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Diangelo18 Dec 26, 2019 6:35 PM
Cureyurika Feb 14, 2017 1:21 PM
Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Sorry about no reply lately, I have to juggle 5 classes and an internship 16 hours per week.

Mahou Tsukai def had flaws but I agree with you, They had lovely seiyuus. Very popular and famous ones at that. I knew that Riko's was Tsubasa from Monogatari and Haa-chan was Hanyuu from Higurashi.
You mentioning Hanyuu reminds me of this (

I cried during ep 49 too! ep 50 was for them to try an epilogue type thing to contribute Kira Kira a la mode into it.
Where were the references to other anime in Mahou Tsukai? They never did an episode in Mahou Tsukai about the two not being able to transform without the other did they? I know they always hold hands while transforming but they never did an episode like how Suite did with hibiki and kanade being unable to transform unless they were "in tune with eachother".

Are people calling Kira Kira "KEEPCALM"?? Thats really strange I hate that.
I completely disagree, Kira kira is so good. I think all of precure is a bit childish but I love the sweets component and i think it will get less childish for you once the two highschoolers come in, since its only the middle schoolers introduced right now. Im in love with Kira Kira.

I don't like Aikatsu Stars very much right now. They are pushing the M4 for romance alot and i dislike it. I thought the headmasters story about the song power Yume and Hime have was interesting, but it wasn't really resolved how they control it and it never came up again. Stars is just very strange and weak in my opinion, compared to original Aikatsu.
My friend really likes Lilly too. I don't have a favorite, If I did, it would be Haruka but she just keeps going back to America randomly for dance stuff.
I hope they make Stars better with the 3 new characters they are bringing in for the 2nd season.

I don't watch Konosuba but those were some nice links haha.

Here is my reply to your past one last month:

I actually don't have a video of my dance of the 2nd ED of Mahou Tsukai at my anime club. No one ever took a video.
Some of the ending song dances are so hard, I can't believe some children can do it! Especially the Doki Doki ones, those are really hard.

But which one is more worth to watch? Pretty Rhythm or Pri Para? Do i have to watch Pretty Rhythm to watch Pri Para?
I didn't like the rivalry between Laura and Yume in Aikatsu Stars.

Yeah! I'd love to watch the entirety of Sakura one day! Its long, ill get around to it.
Is the trio from Magic Knight Rayearth exactly the same as Ojamajo Doremi? I think they are just similar archtypes, not entirely copied.

ooooh thats nice fanart of Aqua and Milky Rose, I was thinking of watching Yes Precure 5 this summer since it is long and I will have plenty of time to start.
Cureyurika Jan 9, 2017 3:43 PM
Happy belated New Year to you too!

I LOVE THE SECOND MAHOU ENDING SONG!!! My anime club actually did the dance in the ending for mahoutsukai, which I performed as well. Its super cute, even if the lyrics are a lil stupid haha.
I guess they are gonna try for romance with M4 and main girls in Aikatsu Stars, idk but i don't really like it.

Is pretty rhythm good? How does PriPara relate to it? I've seen a few songs that I've liked on youtube from Pripara: Here, Here and Here.
I don't know anything about how the plot works just being exposed to the videos but it seems hectic and childish. It is good to hear there is rivalry, I always wondered why it wasn't in Aikatsu. But isnt there waaay more subbed now?

I love gifs of Yurika blushing *-* and ooo I love these artists! Especially Ikatomo, very shoujo-ai haha. I will def check all of them out further.
Is this your Precure playlist?? I've been looking for the song that plays during Cure Beauty's power up episode when shes in the cage the Joker put her in :))

Oh no I forgot to tell you that I've watched a few episodes of Card Captor Sakura before in the past, I just never got around to finishing it but I know the basic premise and about the characters and that its by CLAMP.
I dont know very much about Magic Knight Rayearth at all though!
I didn't like Haibane Renmei that much, but I should probably rewatch it. What do you mean you've been living in the Old Home of Glie for years..? haha
Cureyurika Dec 25, 2016 9:14 AM
Merry Christmas! Thank you for those wallpapers, it was a treat to also see the go princess precure song again such a delight that episode was.

