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Jan 25, 2017
A quite beautiful song with a comparingly beautiful music video. It's kinda clichee but very catchy and as a christmas song it is very fitting. It is about two people finding together and enjoying being close on christmas but also sharing their life, the usual stuff but thats what you want for chrismas a little heartfelt song but with enough emotion that you realize you're not in church.

The art in this one is a mix of handrawn doodleish style and cut out paper style with befits the song very well and is much more enjoyable than the usual "family dad stands before a christmas read more
Nov 30, 2016
Let me put it like this I love the premise of this show and how it handles one of the most taboo subjects in our society the contrast between life and death and what it means BUT...

(and this is why I only gave the show 8/10 points even when the subject matter was brilliant and the different kind of characters, people like you and me to revenge hungry murderers. Teenager in love to a spouse who fears his wife cheating on him and becomes abusive to her)

Let me get to the point, the show misses it's oportunity BIG TIME to debate about the meaning of read more
Nov 29, 2016
First of all I have to say that I dislike the ending of this series to an extend you cannot comprehend.

The setting was possibly the most interesting one of the past few years, time traveling in your past but also regressing in age so that you relive your own childhood is an intriguing thought that many of us had before. On top of that the series put up a really good murder mystery setting (even if one knows the true culprit from episode 1-2 if you can put together a little logic thinking) but anyways the characters sure don't because they don't see what read more