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Jan 1, 2014
Important Note - Be sure to stick with this anime for at least 4-5 episodes before making your decision about the entire show. These 2 episodes are a bit dull and slightly boring but the rest is enchanting and remarkable. I won't say that these episodes are bad or anything but as compared to rest of show, a bit too normal. Don't immediately judge it even if you don't find it to your liking, give it a proper chance. This is surely not your ordinary moe-moe kyun show. Instead is sweet, lovable and rich.



Have you ever felt,

"Wow, this show is simply spectecular. I need read more
Mar 29, 2013
GJ-bu (Anime) add (All reviews)
"Slice of life anime have always interested me.Watching some random anime characters doing their everyday chores and spending their life carelessly reminds me of my own life.The life which is spent in search of those small moments of happiness.It remind me of me having fun with my friends and family.There are sad times too but there are other happy moments as well.After all,life is not completely about joy and pleasure.We have to bear sadness as
well"....So,before u get bored by my life lecture(which u are sure being,T.T),I better start my review which is about an hidden gem i.e. Gj-bu or in other words "Good Job"

Gj-bu huh,...where read more
Dec 31, 2012
(Before you plan to absolutely downvote this review & start saying something against this anime because of 9 points I gave it,please read this review first,thank you:D)

Likeness meter=?*)

Ecchi anime have been quite popular lately.Every season,there are 2-4 ecchi manga+novels which get an adaptation.Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne(Yup,this is its full name:O)is one of those highly ecchi anime which get an adaptation & become quite popular among a certain group of people.

This is a hit or miss kind of anime.Its wonderful if you watch it for its comedy & characters(Which are lovable) & overly-disgusting if you get offended by the bro-con.So watch read more
Apr 13, 2012
Did you love Angel Beats & didn't want it to end,wanting something more??Then this is the manga for you.It is a prequel to the main series,so if you want to know the events which occurred in the formation of SSS then you should definitely give it a go.


I loved the main series story.A group of people spending their lives in their afterlife is definitely a interesting thing to see!The story is about Hinata & Yuri,how they formed SSS club & how other members joined it..It also explains how & when Yuri started thinking of Kanade as representative of the God.

I love the story as read more
Apr 9, 2012
I watched Ao no exorcist specials with hopes of finding something funny & entertaining to watch in "Ao no exorcist"'s style as I liked the series for its humor & I wasn't disappointed.

My advice is to watch these specials if you are a fan of "Ao no Exorcist"/s comedy.If that is the case then you should watch these specials as they are only 2 minutes long.Although,make sure to watch the main series first.

Their is no real story,just some parts from everyday life of characters & some of their likes & dislikes.So if you want to know more about your favorite character then you should definitely read more
Dec 29, 2011
"What happens when you have 4 beautiful girls,a good-looking guy,a student council,parodies & comedy?Yes,you are right,the answer is HAREM,oh,no I mean Seitokai no Ichizon.This anime is a parody so you better be prepared before you watch this anime.Watch other anime it parodies or else you won't understand the jokes in a better way"


There isn't a linear plot in this anime i.e. each episode begins & ends randomly.The student council consists of 5 members.The first 4 student council members are chosen by votes.The top four who get most votes gets to be in the student council while 5th spot is for the student who gets most read more