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Aug 1, 4:34 PM
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Skull Man
Skull Man
Jul 30, 3:30 AM
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Yami Shibai 7
Yami Shibai 7
Jul 30, 2:22 AM
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Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
Jun 23, 12:11 AM
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Red Raven
Red Raven
May 17, 8:48 PM
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Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi
Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi
Mar 30, 9:50 AM
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LunarStarGirl345 May 8, 1:03 PM
Alright, cool :3.
Thanks! 😁
LunarStarGirl345 May 3, 10:13 AM
Hello. ^^
And no problem :3.

Yeah, sure! That would be great and even better for me please :D.
Thank you so much. ^_^
What’s your Discord ID then?
AnimeApollo Apr 13, 2:01 PM
Glad to hear you're doing alright! Ah, I see - hope you continue to cope alright regardless. I'm doing pretty good! It's hit me a little but I'm actually rather enjoying the time to myself. I've been getting a lot of reading and watching done particularly, both anime/manga and Western stuff, and the Resident Evil 3 remake just came out a few days ago too so I've been playing (and thoroughly enjoying) that. ^^

Most years, I end up just barely finishing both because of the uneven pace at which I watch and read, and on top of that I always plan it out beforehand so it feels like a massive chore watching the shows I've set for myself. I'm just taking it easy this year. Not to mention that I managed to fit like 95% of what I've already seen this year into it so I'm already a fair way along. ^^
Nice! I have a friend who illustrates a lot and is working on a web comic of her own. I'm totally useless at it so all I do is give opinions on her work xD

Since we last spoke I've finished a fair amount too! I finished Nana finally, which had me sobbing by the end xD I had a ton of thoughts on it so I made a massive blog post about it. I'm currently working on turning that into a YouTube video essay if I can but it's going pretty slowly, I hate the sound of my own voice '^^
I also finished the first season of Aggretsuko, which was a really cute little show, and got through the rest of Carole & Tuesday, which was really good considering I found next to no shows released last year that caught my eye. I really hope they do a Season 2!

That's exactly how I felt when I watched MHA S3 and the first movie. I finished the second season in a few days, because the tournament arc was really interesting to me and the upgrade from 12 to 22 episodes meant they fit a lot more in than they did with the first season. A lot of the third season was just same-old to me, as was the film. I was hoping they'd actually take the story somewhere this season and maybe do some more with the characters past Deku's class. I still don't really know what to expect.

There were a lot of shows that just didn't really appeal to me when I was looking for some new stuff to watch after clearing my watching list up a bit, but I finally settled on Texhnolyze, which had been recommended to me before - it's very similar to Serial Experiments Lain with a lot of the same crew on it, and it's just a really dark and interesting story. Kind of a palate cleanser after all of the wholesome and happy anime I've seen in recent months xD

Thank you, I'll be sure to! Speak to you later!!
AnimeApollo Mar 29, 5:22 AM
Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond again, rather ironic considering what the first line of our last comments were about xD

First of all, are you holding out okay with the virus epidemic? Not sure where you are but it's very likely you're in isolation or lockdown like us. Hope you're staying safe and getting stuff done (And watched) over this time. <3

I should probably check out the 2020 Anime Watching Challenge now! It's not so late that it might feel like a chore just yet. I've actually been taking a little more of a focus on my Western comics as of late so anime has kind of taken a backseat for me this past month, I'm hoping to get a little more watched in the near future though.

I still haven't started MHA S4! xD In fact, I think the extent of my anime watching this month has stemmed from my rewatch of Nisemonogatari. I'm slowly progressing with most of those series I mentioned to you previously still also. '^^

Hope you've been staying well! Make sure to stay safe and I hope to speak to you soon! ^^
AnimeApollo Jan 3, 2:54 PM
Hey!! Sorry for my (very) late response, my Internet's been acting up again so it's taken me a while to just find the time and effort to go and connect my laptop up elsewhere and respond to all my MAL buddies '^^

I can imagine the style has evolved. Like I said, it's not often we get a remake of any anime to be honest, let alone one released as long ago as the original Fruits Basket. The only anime remake I can think of from the top of my head is the 2006 remake of Kanon, and even then that was only four years after the original and solely because the original wasn't made by Kyoto Animation, like it's related shows were.

