Well, we're meant to believe that they're trying really hard but the 'challenges' are never found. All of the outcomes are painfully predictable and you read more