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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Apr 9, 6:33 PM
Watching 25/25 · Scored 6
Haikyuu!!: To the Top
Haikyuu!!: To the Top
Apr 9, 11:58 AM
Watching 12/13 · Scored -
Jan 27, 7:05 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 3
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Days: 4.9
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Manga History Last Manga Updates
Aug 14, 2018 2:02 AM
Completed 35/35 · Scored 8
Nichijousahan Bi - Beautiful Life
Nichijousahan Bi - Beautiful Life
Feb 9, 2017 1:13 AM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 7
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Feb 9, 2017 12:33 AM
Reading 114/? · Scored 8


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Maceration Apr 29, 11:53 AM
nice Mononoke pfp
Ataccot Mar 4, 2019 2:58 PM
Happy Birthday!
RAVl Mar 3, 2019 10:54 PM
hey!! happy birthday lovely! ♡

(also I am so incredibly sorry I never responded? I don't know what the hell happened, oh my god ...)
Energetic-Nova Jun 28, 2017 8:25 PM
New series actually follows the rules though. I think it is harder anymore for me to go back to the old one because I just go "omg stop" on the duels. Duels are very unenjoyable. Relationships are better in the old series. But that is coming from someone who actually plays the game.
Energetic-Nova Jun 27, 2017 12:54 PM
Well yeah, they follow the rules now. Part if it for sure.
Energetic-Nova Jun 27, 2017 3:45 AM
Watching Yugioh? What you think?
Sonal1988 Apr 9, 2017 2:44 AM
"Even my ultimate nemesis Sword Art Online (which I still think was a worse experience than this one) does not throw as much shit into its story."

Hahahahahhaa. Your Mirai Nikki review was fun to read. And I agree with pretty much everything you wrote in it.
Ataccot Mar 14, 2017 8:13 AM
Ah, another joint review. Regardless I would look forward to reading it. Thinking about starting S2 very soon since I caught up on most of the other seasonals faster than I thought I would. Good to hear that Baby Steps S2 is an improvement. Seems like things will be on a larger scale, so that should be fun to see. That's nice, tennis looks pretty fun though I've never tried it. I've never played sports or been on a team, so the limited knowledge I have comes from seeing them on TV in passing and I guess the time I spent in gym class. Imo most of the characters in sports anime look rather dull at a glance (Maruo is interesting though), but then again I haven't seen much. Can you recommend any sports anime with great characters? Also, what are your favorites? I've seen a lot of people hyped over shows like Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket, but I never saw the appeal of them. That could be true in some cases, but it still feels like it's easier even when I have multiple episodes to watch to catch up on them. Maybe because they're new and fresh I'm subconsciously more motivated to watch them. Idk lol.

I'm not really sure whether it was a good idea. While Heaven's Feel in movie format will no doubt have better production values than the TV adaptations, each movie would have to be 3+ hours long to come close to the duration of the TV series. The bad thing is that it's the longest route of the three. I'm just going to be optimistic and hope they're perfectly optimized without missing too many important aspects, but I already know a lot of important inner monologues are going to be cut out just like in UBW. If nothing else, at least the animation and soundtrack will be great.

Oh, so you do make exceptions sometimes. Lol Mirai Nikki, I watched that so long ago that I can't remember if I actually finished it or even how I felt about it. I may have actually liked it since I was much more of a "casual" back then...Might rewatch it some time in the near future and see how my mindset has changed. I want to have eventually watched all of the top 100 most popular anime anyway. Nice review btw haha.

I see, so you're more flexible when it comes to TV shows. I can't recall the last time I actually sat down and watched a TV show all the way through. Most of the stuff on TV nowadays doesn't seem all that interesting to me, and then there are those shows that have hour long episodes that look like they would be a chore to go through. Yeah, I don't think I would ever stop watching a movie I wanted to see, even if it's terrible. As for video games, I may try to be a completionist for games that I really like, but other than that I'll just play the content I want to and be fine with that. I don't play very many games anymore though. (Yeah, the second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans. Looks like people are really liking it given the rating, but that could just be the fans of the first season. I personally couldn't get into it at all.)