I kind of hit a low point with my anime watching recently but just before and soon after that, I've been firing my way through Nana, which is a fantastic shoujo series, and also rewatching Bakemonogatari and Clannad. I wanted to revisit some of my favourite shows from the 2010s considering the decade is over. That reminds me, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! ^^

Still haven't even started MHA S4! xD I'll probably start it once I have a few of my current series out of the way and hopefully after I've watched the movie as well. I think the first time I found out about the shows related to Steins;Gate was looking at the "Related Anime" section on the Steins;Gate MAL entry, which led me down that rabbit hole xD I tried to start Chaos;Head but there were a few issues with the subtitles so I'm yet to find a better version '^^

I'm glad to hear you liked the TG OVAs! I actually finished the Tokyo Ghoul manga very recently (For the 2019 Manga Reading Challenge last month) and honestly, I was more satisfied with where the story went after the point at which the first season ends. It seems more like what Kaneki would actually do instead of joining the enemy. I'll let you wait until you read the manga though.

Hope you've been doing well and I hope the holidays were good for you! Speak to you soon! ^^
AnimeApollo Nov 30, 2019 4:28 AM
This one is really late, again massively sorry, haven't had a lot of time for MAL in the past few weeks.
I'd always heard about the original from when I first got into anime, but never really got into it. I've heard that this new one is not to be missed though, glad to see that another season is in the works! It really surprised me when I first heard about the remake as the original aired back in 2001, and it didn't seem to warrant any more attention. It seems that the choice for a remake was a good one though ^^

I understand that. Really, keeping up with storylines and the like really depends on the series, like at the moment KonoSuba Season 2 is on my Watching list but I haven't touched it in about three months because there's no coherent plot to really link the episodes together, meaning I can really pick it up from wherever. I can't pace myself with anything at all, whether that's anime, manga or TV shows. In the past three or four months I've had about six shows on and off xD
Kanon is actually really good so far! Not only am I loving the characters and the story, but in terms of release it comes right between Air and Clannad, two of my favourite anime and my top two from Key and KyoAni. This means that it takes a lot of elements from Air in terms of story, and the character dynamic is really similar to Clannad, so it's really fun to pinpoint every single influence in Kanon ^^
There's actually a 2002 adaptation of Kanon, which is a LOT rougher around the edges. I watched it early last year and very vaguely remember it, so it's even better to see how far the studios have come since that original adaptation.

I prefer to watch something because I think I'll enjoy it, but I do love being up to date with a series along with the rest of the community because it's not often I do end up doing it. I still haven't caught up with MHA S4 xD And entirely. I find that the shows I rate low are the ones that make me end up checking the timestamp to see how long I have left on the episode. The high ranked shows on my lists are the ones that keep me stuck watching from start to finish.
Yeah, I think that they're loosely connected to Steins;Gate, as far as I'm aware. I'm yet to watch any of the connected shows, but ChäoS;HEAd looks fairly interesting so I'll probably give that a watch soon. And good to know! BSD will be one of those bigger franchises I catch up on soon.

What did you think of the Tokyo Ghoul OVAs? And I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the last ep or two of √A, as most fans had major problems regarding it. I don't know whether the anime series redeems itself with the :re seasons, but judging by the ratings they got I'm guessing not. I know that I'll enjoy OPM honestly, and with regards to Monster I'm planning on maybe downloading the series and just settling down one night and binging it. I'll let you know what I think when I get around to that! XD

So yeah, that's it from me for now! Again, sorry for the massively late reply, hope you've been doing well and speak to you soon! ^^
AnimeApollo Nov 13, 2019 12:43 PM
I have a really soft spot for character-driven shows and it might be the place where Durarara!! shines most. I enjoyed it that much mostly based on that alone.