Amanchu was okay, i liked it somewhat and I really need to watch Sakura one of these days. I understand the laziness.

I am thoroughly enjoying Mahou Tsukai Precure, I think you should continue it. As far Aikatsu Stars, maybe give it until like ep 24ish because Lily comes into the show but I really dont like any of the characters in the show compared to the original and the drama is getting rather tiresome right now. They are also forcing to make the m4 boys very relevant and its quite annoying.

Going back to your old message that i never saw, i apologize, but i love that picture you linked of aoi from aikatsu and cure marine with her, so sweet, i love precure and aikatsu crossovers. i simply must find more.
I'd love to see a story with Mikuru and Tsubomi (heartcatch)!.
I also really like that art you linked, have you ever seen pri para? Is it good or super kid-ish? Ive heard that about it.

I never knew I shared the birthday with Riko's (mahou tsukai) voice actor wow!
Pixel43 Nov 20, 2016 11:02 AM

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Cureyurika Sep 26, 2016 9:13 AM
Sorry for late reply! School started and im busy.
I forgot about Card Captor! Gotta watch that once I no longer have my fuel of Precure.
Oooo thanks for that list.One of my friends told me I've gotta watch Yes Precure 5, So hopefully I'll do that soon once i'm all good with getting my fill of Aikatsu haha.

Yeah I was telling my friend who has watched Aikatsu how far I was and told me it was the right time to watch the Aikatsu movie so i did.
I cried at the end of s1 in Aikatsu cause I really thought Ichigo would go to the US forever aw.
SHHHH i have like 20 ep left please dont spoil me.

Ive heard Onegai Venus before but I meant them actually performing in the Aikatsu System Stage together in the show. Just so i can see Yurika-sama in action with Ice Queen of the stage.

Yeah I love the connections are so fluid!

I havent watched any of the All Stars cause I feel like I have to watch all of the Precure series first.

Ohhhh nice Yurika art, i love it, i literally have folders of her fan art lol
Thats okay! I reply late anyway cause im horrible when school starts.
Omg which idol do you think Marine would get along the most with?

mecharobot Aug 3, 2016 3:40 AM
Did you already watch all precure?
Cureyurika Jul 27, 2016 8:40 AM
On Mahou Tsukai? Oh my god i know, Cure Felice and Haa chan and i just cant. I thought the fight with dokurokushi was kinda quick and forced but love everything going on with 3rd cure joining.

Oh god yeah i marathon Aikatsu hard its just too good. I was kinda eh about the second season at first cause i thought there was too much Seira and not enough Ichigo but they wrapped it up really nicely and i cried at the end, i dont know how i feel about akari, sumire and hinaki yet but sumire is super cute and i love how she likes loli gothic since Yurika is my fave! I hope they perform together or something :( Im glad they are still having the main cast sort of in the story like they arent completely gone. Its like Ichigo is the mentor of Akari like how Mizuki was to Ichigo.
Also, WM's Adult Mode song is a big fave of mine but I'm gonna have to say i like Soleil the most.

ooooo i am bookmarking these links for later i gotta read through the feminist one about precure lol.
Cureyurika Jul 13, 2016 8:23 AM
I started watching Smile because i saw alot of funny gifs when it first started on tumblr so I thought I should at least try a kids magical girl show and I just fell in love at the first episode. Its just so heartwarming and it motivates me to be strong and feel happy. It really is the brightest Precure season and it makes me so happy when im down. Plus, the ending when they are sinking in the sludge of despair really is an amazing scene. Setsuna had an amazing arc it was really powerful. I'd have to say my favorite character is Yayoi, Cure Peace, just because of how emotional her upbringing is, and she has an amazing amount of character development. I can relate to her by being kinda shy and then opening up and being strong.