Whatever is most comfortable for you. Heh, that's understandable. I would probably try to do that if I had a #1 favorite anime and could reference it. It looks like there are a lot of designs to choose from, but most of them are based on the most popular anime.
Hibbington Mar 12, 2017 9:16 PM
Greetings Tpfang56, I saw that you watched a few Winter 2017 shows.
At the Anime Guild our main specialization is being a Seasonal Club. We are getting close on making that final turn this season.
We do choose the best Opening, Ending, Character and of course Anime of the Season with also a Discord Channel and a Power Ranking Group.
If that seems appealing to you, make sure you participate in our activities for the rest of Winter 2017 by joining our club.
I have already sent an invite as well as provide a link to our club ^.^ -
Ataccot Mar 7, 2017 9:41 AM
Well, I'd love to read a review of Rakugo S2 from you. I just read your Baby Steps review and I must say it was pretty well-written. Funnily enough Baby Steps was one of those shows I recently finished after dropping a while ago with only a couple episodes left. So it was nice being able to relate all the positive and negative points you mentioned in your review. Maybe I'll watch S2 at some point, since I remember being interested in the tennis aspects, which is rare since I'm not really into sports anime. I guess it depends on the kinds of anime you look for within the demographic, since they can be quite broad. Don't forget the same demographic that contains dark thrillers also contains CGDCT shows and similar things. I've found that most seasonals are even easier for me to get through than some good or potentially great finished shows are, regardless of quality. Not sure why exactly.

Thinking about it more, I kind of know what you mean. I like so many characters that making an extended list of favorites might become too excessive, but at the same time I'm not attached enough to most of them anyway; so it makes me wonder if it's really necessary. Well, it's your profile, so it's up to you what you want to put on it. If you think a favorite characters section would be worth making, go for it. Yeah, it would be Heaven's Feel spoilers. So I'll just say that, while I like Kirei in all of his appearances, his ideology and the role he plays in HF is what made him one of my favorite characters. It's one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to the upcoming movies. I just hope ufotable does the route justice.

I figured this method would have problems like that. Although it helps me to remember that, even if I do delete or drop an anime, nothing is set in stone. I can always pick it back up if I'm ever in the mood for it, and that actually may be the best time to watch it. Not sure how much that way of thinking would help you, since you're rather dedicated and dislike dropping anime. Making a separate pending list sounds like a great idea though.

I can and can't understand that at the same time lol. While I do have some OCD habits myself, I've never particularly cared about being a perfectionist in regards to watching series. I see where you're coming from though. But yeah, the best thing would be to just pace yourself if you ever feel like it gets to be to overwhelming. And yes, being selective for Gundam would be a very good idea.

Ah, Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin. They seem to be rather highly regarded, so it probably won't be too difficult for you. Nah, that isn't petty. That would actually be kind of neat haha. Only do what you can handle though. At least by watching one at a time you can be more focused and less likely to overwhelm yourself.
Ataccot Mar 4, 2017 11:22 AM
Happy Birthday Fang! Hope you have a great day!

Will reply to your message soon.
Odysseus Mar 4, 2017 6:00 AM
Hello just a passerby-er on your friends list to wish you a happy birthday, I hope you have a lovely day!
Ataccot Feb 25, 2017 9:11 AM
Oh cool. I'll give it a shot then.

I was originally waiting for it to get well into the season so that I wouldn't have to watch every episode week by week, but I put it off longer than I had planned. I may just wait for it to finish airing at this point, since I still have a lot of other things to watch too. Although I am a little more inclined to watch it soon now that you mentioned that perspective-changing reveal. I haven't seen any of those Josei (besides a little of Shirokuma), but I've heard mostly good things about them. I might explore the demographic more sometime in the future so I can get a better understanding of it, but so far nothing has truly disappointed me. Even if the variety and selection is limited they all seem to be handled with a certain degree of care, which is very nice to see. I personally think every demographic (as well as genre) equally has the potential for good anime, which is why I don't have a favorite.