Entirely. There's so many that I get recommended on top of the 200+ on my Plan to Watch list that it's difficult to keep up with everything xD I used to watch 5 or 6 series at a time similar to you but I find that I pick the storyline of an anime or manga up much better if I focus on one or two at a time so that's what I tend to do now. There are a fair few on my Watching list at the moment but I'm only really focusing on three seasonals and Kanon (2006) at the moment honestly. It's taken me a while to get back to seasonals so I'm following a few at the moment. GTO is 40+ episodes, so a little bit more of a commitment, but I really enjoyed it and it was one of those series that is easy to binge and fly through ^^ I wish that series would handle that a little bit better honestly. I finished MHA S3 since we last spoke, and there was literally one or two episodes scattered through the main story arcs to serve as a prelude to the movie, which was a little annoying because I'd prefer for the movie to either directly serve a purpose to the ongoing series similar to the Bungou Stray Dogs movie or just stand alone to supplement the main story (Such as the Steins;Gate Movie, for example. I could rant for ages about that though so I'll cut myself off xD And I'm sure I'll really like it! There was a lot of potential in Season 1 but it was very similar to MHA S1 in that not a lot happens in it, I have heard that the main events start to take effect in Season 2 which I'm looking forward to.

I'm yet to start Season 4 as of the time of me writing this comment, hopefully I'll catch up in the next few days. Ah, √A was a massive mixed bag for me personally. I found it a little boring to be honest, and having read most of the original manga it made no sense as they strayed really far from the manga's content in √A. It was still enjoyable though, if you haven't already seen them I recommend the two Tokyo Ghoul OVAs, Jack and Pinto. I watched these after finishing √A and I really loved them, they left a good impression on me after √A personally. It's up to you though, let me know what you think of √A after you finish it ^^ I'm yet to begin the OPM anime, I will in due time. I think the BSD manga may be on my Plan to Read list. I'm really missing out not reading Monster yet! I'm a massive fan of the authors other work, 20th Century Boys, and I really want to commit to the Monster anime at some point, so I'm hoping to read the manga once I'm done with my bigger series that I'm on with at the moment such as SKET Dance, which is another one of my favourites ^-^

Anyway, sorry for the late reply. Speak to you soon! ^^
AnimeApollo Nov 7, 2019 8:50 AM
Thank you! Yeah, so am I, it's one of the best aspects of MAL in my opinion ^^ I'm doing great!
I love Durarara!! so much. Obviously you can see who my favourite character is from my profile layout xD It definitely isn't my absolute favourite series but it is in my Top 10. I love most of the characters in Durarara!! to be honest though, it's definitely one of the series' strong points.

I think I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs when it first aired back in 2016, but it kind of got swept under the rug a little because Spring 2016 was the first anime season I followed upon joining MAL so I started a lot of series at the same time. I got around to fully watching it back in April when I had a few months on my Crunchyroll membership alongside Great Teacher Onizuka, which ended up being another one of my favourite series too ^^ Due to it being 43 episodes, I decided to focus on that instead of starting Season 2 right away. BSD S2 is pretty high priority for me though so I'll hopefully get to watching it soon ^^ Thanks for the ordering too! I probably would've ended up watching the film last unless I looked into that '^^

As for what I'm watching now, I'm catching up on My Hero Academia as I'm only watching its 3rd Season now. When I get done with it I'll probably be following the 4th Season that's airing at the moment alongside a couple of other shows releasing this season like Hoshiai no Sora, which is really good so far. How about you, watching or reading anything good at the moment? I'll save my manga rant for another time xD
AnimeApollo Nov 6, 2019 12:17 AM
Hey! Thanks for accepting my friend request. How are you? ^^
Looks like we have a few favourites in common, glad to see you're a Durarara!! fan. I enjoyed Bungou Stray Dogs as well, not a massive favourite but I've heard the second season is pretty good, I'll probably get to watching it after I'm done with the few series I'm on with now.

Anyway, thanks for accepting and if you fancy talking for a while feel free to drop me a comment ^^
Solaris2095 Nov 11, 2015 8:18 AM
No problem :)