I found Aikatsu when i started to get more into Precure because alot of people in the Precure fandom enjoy Aikatsu too and I just started watching it now since its summer and i have more time to watch a longer show. I really really enjoy it, its a very inspiring show for dreams and other lessons and i think all the girls are amazing to what they have achieved. Plus the dances and outfits are just adorable and fun haha. My favorite so far is definitely Yurika. I just love how dedicated she is to her vampire character and how unique of an idol she is. She is really passionate about who she is and how she got inspired to be who she is by manga and victorian dresses is just so adorable. I love her when she has her hair down and glasses, such a cute and relatable real self she has. Mizuki is definitally an amazing character, i love how she works so hard to be where she is.

I watched a few episodes of Futari wa but i just kind of stopped watching it because i was interested in other things. Since i started with smile, i started to watch all the seasons backwards lol like smile to suite to heartcatch to fresh. It just sort of worked out that way but i will be watching all of them eventually.
I am planning on watching Stars once i finish Aikatsu and my irl friend who urged me to watch Aikatsu said she liked Pri Para too and i see cute gifs of it around tumblr so i will def watch that when im missing some cute idols :)

ahhhhhh you put Glass Doll in there! Glass Doll is my ultimate favorite Aikatsu song cause Yurika haha.
There are so many nice precure songs in this list ahhhhh, esspecially saikou no smile and the smile precure medley. I also really like the precure all stars Minna Toki Ga. I havent watched the all stars movies but i will :x

Here are my fave Aikatsu songs so far
Cureyurika Jul 5, 2016 2:32 PM
Ahhh well Fresh was amazing, it really defied my expectations and i think its kind of one of the underrated Precure series cause i feel like alot of people dont talk about it. My favorite character actually was the lead, Love, and i usually dont get super attached to the main girl but i thought she was so inspiring of a person. How shes like "get your happiness" and everything. I thought the scene with Eas and Love when Eas is conflicted about being Setsuna was animated so nicely and had a good amount of drama. The character interaction and friendship of miki, buki, love and setsuna were amazing and even minor characters like, love's mom or kaoru really made the series shine. I did not see the ending about Labryinth coming and it was just executed so nicely. Tart and Chiffon are also the best haha.

Ive wanted to watch Aikatsu for a while but the length of it intimidated me but i blew through Fresh Precure so fast that i felt like i needed more happy go lucky anime that was long so i decided to start it. As you can see by my icon, I love Yurika. Shes my fave character how she has her own character but is actually like a sweet girl that just like gothic things and acts like she doesnt care about her friends but cares about them so much. Plus the vampire act is just so fantastic. I thought the first season had really good pacing for a long idol anime and Aikatsu really helps you like every character for their traits, esspecially Ichigo. It has some really nice lessons and quirks and the CGI got a lot better animated. Also, the songs and dances are so cute, im addicted ah.

And omg thank you! What a cute pic, perhaps i will use it for my background. I love it im gonna save it thank you :)
Cold_coffee Jul 4, 2016 1:54 AM
New to anime manga?
Buo Jul 1, 2016 2:39 AM
Haibane has been the single greatest experience I've ever had with an anime, but finding an anime that fits you like a glove is a double-edged sword because being Post Anime Depressed for 1 year and a half is not the best thing ever.

I'm glad the Haibane galore section was helpful to you, I still need to complete it, but some things are very hard to find, I had to go on weird websites (don't ask) to find the 2 Haibane Renmei Scenario Collections. And it's gonna be extremely hard to find the other 6. :(
BikkiBiscuit Jun 14, 2016 9:20 PM
I wouldn't say I hate the old seasons at all; I like all of them so far except for Max Heart which I found to be awful in a number of ways. Haven't seen the two seasons of Yes Precure 5, so don't have an opinion on them yet.

Yeah Riko is pretty adorable. So far Mahoutsukai has been quite enjoyable because of her.
Cure_Inazuma Jun 5, 2016 10:25 AM
Cureyurika May 29, 2016 6:14 PM
Smile was my first precure season too! Well, i watched like 4 episodes of futari wa precure when i was younger but i never finished it.
Thats okay, your thoughts came perfectly, im really really enjoying fresh at the moment
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