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Oct 5, 2013
After reading the reviews for Prince of Tennis, and hearing that it was a very popular manga series, I thought to give it a go. I had just finished watching Hajime no Ippo and enjoyed it immensely, so was looking for a long series with the same kind of intense sporting atmosphere. And I enjoy tennis. Great game. So it all seemed to fit together.

The motive fit. But PoT is a crime.

I felt the urgent desire to offer to the anime community a fair and balanced review of this series. Let me cut to the chase. It was awful. read more
Sep 29, 2013
Shingeki no Kyouji, or Attack on Titan, was a surprise, and a pleasant one. Like a finely crafted piece of art, AoT knows exactly how to tickle your funny bone and then give it a hard whack with a blunt object. The premise of the show is set in within a post-apocalyptic world where humanity, though living quite comfortably within the confines of their city, are essentially self-imposed prisoners. The "titans", humanoid beings of immense proportions who run around all jolly and naked as sunshine while popping people like popcorn, have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. It is essentially read more
May 30, 2013
Steins;Gate: Quriky.

This anime is a hard one to get into. I'd say the first 6-10 episodes are confusing, and certainly the first one isn't an attention grabber. In fact, after the first episode you'll be left damn confused.

I'd heard a lot of good things about this anime. It's a hard one to judge. The ending is certainly satisfying. The strength of this anime lies in its characters. They're enjoyable, funny and interesting. This strength is also in a similar series, Robotics;Notes (presuming it's by the same author), but Steins;gate carries the plot much better than does RN. read more
Apr 22, 2013
This anime series left me speechless... and I don't necessarily mean that in a good way.

The story was engaging from the beginning. Don't get me wrong. It was just that the premise was completely and utterly arbitrary. For the most part, especially throughout the first two thirds of the series, you can forgive it as the story keeps hinting that there is a meaning behind it all. It tries to make out that the premise isn't arbitrary, that its a deep story line which will have an ending that will blow you away. Well... the ending does blow you away, with a read more
Apr 5, 2013
The first episode of this series was most impressive. To be fair, it blew me away. First the artwork - it set the tone for the anime. It wasn't cutesy or cartoonish at all (nothing wrong with that) but showed a kind of muted realism, both in the characters' drawing and the scenery. It elevated the anime in some ways. Also the almost understated tension in the first episode showed something I'd not seen before. So I was very much interested to watch on.

The premise of the whole story was also fascinating. As well as having magic, a read more
Mar 30, 2013
Robotics;notes can be summed up with one word: enjoyable. This anime certainly showed a lot of promise.

The series follows a few narrative lines which culminate toward a grand finale where all the plot points are meant to converge. The first and primary one being a young student who is trying to keep her robot club alive and finishing her sister's unfinished dream of making a super-large sized robot from a popular - but mysteriously unfinished - anime series called Gunvarrel.

What struck me about the series, and what is perhaps the sole element that carries this anime, is the quirky, fun and humerous characters, read more
Mar 17, 2013
Ah, Accel World. So hard to get out of my head.

I picked up this anime after watching Sword Art Online (I'll never quite get used to the oddness of that name) and after mostly enjoying the series, decided to check out one recommended item, namely Accel World - written by the same author.

I enjoyed SAO for the premise. Having played way too many computer games myself, I thought the idea of being trapped in one was really interesting, and it was that, and the fantastic animation, which kept me watching. And at the end I was mostly satisfied.

So I started on Accel read more
Mar 17, 2013
I felt compelled to write a review for this anime so as to balance out any other reviews which might entice people to give this one a go.

My initial thoughts to this anime was that it was interesting, engaging and entertaining. The initial premise of the series seemed interesting enough for me to continue watching it. The animation itself is really well done for the most part, so I thought, hey, give it a go.

And I'd say the first episode is engaging and humorous enough to make you watch a second. But after, that's where it dropped.

Let me explain:

The first thing is read more