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Nov 9, 2019
This anime is just... fabulous?? i don't think i can describe this anime with one word but let me say this, i unironically and ironically like this anime. I found myself laughing a lot at the so-called"dramatic" scenes because they are so outrageous that it made me laughed, one of these moments are of course the "b-but where siblings!!" moments, and the fact that it has the plot of a hentai and it still takes it self seriously made this anime very amusing. I know a lot of people will relate to my opinion. And l thought its obvious, but surprisingly a lot of viewers read more
Nov 2, 2019
One of the best if not the best romcom anime imo.

I really like the main character, Hikigaya Hachiman. A loner who every loner can relate to. BUT a very kindhearted one. I really admire him, his kindness and selflessness. He sacrifices himself in a lot of social situations which takes more than just big balls, and his reason for why he is always sacrificing himself is because he believed that being humiliated is common for him. This belief came because hes always been humiliated by social situations in his past which is even though the anime sometimes projects it as a funny and awkward situation, read more
Sep 21, 2019
Bastard (Manga) add (All reviews)
This is a really edgy manwha. But it's a very good one.

Note before reading this review, im not a reviewer, and i've never wrote a review before this

The best thing about this manwha is the character, the writer even managed to make me sympathize with a complete asshole(manny) and managed to develop that same character into a likeable character, he's not a perfect character, but hes pretty likeable.

The second thing that i like the most is that this manhwa is smart. It does not give you deathnote level of cleverness(talking about the schemes) but the writer is really good at messing with your feelings.