Same here. I have a lot of characters that I like, and it was very difficult for me to decide who goes in the favorites section. But like you I also don't stay too attached to characters for very long, save for a handful of them. I'm thinking about making a favorite characters section in "About Me" since a lot of people seem to do it. Maybe you could consider doing that too? Heck yeah! Kirei is an awesome character, and is actually quite unique among antagonists. He's in my top 3 out of Fate/Type-Moon, if not my #1. I would go into more detail about why I like him so much, but it might be spoilers.

Lol, I'm rarely dedicated when it comes to my watching habits. I'll probably just whittle down my PTW to anime that I REALLY want to watch, and then not add anything else until I've completed it, barring seasonals. Yes, and my dropped list will most likely become even longer in the future :p. Is there a particular reason as to why dropping anime annoys you? It must be nice to finish longer anime though, almost like an accomplishment; I'm so bad with most long anime haha. I was just recently re-motivated by seasonals after not wanting to watch anime for a little while, since everywhere I frequent people don't stop talking about them. Man, wow, Lupin III has so many side stories, and the sequels seem rather long. MSG is a pretty big franchise too, but I think certain series can be watched standalone without missing much.

That's nice that there are different difficulties and the choice of restriction or no restriction, makes it more accessible at least. Still not sure if I could handle it, since my interest fluctuates so much. Sometimes I wish I could more often focus on one series at a time, complete it, and then move on, but most of the time it just doesn't work that way for me.
Ataccot Feb 21, 2017 5:40 PM
Kaiji is that good huh? I might have to add it to my PTW. Which season did you enjoy more?

Yeah same. It could use some improvements, but it's getting there. Still pretty nice as it is though.

That makes sense. I also thought the stories were a little on the boring side at first. Well, mainly Kikuhiko's. I kind of enjoyed the ones Sukeroku and Yotaro told, given their more comedic approach. But as the series progressed the Rakugo performances as a whole grew on me when I honestly didn't think they would. I began to really appreciate them, especially Kikuhiko's last performance of "Shinigami"; just great stuff. Honestly, my feelings about Josei anime are somewhat mixed. I loved Rakugo of course, and also Usagi Drop, but as for the others I've had experience with, while I could appreciate their quality they just didn't seem like my kind of thing for the most part. It also seems harder to judge the demographic when it isn't as prolific as the others. I do agree that it could use more variety though. The only action Josei I've seen (part of) is 07-Ghost, but imo it's pretty average sadly.

Yeah, you're right in that good characters are more important in certain genres. Anime with lots of action can usually get away with poor characters if at least the MC or another prominent character is good, or if it makes up for it in aspects like animation, soundtrack, enjoyment, etc. Meanwhile genres where characters are the main focus have to be a lot more careful with how they're handled. Lol same in regards to attractive characters, as long as they don't have completely terrible or nonexistent personalities anyway.

I honestly don't know. My PTW list changes often since I tend to add and remove anime on a whim. Even as it is now I don't think I'll end up completing everything on there. I have quite a few anime I started that I still need to finish, and I also have seasonals to catch up on. Plus I usually have to be in the mood to watch things or else I just feel like I'm forcing myself, which is also the reason I don't hesitate to drop an anime if I don't feel motivated enough to get through it. I also feel like this may be less of an anime year for me. The Anime Challenge looks rather overwhelming in itself, good luck!

RAVl Feb 13, 2017 7:51 PM
Such a late response despite me being the one asking, I'm sorry!

Thank you, that's actually a really helpful answer. That sounds like something I could probably handle. I usually try to stick to the cleaner, "newer" animations but Mononoke has always felt interesting to me. But the art was really throwing me off. Honestly, I'm currently watching NGE and it's taking everything in me to get through it, I don't want to drop it if I can help it. It's actually really exciting to hear that there's none of those tropes though, especially any tsunderes. Sometimes the classic stuff is what's best.
I've never heard of "Unmoving Plaid", I knew of the style but never knew it had a term. Interesting. Also never heard of Gankutsuou, maybe I'll look into that as well in the future!
Based on what you've told me, I imagine I'll like it just fine. At the very least, I likely won't drop it.