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Aug 9, 2015
Superior Cross continues where Superior left off giving us the ending to the series. With the hero Exa on his journey to kill the demon lord, however she has been journeying with him the entire trip and has fallen in love with him as well. Naturally this brings about numerous heavy themes and a fantastic setup.

When I first began reading Superior I fell in love with the main character Sheila. Since she is the Demon Lord she has killed off half of humanity however she is portrayed instead of simply a villain as more of a victim of circumstance. She is constantly conflicted as read more
Oct 20, 2014
Hatsukoi Shinjuu is one of those hidden gems you find every once in a while. It isn't perfect but it has some fantastic and emotionally jarring moments. The main theme of the show is death and because of this everyone is able to take something from this manga. The story asks some extremely messy and ambiguous questions that make the story extremely interesting.

The journey the two main characters take together is extremely enjoyable. Since these characters are suicidal it makes their personality and outlook on life much different, and therefore much more interesting. I am not sure if what has been released so far is read more